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Главная » Статьи » Evangelion » Переводы скриптов (на английский)

Episode 07 - A Human Work
 Literal Translation Series,

"Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 7"
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Onizuka Kentaro
Revised by Craig Green

Gendo: I owe you once again.

Tel: But you won't make up for it, right?
As for the material they requested under the authority of the
information publicity control, I provided them with false information.
The administration's preparation of the legal act will soon be
dimissed. And what about that? Should I do something in case that

Gendo: No need to. The material from you does not suggest any

Tel: All right, then, I'll continue with the plan.

PenPen: WOW?

Shinji: Good... morning.

Misato: Well, G'mornin'...

Misato: WOW! HO!! THIS is how a morning starts!

Shinji: No coffee?

Misato: A Japanese style morning always begins with steamed rice,
miso-soup, and sake! It's been tradition for many years...

Shinji: Misato-san's tradition, anyway...

Misato: What do you mean?

Shinji: Remember who's on duty for breakfast this morning?

Misato: Oops.

Shinji: Now I know why at your age you're still single.

Misato: I apologize for my coarse manners...

Shinji: And you're lazy, aren't you?

Misato: MM it!

Shinji: I'm finished. Are you really coming to school today?

Misato: Yes, of course--there's your parent-teacher career meeting.

Shinji: But you're so busy...

Misato: Don't worry about that. It's my responsibility.

Shinji: Responsibility?

Misato: Oh!

Misato: Hey, thanks for coming. Hold on a minute...

Shinji: Don't meet them looking like that. It's shameful.

Only with underwares.

Misato: No, no.

Two: G'morning, Ikari-kun! Hi, Misato-san. We're off!

Misato: Good luck!

Two: WOW!

Shinji: Go ahead!


Misato: Phew, criticism? Well, he's relaxing and expressing himself
more, so this may be a good sign...

Tel: Hello?

Misato: He just left. Secret service please!


Touji: Wow, she's beautiful.

Students: Cool woman! Who was that?

Students: Ikari's guardian.

Students: You mean he lives with someone that gorgeous?!

Chairgirl: They're fools.

Touji: Oh, Misato-san's nice! Very nice!

Shinji: I don't think so.

Touji: She's also the Planning Manager! It's great!

Shinji: I don't think so...

Touji: Aren't we lucky, Kensuke, that Shinji is such a baby?
He's certainly no competition for us.

GirlStudents: My mother is decorating a lot for the discussion of
post-graduate life. She's so silly!

Kensuke: Yeah, he's definitely not in the running.

Shinji: Touji and the guys don't know her coarse manners...

Touji: A girl like that could be my girlfriend!

Shinji: You would have a hard time...

Two: You don't know, master. All right! You guard the Earth and peace.
We guard Misato-san.

Shinji: Hmm...


Announce: Unit One has cleared the critical temperature. Move to the
second stage.

Shinji: The Earth and peace. I use Eva for the sake of those. What's Eva?
An entry plug which smells of blood and somehow calms me.
Nothing. Nothing I know.


Ritsuko: How are Eva Zero's bio-chest components?

Staff: Completely destroyed. We're going to have to rebuild them.
However, the supplementary budget for that is at critical.

Ritsuko: I hope this gets easier after Eva Two arrives.

Staff: It might get worse.
Disposing of the Angels' corpses costs a lot, right?

Misato: Yeah. And we should complain about the budget--humanity's
destiny rests on this system.

Ritsuko:You're wrong. Humanity needs more than Eva. In order for those
survivers to live, money is necessary.

Misato: Budget... Okay! Anyway, the commander is at the conference?

Ritsuko:Yes. He's currently flying there.

Staff: It's so quiet when he's gone...

A Man: Excuse me... Do you mind if I sit here?
The draft amendment to the budget for the sampling has gone

Gendo: The Commitee thinks their survival is the highest priority so
they'd agree to any budget to keep their skins whole.
They'll pay any amount to continue living.

A Man: They thought Angels would never appear again...
And there's more good news--except for the States, all member
countries of the council have approved the budget for Eva Unit
Six and it's only a matter of time until the States approves it
as well. That country's problem is an allergy to unemployment...

Gendo: And what of your country?

A Man: We will participate in the construction plan from Unit Eight
onward. The plan for the second installation is still valid.
However... the problem remains that the pilot has not yet been found.

Gendo: Angels have come again. We have no choice but to defeat them.

A Man: We don't want another Second Impact.


Shinji: So, you're saying the Second Impact that vapourized Antarctica

Ritsuko: Well, in the history texts, it is explained as a disaster caused
by a massive meteoric collision. However, it is usually the case
that the true facts are kept secret. 15 years ago, mankind found the
first humanoid creature, called an Angel, in Antarctica.
In the middle of the investigation, for some unknown reason it
exploded, and that's the actual incident known as the Second Impact.

Shinji: Then, the things we're doing are...

Ritsuko: To avoid a Third Impact. That's the reason for Nerv and
the Evangelions.
By the way, the event will be held tomorrow.

Misato: All right.

PenPen: Puwa!

Misato: G'morning!

Shinji: Good morning.

Misato: I'm going to Ex-Tokyo on business. I'll be back late.
You should eat out tonight.

Shinji: Well... okay.

Misato: Hard to imagine that this was the flourishing metropolis of Tokyo.

Ritsuko:Here, we've arrived.

Misato: There's no reason to do that here. And the SSDF has something
to do with this project?

Ritsuko:You mean the Strategic Defense force? No, no interference
is allowed.

Misato: That may be the reason why they do as they like.


Chair: Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for attending this exhibition by
Nippon Heavy Industry Solidarity. You will be observing the official
demonstration from the control room. Are there any questions?

Ritsuko: Yes!

Chair: Ah, the famous Dr. Akagi Ritsuko! I am very glad to see you here.

Ritsuko:May I ask a question?

Chair: Absolutely, yes!

Ritsuko: According to the documention, the unit is equipped with
an internal nuclear engine.

Chair: Yes. It's a big feature of this unit--continuous operation for
150 days is assured.

Ritsuko:But looking at it from a safety perspective, you risk too much
using an internal reactor in a land-battle weapon.

Chair: It's more useful than a weapon which lasts less than 5 minutes
without its power cord.

Ritsuko:But there would be problems with remote-control in an emergency

Chair: Our system is more humane--it doesn't cause mental illness
in pilots simply from the stress.

Misato: Stop! This is childish.

Ritsuko:Your human interface system also has problems.

Chair: It's safer than your system--yours can allow a dangerous weapon to
go wild. A weapon without control is insane. It's like a woman in
hysterics--nobody can deal with one.

Ritsuko:Our technology and pilots are ready for such a situation.

Chair: Do you really think that science and the human mind are able to
control those Eva monsters? Are you serious?

Ritsuko:Yes, I am absolutely serious.

Chair: Because you trust such unreliable minds, Nerv allowed that
loss of control to happen. As the result, the United Nations was
forced to supplement your already huge budget. Do you know that
there are more than 20 thousand starving people in some countries?
The cause of that incident is still under investigation--you're
lucky you're protected by a super-legal act.

Ritsuko:Say anything you want, but except for Nerv's primary weapon,
nothing can defeat those enemies.

Chair: You mean the AT-field? That's only a matter of time.
Nerv's epoch will not last forever.


Misato: Eh, this is total bullshit. Those bastards are...
Maybe this is revenge from those who failed to get Nerv's
acquisitions. This is pissing me off! Those guys...! Phew...

Misato: Stop! It's childish. So proud of himself, wanting to be
appreciated... He's not worthy of the attention.

Misato: But how did those guys know about the AT-field?

Ritsuko: The top secrets are leaking badly.

Misato: What's the intelligence section doing?


Chair: We're about to start the demonstration of the JA. There's nothing to
worry about. No danger at all. Please watch from that window there.

Staff: Ready to start.

Chair: Start the test!

Staff: Release all engine units.

Staff: Pressure is regular.

Staff: Circulation in the cooling system, no problems.

Staff: Control rods, full release.

Staff: Engine going through critical point.

Staff: Power, no problem.

Chair: Start walking.

Staff: Walk. Move ahead slowly. Raise right foot ahead.

Staff: Roger. Walk. Move ahead slowly. Raise right foot ahead.

Staff: Balance is nominal.

Staff: Engine is nominal.

Staff: Roger. Next stage. Raise left foot ahead.

Staff: Go ahead.

Misato: Ah, walking normally. That's something to be proud of.

Chair: What's wrong?

Staff: Strange! The reactor pressure is increasing!

Staff: The temperature of the first level cooling liquid is also

Chair: Open the release valve! Pump in the neutron-deceleration

Staff: Negative! The pumps are not responding.

Chair: Oh, no! Stop power. Emergency halt!

Staff: Transmission of the halt signal verified.

Staff: It was not accepted.

Staff: The wireless connection is dead.

Staff: It's out of control!

Chair: What the hell!

Spectators: Flee! Run away! WOW!

Misato: cough, cough...

Ritsuko:cough, cough...

Misato: The robot's as rude as the man who built it!


Staff: Compression value is irregular.

Staff: Control rods are non-operational.

Staff: There is a danger of meltdown.

Chair: Uh, uh, unbelievable! JA has a fault tolerant system
programmed for all possible emergenciees. This can't happen!

Misato: We now have to confront the possibility of meltdown.

Chair: In the present circumstances, there's nothing to do but to
wait for a self-halt.

Misato: How likely is a self-halt?

Staff: 0.00002%. It would be a miracle!

Staff: We'd better do something other than wait for that miracle.
Tell me how to stop it.

Chair: We've tried all possible ways to halt it.

Misato: No. There must be a way to reset everything--the ultimate method
of stopping it. Give me the password to do that.

Chair: The password to delete all programming is top-secret. I am not
responsible for it. I haven't the clearance to tell you.

Misato: Then get clearance! Immediately!

Chair: Well, it's me. Connect me to Mr. Manda at Second Tokyo. Yes.
Minister of the Interior.


Manda: Oh, concerning that matter, Mr. Yasugi will deal with that.
Call him!


Yasugi: That's too serious a matter to authorize by vocal order. You need
an official diploma.

Chair: Then we ask the permission for Mr. Yoshizawa? What? Yes. I've
received the permission from Mr. Uitu. Yes. Alright. Uh huh.
Then good bye.

Misato: A political hot potato, huh?

Chair: We'll receive clearance soon. The operation will be authorized.

Misato: We can't wait that long! After the explosion, it will be
too late!

Staff: Jet Aalon is heading for Atsugi.

Misato: No time! I'll do of my own accord. Excuse me.

Misato: Hey, Hyuga-kun? People in Atsugi know what I am going to do.
Send Shinji-kun and Unit One with F equipment here...
Yes, it's an emergency.

Ritsuko:Impossible! Stop that, Captain Katsuragi? How are you going
to stop that?

Misato: By human hand, directly.

Chair: Are you serious?

Misato: Yes.

Chair: But the interior will be radioactive. It's too dangerous.

Misato: It's the only chance to save everyone.

Staff: When this control signal is off, you can open the hatch

Staff: You can enter through the back-pack.

Chair: KIBOU ("Hope")... That's the password to delete the programming.

Misato: Thanks.

Misato: The target is JA. There's a danger of meltdown in 5 minutes.
We cannot allow that in a populated area. Hyouga-kun?

Hyuga: Yes?

Misato: After launching Eva, escape quickly. Ascend to a safe level.

Hyuuga: Roger!

Misato: Shinji-kun--

Shinji: Yes.

Misato: Run with the target, and then put me on the back.
Then hold the target motionless.

Shinji: You're riding on that, Misato-san?

Misato: Yes.

Shinji: That's ridiculous!

Misato: I know it's ridiculous, but there's no other way!

Shinji: It's too dangerous!

Misato: Don't worry. Eva can withstand a possible direct hit.

Shinji: I don't mean that! I mean Misato-san's....

Misato: Well, I have to do what I can. Otherwise, I'll regret it

Shinji: Uhhh.

Hyuuga: Target in sight.

Misato: Here we go!

Hyuga: Eva at the drop position.

Misato: Docking release!

Shinji: Roger!

Shinji: I've caught up!

Misato: Less than 4 minutes left. Put me on that!

Shinji: Oh, no.

Misato: Don't care. DO!

Shinji: OH!

Misato: WOW!

Shinji: Misato-san, take care!

Misato: Burning hot! This's dangerous.

Shinji: Stop! Stop this thing!

Shinji: Misato-san, hurry!

Misato: Here it is.

Misato: Error? Why?

Misato: No doubt. The program has been replaced.

Shinji: OH!

Staff: Power reactor, 0.2 to the critical point.

Staff: Control rods are non-operational.

Misato: It's... a long shot.

Misato: u....

Shinji: Misato-san, escape!

Misato: Move! Move this thing!

Shinji: Misato-san--

Misato: uu....

Staff: 0.1 to the critical point!

Staff: OH NO! It's gonna explode!

Chair: It's over...?


Misato: u.... haa...

Shinji: Phew!


Staff: Done it!

Staff: Interior pressure dropping.

Staff: All readings nominal.

All: WOW! Saved! Done it! Done it!

Ritsuko:That fool woman!

Shinji: Misato-san, are you all right? Misato-san?


Misato: Well, yes, though somewhat worse for wear.

Shinji: I'm glad! You are alive! I'm glad to hear that!
You're great! You're so wonderful! A miracle happened!

Misato: Yes... The miracle was granted... by somebody...


Ritsuko:Unit One retrieval complete. No fear of radioactivity.
Except for Captain Katsuragi's operation, everything was done
according to the plan.

Gendo: You've done it.

PenPen: Uki?

Misato Huuu. G'mornin'! (drinking) phew! WOW!
Now, for a shower... Where's a bra? ...and pants?

Two. G'morning, Ikari-kun!

Shinji: G'morning! I'm off!

Misato: Good luck!

Touji: Phew, Misato-san is so nice!

Shinji: I thought so, but she's lazy, coarse, bad looking, and
anything but nice at home. It's shameful for me to see her.

Kensuke: I really envy you!

Shinji: What for?

Kensuke: Ikari really is just a kid!

Touji: Yeah!

Shinji: How come?

Kensuke: She lets you see sides of her that she doesn't let us to see.
That means she and you are family.

Shinji: Well...

(to be continued...)
End of Episode 7
Trailer to the next episode,

EVA-02 and its pilot embark at Wilhelmshaven, Germany for Japan.
The sudden attack of an Angel forces EVA-02 into the first under-water
battle. Next episode is "Asuka strikes". ("Asuka's arrival in Japan")

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