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Главная » Статьи » Evangelion » Переводы скриптов (на английский)

Episode 10 - Magmadiver

Literal Translation Series,

"Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 10"
Translated Speech Script.

Translated by ONIZUKA Kentaro
Revised by Craig Green


Asuka: Hmm... I'm so lucky Kaji-san is shopping with me...

Ryouji: Wow, what! Here's the swimsuit section.

Asuka: Hey, how 'bout this?

Ryouji: Ah, no. You're a Junior High school student, far too young to have

Asuka: Oh, you're just an old man, too out-of-date.
These days, suits like this are quite common.

Ryouji: Oh, is that so?

Asuka: A school trip is something special!
We're supposed to refresh ourselves!

Ryouji: Where are you going on this school excursion?

Asuka: O-ki-na-wa!
We're gonna be scuba-diving!

Ryouji: Hmm, scuba-diving...
It's been three years since went I diving...

Asuka: Hey, where'd you go for your school excursion?

Rouji: I never got to go on one.

Asuka: How come?

Ryouji: Because of the Second Impact.


Magma Diver

Episode 10

PenPen: hmm. qua.

Asuka: Oh, no!

PenPen: gwa!

Asuka: We can't go on the school trip?

PenPen: Gwa Gwa.

Misato: Right.

Asuka: Why not?

Misato: You have to wait here in case of attack.

Asuka: I wasn't told anything about that!

Misato: So I just told you.

Asuka: Who decided this?

Misato: Me, the Operations Planning Manager.

Asuka: Hmm... Hey, you. Don't just drink tea.
Say something to her.
You're a man!

Shinji: Oh, I kinda figured something like this would happen.

Asuka: So you've already given up on the excursion?

Shinji: Yeah.

Asuka: Oh, no! That's pitiful! A tamed man is the worst type!

Shinji: Don't put it like that.

Misato: I know how much you want to go, but there's no other way.
An angel is likely to attack us while you're away on the

PenPen: Ksh, Ksh, Quye, Cuo!

Asuka: We always have to wait, wait, wait, wait!
We're always waiting for an enemy whose appearances we can't
Can't you figure out where they are and attack them first?

Misato: If we could, we would.
Well, I guess you must think that this will be a good chance--
after all, while the others are away, you can get some studying done.
Did you think I didn't know about that?

Shinji: Ah, no!

Misato: You do realize that I know everything even without you telling me.
I can easily access any information on your exam results.

Asuka: Phew! You idiot!
What's the point of school!

Misato: In Rome, do what the Romans do.
I do hope you're used to school life in Japan...

Asuka: Screw you...
Hikari: Asuka, I'll bring you a souvenir!

Kensuke: I feel so sorry for the two of you...

Touji: We'll be sure to enjoy your parts as well as ours...

Operator: Hurry, send the Mt. Asamayama data from Bartasaar to Mercior.

Makoto: (laughs)


Ritsuko:A school excursion?
They relax too much in times like these.

Misato: That's because in times like these, they want to play whenever
they get a chance to play.


Asuka: What'cha doin'?

Shinji: Studying science.

Asuka: Aren't you a smart man!

Shinji: But I have to be. Oh!

Asuka: Hey, look!
Since I can't go scuba diving at Okinawa, I'll dive here.

Shinji: I see.

Asuka: Hmm, lemme see. What are you trying to do?
Can't you solve an equation this easy?
All right, here's the answer.

Shinji: Eh!

Shinji: It's simple!

Shinji: How can you solve this when you bombed the exam at school?

Asuka: I couldn't figure out what was written on the exam.

Shinji: You're saying you weren't able to read the questions in Japanese?

Asuka: That's right. I haven't mastered Kanji.
I never studied Kanji at the university back home.

Shinji: University?

Asuka: Yeah, I graduated last year.
What's written here?

Shinji: It's a problem regarding thermo-expansion.

Asuka: Thermo-expansion? How childish!
In short, things expand when warmed, and contract when cooled.

Shinji: I know that, but...

Asuka: In my case, do you think my breasts might get bigger when they're

Shinji: Don't ask me, I've no idea!

Asuka: Nothing about you interests me at all.

Shinji: What?

Shinji: Eh?

Asuka: Look! Look, Shinji!

Shinji: Hmm?

Asuka: Backroll Entry!

Shinji: <sighs>

Fuyuzuki:This does not give us a clear image.

Shigeru: Yes, but this spot must have some importance, if it's reported by
Asamayama Earthquake Research Institute.

Fuyuzuki: Indeed, we cannot ignore it.

Ritsuko: What did Magi judge?

Maya: Fifty-fifty.

Fuyuzuki: Is someone there?

Shigeru: Captain Katsuragi has already arrived there.

Researcher: That's the limit!

Misato: Continue. 500 more.

Operator: Depth 1200. Anti-pressure armour cracked.

Researcher: Katsuragi-san!

Misato: If it's destroyed, we'll compensate you for it. 200 more, please.

Makoto: Signal on monitor!

Misato: Start analysis.

Makoto: Yes.

Operator: Probe has been compressed and crushed. It exploded.

Misato: Status of analysis?

Makoto: Finished barely in time.
Pattern Blue!

Misato: No doubt. That's an Angel.
As of now, this lab is completely closed and under Nerv's
control. No entry to the room will be permitted, and all events
from the past six hours are to be kept secret from the outside.

Misato: Quickly, demand A17 from Commander Ikari.

Shigeru: Take care! That's a normal line.

Misato: I know, hurry and switch to a secure line.

Comittee member: A17?

Committe member: A pre-emptive strike?

Gendou: Yes.

Member: Not acceptable! It's too dangerous! You cannot say you have
forgotten that case 15 years ago.

Gendou: It's an opportunity!
We've been doing nothing but defending, but we can go on the
offensive if...

Kirl: You risk too much!

Gendou: But you know how important getting a sample of a living Angel is.

Kirl: Failure will not be tolerated.

Fuyuzuki: Failure? If we fail, humanity will cease to exist!
You'd really risk that?

Shinji: This is an Angel?

Ritsuko:Yes. It's something like a chrysalis stage before adulthood.
The top priority for this operation is to trap the Angel,
capturing it alive and preserving its original condition
as much as possible.

Asuka: If we screw up...?

Ritsuko: Annihilate it as quickly as you can! All right?

Shinji & Rei & Asuka: Yes.

Ritsuko: Who will carry out the mission?

Asuka: It's me! I'll dive!

Shinji: But, it must be me.

Ritsuko: Asuka.

Shinji: Oh.

Ritsuko: You'll carry out the mission in Unit Two.

Asuka: Yes. It'll be easy!

Rei: What will I do?

Maya: Prototype Unit Zero does not conform to the standards required by
the special equipment.

Ritsuko: Then I order Rei and Unit Zero to remain at Headquarters.

Rei: Yes.

Asuka: It's such a shame that you can't go to the hot springs.

Ritsuko: Since A17 has been ordered, we will leave as soon as possible.
Be ready.

Shinji & Asuka: Yes.

Asuka: Oh, this anti-heat plug suit is no different than the normal one.

Ritsuko: Switch on at the right.

Asuka: Oh, no! What's this!

Balloon like ugly suit.

Ritsuko: Unit Two is ready.

Asuka: Oh, no! What's this!

Ritsuko: Special anti-heat, pressure, and radiation suit.
The Type-D equipment for extreme regions.

Asuka: That's my Unit Two?
No, I don't want to go.
I can't let myself be seen in public!
Let Shinji do it!

Ryouji: That's a real pity.
I was looking forward to Asuka's mighty deeds.

Asuka: Oh, no, I don't have that courage to appear before Kaji-san like

Maya: Hmmm... a problem.

Ritsuko: Well... yes.

Shinji: Then I'll do it.

Rei: I'll go with Unit Two.

Asuka: Mmmm...
Sorry, but I'm not letting you touch my Unit Two.
I'll go, not the First.
Just ignore this awful appearence.

Operator: Eva Unit One and Unit Two have arrived.

Misato: Both Units wait at the position.
Quickly prepare the laser shot and crane.

Makoto: Roger.

Asuka: Oh, where's Kaji-san?

Misato: That idiot refused to come--there's nothing for him to do.

Asuka: Damn it! I wanted him to see me succeed.

Woman: A17 was ordered. That includes freezing the present assets.

Ryouji: Many people are troubled by this.

Woman: Why didn't you stop him?

Ryouji: There was no reason to. The order is official.

Woman: But Nerv's failure would mean the annihilation of the world.

Ryouji: They are not that arrogant.

Shinji: What's that?

Ritsuko: The UN Air Force is watching, waiting above us.

Maya: Until the end of this operation.

Asuka: They'll help us?

Ritsuko: No, they will finish things--

Maya: --if we fail.

Asuka: What do you mean?

Ritsuko: They'll bomb both us and the Angel with an N2 explosive.

Asuka: That's terrible!

Shinji: Who would order such a thing?

Ritsuko: Commander Ikari.

Shinji: Bastard...

Operator: Laser operation complete.

Shigeru: Course secured.

Maya: Type-D equipment checks out.

Makoto: Unit Two in ready position.

Misato: Roger.
Asuka, are you ready?

Asuka: Anytime.

Misato: Go!

Asuka: Oh, looks hot!

Maya: Unit Two entering lava.

Asuka: Look! Look, Shinji!

Shinji: What?

Asuka: Giant Stroke Entry!

Shinji: Ah, no...

Asuka: Present depth 170, speed of descent 20. All systems nominal.
Visibility is zero--I can't see a thing. Switching to CT monitor,
but I'm still limited to 120...

Maya: Depth is 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650...

Maya: 900, 950, 1000, 1020.
Exceeding safety depth.
Depth 1300: predicted target position.

Misato: Asuka, can you see anything?

Asuka: Nothing detected. No one's here.

Ritsuko: Lava flow is faster than expected.

Makoto: Target's rate of movement is different from the prediction.

Misato: Hurry with the recalculation! Continue operation.
Descend further.

Makoto: Eh?!

Maya: Depth 1350, 1400...

Operator: Second circulation pipe cracked.

Maya: Depth 1480. Exceeding maximum depth.

Misato: We haven't encountered the target. Continue.
Asuka, what's your situation?

Asuka: Still holding out. I wanna finish this job and have a shower.

Misato: I know a good hot spring near here. Let's go after the mission.
Hang on, just a little more.

Asuka: Haa... n?

Maya: Maximium depth plus 120.

Asuka: Well?

Operator: Eva Unit Two lost the Prog knife.

Maya: Maximum depth plus 200.

Makoto: Katsuragi-san, no more!
The device is manned this time!

Misato: I am in command of this operation. Continue.

Asuka: Yes, it is, but there's no problem. I can go further.

Maya: Depth 1780: predicted target position after recalculation.

Asuka: There it is!

Makoto: Target in sight.

Misato: Prepare for capture.

Ritsuko: Both you and the target are driven by the flow,
so there's only one chance for contact.

Asuka: I know. Trust me!

Makoto: 30 to the target contact.

Asuka: Relative speed 2.2. Target in range.

Asuka: Expanding electromagnetic cage... No problems. Target captured.

Maya: Oh...

Makoto: Phew!

Misato: Nice, Asuka!

Asuka: Phew! Capture operation complete. Ascending.

Shinji: Asuka, are you all right?

Asuka: No question of that--giving birth's easier than worrying...
To me, this was a simple task.
However, this is more like a sauna suit than a plug suit--
I definitely wanna go to the hot spring!

Ritsuko: The tension seems to have suddenly vanished.

Misato: Really?

Ritsuko: You feared the result of today's operation?

Misato: Well, yes. If we messed up, another one of...

Ritsuko: Yes, a Second Impact... I'd never want that again.

Misato: What?

Ritsuko: Ah!

Asuka: What's this?

Ritsuko: Oh, no, it's begun to emerge earlier than calculated.

Misato: Cage status?

Makoto: It cannot withstand it.

Misato: Abort the capture. Drop the cage!

Asuka: No!

Misato: Change of operation. Annihilation of Angel is the number one
priority. Unit Two, withdraw and prepare for battle.

Asuka: I've been waiting for this!

Asuka: Oh, idiot, I dropped the knife!
Approaching from the front!
Releasing ballasts.

Misato: Asuka, Unit One will drop its knife. Catch it!

Asuka: Roger!
Damn, you launched Shinji, didn't you?

Shinji: Yeah!

Operator: 40 to the knife's arrival.

Makoto: Angel approaching rapidly.

Asuka: No, don't come!
Hey, hurry! Too late!

Asuka: What the hell!

Ritsuko: Unbelievable. It opened its mouth.

Maya: What an incredible structure it has.

Asuka: mmm...

Maya: Right leg damaged.

Asuka: Anti-heat process!

Ritsuko: High temperature and high pressure--
the target can withstand those critical attacks.
The Prog knife is ineffective!

Makoto: Then, what can we...

Shinji: I've got it!

Asuka: Me, too!
This guy!

Ritsuko: I understand. Thermal expansion!

Asuka: All cooling liquid pressure to third pipe, hurry!

Asuka: WOW! gggggg

Asuka: I did it but...
is it really over?

Asuka: gggg.

Asuka: Phew, Shinji!
Idiot! You didn't have to do that!

Courier: Hello, is there anybody here from Nerv?

Shinji: Yes.

Courier: Then sign here please.
Thank you.

Shinji: From Kaji-san? What?

PenPen: WeWeWeWe
Aw Aw Aw.

Shinji: The bath there, to the left.


Shinji: Phew... this is heaven!

PenPen: KwKwKw Kwk

Shinji: I never thought bathing could be this pleasant.

Misato: Shinji-kun, can you hear me?

Shinji: Ah, yes!

Misato: Toss the body shampoo over to us.

Asuka: The one we brought ran out.

Shinji: Okay. Here it comes!

Asuka: Roger!

Shinji: ??

Asuka: Ouch!
Stupid! Watch your aim! Clumsy boy!

Shinji: Sorry...

Asuka: Don't hit me on that part.

Misato: Oh, which part...?

Asuka: aaa... hnnn.

Misato: Hey! Asuka's bubbly skin is funny!

Asuka: No, don't touch me, I'm ticklish! Oh!

Misato: How about here?

Asuka: (laughs)

Misato: How about here?

Asuka: Don't touch me there.

Misato: You lose nothing by that anyway...

Shinji: What?

PenPen: Kw.

Shinji: Ah, no!
Expanding... how embarrassing.

Misato: Oh, this? A teensy something from the Second Impact.

Asuka: You know, don't you, about me?

Misato: Well, that's my business.
Don't worry. It happened a long time ago.


Those opposed to Nerv try to cut the power supply to Third Tokyo City.
An Angel attacks a Nerv which lacks modern equipment.
Next episode, "In the still darkness."

Next time you can expect our service!

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