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Главная » Статьи » Evangelion » Переводы скриптов (на английский)

Episode 16 - Spitting of the Breast
Literal Translation Series,

"Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 16"
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Shouichi Takeuchi
Audio transcribed by Kenji MATSUOKA
Revisions by Craig Green


Episode 16 "disease to die, and..." -- Splitting of the Breast --

---A PART---
Asuka: (humming)
Misato : mmm... Oh, Shin-chan, you changed the soup stock?

Shinji : Yes, it's dried bonito stock. It's a souvenir from Ritsuko-san.

Asuka : Eek!

Asuka : Too hot!!

Shinji : I'm sorry.

Asuka : Grr... You're always begging. Do you really think you're wrong?

Shinji : Hmm...

Asuka : Shinji, it seems you apologize as a conditioned reflex to avoid
being scolded.

Shinji : Ah, sorry...

Asuka : Just like that. Basically, you're too self-punishing.

Misato : Oh, oh. That's just Shin-chan's lifestyle.

Asuka: It's easy for you to accept his lifestyle.
Lately, you've been too soft on Shinji, haven't you?

Misato : Me?

Asuka : You may have rediscovered your friendship with Kaji-san, but you
shouldn't simply pass on your happiness.

Misato : I have nothing to do with Kaji.

Ryouji (voice from the telephone) :
"Hey, Katsuragi. I found a pub that serves good drinks.
How 'bout tonight? Bye!"

Misto : Ow...

Asuka : I know I've never been with anyone in such a dirty relationship.
Hell, you pretend to be a guardian?
Hypocrite! I hate that!!

disease to die epi
and sode

Operator(female) : B-type harmonics test, all green.

Operetor(male) : All course adjusting values cleared.

Makoto : Misato-san, you seem exhausted.

Misato : Due to various reasons--private ones.

Ritsuko : Kaji-kun?

Misato : Shut up.
Well, how's the Third Children?

Maya : Look at this.

Misato : Well.
Wow, (looking at the monitor) I hope knowing this boosts
his confidence.

(In the Entry Plug)

Misato :Can you hear me, Shinji-kun?

Shinji :hmm.. Ah, Misato-san! What are the test results?


Shinji : huh!

Asuka : I lost!
He exceeded me easily!
To be honest, he did it so easily that I feel just a bit annoyed.
Great, wonderful, strong, too strong!
Huh! Undefeatable Shinji-sama!
Now our job will be easier, right?
But, we'll have to do our best not to be just left behind.

Rei : Good bye.

Asuka : (punching the door of her locker) Huh! mmmm...

(In a bus)

Bus announce :Next stop is Seishou Kabuse, Seishou Kabuse.
Convenient for the Bashar, used books & game stores.

Shinji : Yes!

Kids :(chuckle)

Shinji :hmm.

Kids : (chuckle)

Shinji : um,huh.

Operator(female) : Evacuation of West quarter, 5 minutes left.

Operator(male) : Target advancing slowly at 2.5 km per hour.

Ritsuko : You're late!

Misato : Sorry!
What's going on? The observation centre on Mt.Fuji...

Shigeru : ...did not detect it. It suddenly appeared directly above us.

Makoto :Pattern orange. A.T. Field not detected.

Misato : What does it mean?

Ritsuko : Is it a new kind of Angel?

Maya : MAGI won't commit to a decision.

Misato :Ah, and at a time like this Commander Ikari is absent!

(three Evangelions are standing by)

Misato :Can you hear me?
I've sent you all data on the target..
At present, we have nothing further.
Approach carefully, observe its reaction,
and, if possible, lead it outside the urban area.

Asuka : All right, sensei.
I think Shinji-kun should be the vanguard.

Shinji :Ah, huh?

Asuka : Well, in any case,
this is a job for a man of good record, daring and the number
one synchro-rate.
Or have you no confidence, Shin-chan?

Shinji :No, I'm ready!

Asuka : mmm...

Shinji :Here's a good example to follow, Asuka.

Asuka :Wh-- What was that?!

Misato :Hey, guys...

Shinji :You told me, Misato-san, "YOU ARE NUMBER ONE".

Misato :No, that was--

Shinji :(interrupting Misato) To fight a man's job.

Asuka :Anachronistic!
Unit two, backup.

Rei :Unit Zero backup, as well.

Misato :My kids are doing this without my permission.

Ritsuko : Shinji-kun has developed much, hasn't he?

Misto :No. I've gotta scold him when he gets back.

Ritsuko :You just might be a good teacher.
Shinji :Ayanami, Asuka. How are your configurations?

Rei :Not yet ready.

Asuka :You know Eva can't move that fast.

(Eva-02's umbilical cable is caught at the building.
Asuka purges the cable and inserts another one in the back of Eva-02)

Asuka : Shit!

Asuka : Oof!

Shinji : You haven't arrived?
(I'll try to stop it from leaving.)

Ritsuko : It vanished!

Misato :What?

Makoto :Pattern blue. Angel detected directly beneath Unit One.

Shinji :What? Sh-- shadow! Ah,huah!
What's this!

Misato :Shinji-kun, run! Shinji-kun!

Rei : Ikari-kun.

Asuka :You fool, what are you doing!

Shinji :hoah, whoa!
Misato-san, what's going on? Misato-san!
Asuka, Ayanami, cover me!
Misato-san, can you hear me, Misato-san!

Misato : hm. Eject plug! Send the signal!

Maya :No use. There's no response.
Shinji :Misato-san, Misato-san!

Misato :Shinji-kun!

Misato :Asuka, Rei. Rescue Unit One. Hurry!

Asuka :(Fool! It's no use getting a perfect score only on the examination!)
Maya :It vanished again.

Ritsuko :Asuka, be careful!

Asuka :Shadow!?

Asuka :No!

(buildings sink into the black "shadow".)

Asuka :The city is...

Misato :Asuka, Rei. Withdraw!

Asuka :hm, wa...

Rei : Wait!

Asuka :huh?

Rei : Unit One and Ikari-kun are still inside.

Misato :It's an order. Withdraw.

Maya : Major Katsuragi must be in pain.

Ritsuko : I heard the Umbilical Cable was reeled in but
its head was lost.

Maya : That means...

Ritsuko : Little energy remains in the internal battery.
If Shinji-kun doesn't blindly move Eva and
if he can endure in life-support mode,
he can survive for 16 hours.
Operator (male A) : Second tank squadron, arrangement completed.

Operator (female) : Roger. Hold cuurent position and stand by.

Operator (male B) : Sub laser, line opened. Data transmitted.

Operator (male C) : Roger. Dispatched in C line.

Shigeru : The UN Force's seige formation is complete.

Misato : Shadow's status?

Makoto : Immobile. It ceased motion when it exceeded 600 meters in
diameter. But are the land troops useful?

Misato : They're intended to let us apply pressure.

Asuka : Oh, well,
Acting arbitrarily without consultation, defying operations--
the consequences are his own fault.
He got good results on yesterday's test, and he told me
"Here's a good example to follow!"
Ha! The boy is brainless!

Asuka : Wh-- what?
Does insulting Shinji make you that angry?

Rei : Do you pilot Eva to be praised by somebody?

Asuka : No. I need no one's praise but my own!

Misato : Stop it, you two.
Yes, he acted arbitrarily without consultation,
so... I'll have to scold him when he gets back.

---A PART:END---
Splitting of the Breast
---B PART---

Shinji : I never thought sleeping could exhaust me.
(Shinji activates monitor.)
Still only white noise.

Radar and sonar have gotten no response.

This space must be too vast.
It's been 12 hours since I switched to the life-support-mode. Huh...
My life will end in 4 or 5 hours...
...feel hungry...

Misato : You mean that shadow portion is the Angel's body?

Ritsuko : Yes, it is about 680 meters in diameter, and about 3 nanometers in
thickness. It sustains that super-thin space with an
inverted A.T. Field, with the interior of the Field an
imaginary space known as "The Sea of Dirac."
It may connect to another space.

Misato : So what's that sphere?

Ritsuko : It vanishes when the imaginary circuit of the body is closed.
The object in the sky is nothing but a shadow.

Misato : So the black shadow that swallowed Unit One is the target?

Asuka : Then we have no way to fight against it.

Shinji : Mm...
The water is getting muddy! Hhug...
Purification capacity is decreasing...

Hah. Mm,mm... it smells.
Blood, it smells of blood.
Ha... No! I hate this place!
Why can't I open this lock!
Open! Let me out!
Misato-san, what's going on! Misato-san!
Asuka! Ayanami!! Eee! Ritusko-san! hhug...
hhug, cough, m, g, mm,
Please, help me...

Misato : Forced salvaging of Eva ?

Ritsuko : It's the only way that might be possible.

Dropping 992 existing N2 depth charges in the central portion,
timed to within 1 millisecond of using the two existing Eva's
A.T. Fields to interfere with the imaginary circuit of the Angel.

In that moment, we concentrate enough explosive energy
to break the Angel along with the Dirac's Sea
that forms its body.

Misato : But, you know Eva's body can't...
Shinji-kun wouldn't...
Hell, this is no rescue operation.

Ritsuko : In this operation, salvage of the body of Unit One
has the number one priority over all else.
We do not care if the body is destroyed.

Misato : Wait a second!

Ritsuko : In this case, the pilot's life is of no concern.

Misato : Mgg.

Ritsuko : Aw!

Ritusko : If Shinji-kun is lost, it's your fault. Just remember that.

Misato : What's the reason you and Commander Ikari are so worried about
Unit One?
What is Eva?

Ritsuko : The material I gave you tells you everything regarding Eva.

Misato : Bullshit.

Ritsuko : Trust me, Misato.
I am commanding everything in this operation.

Ritsuko : We will forward all flights to the Kankuu airport.
Contact the Air Control and Air Transport Divisions
of the JDAF.

Misato : (thinking) Second Impact, Project Instrumentality, Adam.
There are many secrets I'm in the dark about...
(In the Entry Plug)

Shinji : Who?

Shinji ' : IKARI Shinji.

Shinji : That's me.

Shinji ' : I am you.
One has another self within oneself.
The "self" always consisted of two selves.

Shinji : Two?

Shinji ' : The self who is actually watched by others and
the self which watches itself.
IKARI Shinji in your mind.
IKARI Shinji in KATSURAGI Misato's mind.
IKARI Shinji in Soryuu Asuka's mind.
IKARI Shinji in AYANAMI Rei's mind.
IKARI Shinji in IKARI Gendou's mind.
Each IKARI Shinji is different from the others,
but each of them is a true IKARI Shinji.
You're afraid of the IKARI Shinji in others' minds.

Shinji : I'm afraid of being hated.

Shinji ' : You hate being hurt.
Who is bad?
Father is bad.
The Father who deserted me.

Shinji : I am bad.


Asuka : This is the way you always think of yourself as bad!
It's being "self-punishing."


Shinji : Hell, I can do nothin'.

Misato :So you think that you can do nothing?


Rei : Don't you trust your father ?


Shinji : (thought) I think I hate my father, but I'm not sure...


Gendou : Well done, Shinji.

Shinji : Father called me by my name.
I was praised by my father.

Shinji ' : You'll live by simply recalling [lit: chewing the cud of]
those pleasures?

Shinji : If I trust their words, I can just keep living from now on...

Shinji ' : deceiving yourself ?

Shinji : Everyone does it. Huh,
People live by doing so.

Shinji ' : If you continue to think you can't change yourself,
you cannot live on.

Shinji : There is too much pain in this world for me to live.

Shinji ' : For example, you cannot swim ?

Shinji : Humans aren't made to be float.

Shinji ' : That's self-deception.

Shinji : I don't care whatever you call it.

Shinji ' : You have been closing your eyes and turning deaf ears
to anything you did not want to know.

(flashback from the episode 3)

Kensuke : Sorry, but his younger sister was...
(flashback from the episode 4)

Misato : It's is not your business to care about others!
(flashback from the episode 1 )

Gendou : Get out!
Shinji : No, I don't want to hear this!

Shinji' : Hey, you're running away again.
No one can live by just linking together the things one enjoys like
a rosary.
In particular, I cannot.

Shinji : I've found one thing that I enjoy.
Am I wrong to do this one likeable thing?!
Makoto : Theoretically, the energy reserves of the Entry Plug
are nearly at the end.

Maya : Life support system of the Plug Suit will be in the red zone.

Ritsuko : We will bring the schedule 12 minutes forward,
while Shinji-kun is still likely to be alive.

Shinji : Father,
am I a useless child ?

Shinji ' : It's from your own side that you ran away.

Voice (male A) : Yes, this man is suspected of killing his own wife.

Voice (male B) : He killed his own wife.

Shinji : No!
Mother... smiled at ...


Misato : You've done something praiseworthy.

Gendou : Shinji, you shouldn't run.

Misato : Do your best...

Shinji : No, I hate this place,
and this loneliness. No...
The Oxygen circulation has stopped.
Fu, Fu, F...
It's cold...
No use, the suit has reached its limit.
Now the end...
of everything...

Shinji : Mother?

(flashback ?)

Yui : Is it enough?
Well, that's good for you.
Shigeru : Both Evas standing by at operating position.

Maya : Ready to generate A.T. Field.

Ritsuko : Roger.

Makoto : 60 seconds to bombing.

(with the rumbling of the ground, "shadow" on the earth cracks.)

Asuka : What's going on?

Misato : Status?

Makoto : No information.

Maya : All meters at full swing.

Ritsuko : But we have done nothing.

Misato : Impossible! Shinji-kun is...

Ritsuko : Unbelievable. The Unit One's energy has reached the zero point.

( the "sphere" in the sky suddenly splits and the bloody fingers
appears from the interior ...)

Misato and other people : Ah!

Unit One : (Splitting the "sphere"...) GWOOOOOOOO.....

Asuka : Am-- am I riding a thing like that...?

Ritsuko : What... what a creature we copied from...

Misato : (thought) I understand that EVA isn't just a copy of
the First Angel, but how is NERV going to use the EVAs
after it defeats every Angel?

Unit One : Ggwoooooooo.....

(After that, Misato opens the Entry Plug)

Misato : Shinji-kun, Shinji-kun, Shinji-kun!

Shinji-kun, are you okay? Shinji-kun!!

Shinji : ...I just wanted to see... again...

Misato : (weeps)

Asuka : Didn't you say you'd scold him ?

Misato : (weeps)

(in the cage, workers washing EVA )

Ritsuko : I have never felt that Eva has been more horrible than today.
Is EVA truly on our side ?
It may hate us.
Major KATSURAGI may be aware of something.

Gendou : I see. For now, that's fine.

Ritsuko : If Rei and Shinji-kun know the secrets of EVA,
they will never forgive us...

(In a sickroom , Shinji wakes up. Rei is by his side.)

Shinji : Ho-hum.

Rei : You may just rest for today. We'll do everything for you.

Shinji : Hm. But I'm all right now.

Rei : Well, that's good for you.

Shinji : Huh...

(Rei leaves the room. Asuka is hiding behind the door.)

Asuka : ah, oh! Mmm ...

Shinji : (chuckles)

Shinji : (sniff)

Shinji : ...still smells... of blood...

---B PART:END---


EVA Unit Four, having been constructed in the USA,
vanishes together with the second branch of Nerv.
This incident causes the selection of a new EVA pilot.
Next episode is: "Fourth Children."


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