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Главная » Статьи » Evangelion » Переводы скриптов (на английский)

Episode 18 - Ambivalence

Literal Translation Series,

"Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 18"
Translated Speech Script
Written by Mie Kominami
Edited by Matthew Opel (UConn Japanese Animation Society)

ECTA 64: This is Ecta 64 calling Neopan 400.
Confirm cumulonimbus clouds in your immediate flight path.

Neopan 400: This is Neopan 400. Cumulonimbus clouds confirmed.
Barometer indicates no hazard.
We'll maintain course, expect arrive on schedule.

Ecta 64: This is Ecta 64, roger and out.


Shinji: Uhm, where is Asuka?

Misato: She's gone already. She is trying to avoid me.

Shinji: Why?

Misato: Shin-chan, it seems women's hearts are still hard for
you to understand.

Shinji &Misato: Uhm... By the way,

Misato: Go ahead.

Shinji: Is the rumor that Unit 4 was lost true?
I heard there was an accident and Unit 4 was blown up.

Misato:It's true. Unit 4 is gone, along with Nerv 2nd Branch. It was
during the test of the S2 Engine.
We'll be OK here. All three units are working fine.
Both the pilots and the staff are excellent, too.

Shinji: But I heard Unit 3 is coming from the US... The activation test will
take place at Matsushiro, right?

Misato: Mmmm, I'll leave the house for about 4days, but don't worry since
Kaji will take care of you guys.

Shinji: But how about the test?

Misato: Ritsuko will be there too, so there won't be any trouble.

Shinji: But what about the pilot?

Misato: Well, about the pilot...


Shinji: Huh? Coming!

Kensuke: Good morning, madam. Today, I came here to make a request to
you, Major Katsuragi.
Please make me the pilot for Evangelion Unit 3.

Misato: What?
Ritsuko: So, Shinji doesn't know about it yet?

Misato: I just can't find a chance to tell him. I'm worried; I can't
figure out what he's thinking.

Ritsuko: Come on, you're the one who wanted to be his guardian.

Misato: Yea, I know... So, when will the pilot be called?

Ritsuko: It's gonna be tomorrow, since there are still
preparations to be made.

Misato: The pilot may tell him about it by himself.

Ritsuko: That's impossible. He wasn't happy enough to brag about it.
The condition he made was to transfer his little sister to the
headquarters' medical unit.

Kensuke: Misato is cold, really. Since I'm most willing, why don't they use
me, even as a back up.

Touji: Huh? Oh yea.

Shinji: What's up? You left home much earlier than me but you're pretty

Touji: Oh, no marital quarrel today?

Asuka: I just didn't want to see your faces! You Three Stooges!

Kensuke: Now for lunch. Huh? Where's Touji?

Shinji: I don't see him anywhere.

Kensuke: Gone? Without eating lunch? HIM? That's impossible.

Shinji: Yes, he's been acting strange lately.

Rei: Suzuhara-kun,

Touji: Huh? Oh, it's you, Ayanami. If you're looking for Shinji, he
isn't here.
You know about me. Souryu seems to know about it, too.

Rei: Yes.

Touji: Shinji is the only one who doesn't know.
It's really rare of you to worry about someone else.

Rei: I am? I don't really understand.

Touji: You're worried about Shinji.

Rei: Really? May be that's true.

Touji: Yup.

Asuka: Hikari! Let's eat lunch.

Misato: Late for two hours; at last, he arrives.
He's the first guy to make me wait this long.

Ritsuko:When you were dating, you would leave without waiting, right?

Teacher: Therefore, it was the incident generally known as Second Impact.
I was living at Nebukawa at the time, but now, it is under the sea
because Antarctica's ice was melted and sea level has risen...

Touji: I'm sorry, transfer student. I have to hit you. I have to hit you
or I won't be satisfied.

Hikari: I'm sorry, Asuka. You always walk home with Ikari.

Asuka: Don't worry, I'm with Shinji as a duty, and I'm not in the mood to see
his face now.
It's about Suzuhara, right?

Hikari: Yes. Can you tell?

Asuka: It's so easy to see it. Only those Three Stooges can't see it.

Hikari: But Ikari-kun seems naive.

Asuka: That one is the dullest. Also an idiot. He doesn't know how to
get along with other people.

Hikari: Really.
Ayanami-san might be the girl Suzuhara likes.

Asuka: Suzuhara likes that honors student?

Hikari: They were getting along well at lunch time.

Asuka: That girl knows how to get along with people about a ten thousandth as
well as Shinji.

Hikari: Really?

Asuka: Really!
May I ask a question?

Hikari: What?

Asuka: What do you see in that hot headed idiot?

Hikari: He's so kind...

Asuka: What?

Woman(On TV): Oh, making up with you then was the mistake!

Man(On TV): Don't tell me that now...

Shinji: Well...

Asuka: Mr.Kaji takes long baths.

Shinji: Who will pilot Unit 3?

Asuka: What? You haven't heard about it yet?

Shinji: Who?

Asuka: ...I don't know.

Ryouji: That was a good hot bath. Huh? Bickering again? I can't believe it.
Are you two are like this whenever Katsuragi is gone?

Asuka: No! I want to smile pretty since you are staying with me tonight.
But not today. I can't do it!

Ryouji: I understand. Let's sleep. Hitting the sack is the best solution
in a situation like this.

Shinji: Are you asleep already, Mr.Kaji?

Ryouji: No, not yet.

Shinji: What kind of person is my father?

Ryouji: Well, that question is a surprise. I thought you were going to
talk about Katsuragi.

Shinji: It seems you're always with him.

Ryouji: The deputy commander is the one with him all the time.
Are you asking around about your father?

Shinji: I haven't been with him for a long time...

Ryouji: So, you don't know.

Shinji: But I have learned many things about my father recently. About his
job, about my mother. So,...

Ryouji: That's wrong. You just think you understood. Well, that's why
people try to know each other. That's why life is interesting.

Shinji: Does that fit with your relationship with Misato, too?

Ryouji: Kanojo("she", girlfriend in Japanese) in Kanji means a woman far way.
For us, women exist on the shore across. It means there is a river
wider and deeper than the ocean between men and women.

Shinji: I can't understand grown-ups.

Female Operator: Unit 3 activation test: T minus 30minutes.

Underground Temporary Cage (No Humans)

Male Operator: Primary power, standing by

Female Operator: Apotheosis No.2, all clear.

Above Ground Facility.

Male Operator: Refrigeration systems in all sections functioning at standard

Female Operator: Pressure lock on left arm secured in place.

EVA Unit 3 Activation Test Control Center

Ritsuko: Roger. Team B, start the operation.

Central Command Vehicle (inside)

Male Operator: Data link to Evangelion Unit 1 established.

Ritsuko: It is possible to use this in battle now.

Misato: Oh, good for you.

Ritsuko:You don't sound that eager. When this unit is delivered, it will
be under your direct command.

Misato: Exclusive possession of four EVAs... If we wanted to, we
could destroy the world.

Ritsuko: Did you talk to Shinji?

Misato: After this test.

Female Operator: Fourth Children has arrived. Squad 2, begin entry
preparations immediately.

Hikari: He hasn't come yet, Asuka.

Asuka: He may not come today.

Hikari: I thought he would eat with me today. Do you want to have this?

Kensuke:Unit 3 should be in Japan already, right?

Shinji: Yes. I think it arrived yesterday.

Kensuke: I'm so jealous. Who's gonna pilot it? Touji, maybe? He's absent

Shinji: No way.

Operator: Entry plug secured. Begin Phase-one connection.
Transmitting pulses. Graph display within norms.
List clear through 1-3-5-0.

Ritsuko: Roger. Transfer the operation to Phase-two.

Female Operator: Full nerve link established. List clear through 2-5-5-0.
Harmonics all reading standard.
Approaching absolute threshold.
There's a huge power surge coming from inside the unit...

Ritsuko: Abort the test. Cut the circuits.

Female Operator: Impossible. High energy response within the unit.

Ritsuko: It can't be... an Angel?

Shigeru: Accident involving an explosion at Matsushiro.

Female: Status unknown.

Fuyutsuki: Send rescue and the 3rd corp. Take care of everything before
the Self Defense Force comes.

Makoto: Roger.

Shigeru: Unidentified moving object detected at the site.

Makoto: Pattern orange, cannot be confirmed as an Angel.

Gendou: Class One combat alert.

Shigeru: Class One combat alert for all personal.

Makoto: Prepare for ground combat.

Maya: All EVAs to be deployed, and to take positions at the
counter attack point.

Male Operator: Air transportation is scheduled to start in 20.

Shinji: An accident at Matsushiro? No... What about Misato?

Rei: The can't get contact yet.

Shinji: Oh, no. What should I do?

Asuka: What are you whining about? We can't do anything but worry now.

Shinji: But we have to fight the Angel on our own...

Rei: Commander Ikari is taking direct command for now.

Shinji: My father is...?

Shigeru: We've got a visual from Nobeyama. Visual on the main screen.

All: aaaah...

Fuyutsuki: Just as we thought.

Gendou: Transmit the termination signal. Execute forced ejection of the
entry plug.

Maya: Impossible. It doesn't recognize either the termination signal or
the plug ejection code.

Gendou: How about the pilot?

Makoto: We have his respiration and pulse, however...

Gendou: From this time, Evangelion Unit 3 is abandoned, and the target is
recognized as the 13th angel.

Makoto: B, But, sir.

Gendou: Develop the front at Nobeyama as planned, and destroy the target.

Shigeru:The target is approaching.

Makoto: All units, stand by for ground battle.

Shinji: What? No way... an Angel? You mean that's an Angel?

Gendou: Yes. It's the target.

Shinji: The target? It's an EVA, isn't it?

Asuka: I can't believe it. Was it taken over by an Angel?

Shinji: Is it piloted by a kid, just like the other units? A child my

Asuka: Don't you know yet? In Unit 3,...

Shinji: Asuka?

Asuka: Yeeeeee!

Shinji: Asuka!
Makoto: Eva Unit 2 was silenced completely.

Maya: Pilot has ejected. Salvage crew is on the way.

Shigeru:The target is moving toward Unit Zero.

Gendou: Rei, avoid close combat, and stop the target. I'll send Unit 1 soon.

Rei: Roger.
Rei: He is inside...
Ulk, ugrrrrr.

Maya: The Angel is invading the left arm of Unit Zero. The synapses are being

Gendou: Cut off the left arm. Hurry.

Maya: But we have to sever the neural connection.

Gendou: Cut off the left arm.

Maya: Yes, sir.

Rei: Yeeeeeee!

Maya: Mid-level damage to Unit Zero, and the pilot has been injured.

Shinji: No...

Gendou: The target is approaching. You will contact it within 20. You
will take care of it.

Shinji: You say it's the target,
but isn't there a person inside?
A kid my age.
An entry plug. There is a person inside of it.

Makoto: Trouble with life support.

Maya: The pilot is in danger.

Fuyutsuki: Damn it. Cut the synchronization to 60%.


Fuyutsuki: But if you maintain this condition, the pilot will die.

Gendou: Shiji, why don't you fight?

Shinji: But there's a person inside, father.

Gendou: It doesn't matter. It's an Angel. Our Enemy.

Shinji: But I can't do it. I have to save him. I can't kill a person.

Gendou: You will die.

Shinji: I don't care. It's much better than killing someone.

Gendou: Go ahead and cut the synchronization between the pilot and Unit 1

Maya: Cut it, sir?

Gendou: Yes. Switch the circuit to the dummy plug.

Maya: But sir, the dummy system still has many problems, and without
Akagi's direction...

Gendou: It will work better than the current pilot. Do it.

Maya: Yes, sir.

Shiji: What? What are you doing, father?!

Makoto: Signal reception confirmed.

Maya: Control system has switched.

Male Operator: All nerves are now connected to the dummy system.

Female Operator: 32.8% of the emotional factor is unclear. Unable to monitor.

Gendou: It doesn't matter. Release the system. Commence the attack.

All: Aaah...

Maya: Is this the power of the dummy plug?

Female Operator: All systems are normal.

Male Operator: More increase in gain.

Maya: Ah!

Shinji: Stop it! Father, no! Please stop doing this!

Damn! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Aa! Stop it! NOOOO!

Shigeru: E, Eva Unit 3.. no... the target was completely silenced.
Hikari: (Humming)
This looks good. Kodama, Nozomi, and me. Lunch for four. Will he
eat with me tomorrow?
Rescuer male: Over here! A survivor! BQR, get the medics, hurry!

Male: Yes, the recorder's graphs... (Unable to hear) Get rid of it.

Misato: Alive...

Ryouji: You were lucky, Katsuragi.

Misato: How about Ritsuko?

Ryouji: Don't worry.
She's in better shape than you.

Misato: Ah-ha. How about EVA Unit 3?

Ryouji: It was destroyed as an Angel by Unit 1.

Misato: I, I still haven't told anything to Shiji.
Misato: Shinji...

Shinji: Misato, you're OK.

Misato: I, I'm sorry. I had to tell you something important, but...

Shinji: Misato, I've...a person... My father... I begged him not to...

Misato: Shinji, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Maya: Report from the entry plug salvage crew: Survival of
the pilot confirmed.

Shinji: He's alive?!

Male 1: Roger. Cut the deformed part with a laser.

Male 2: Send exchanged LCL sample to (unable to hear), top priority.

Female 2: Destroy the adhering biological parts. Prepare for heat

Misato: The pilot of Unit 3 is,
The 4th Children is

Shiji: Touji?

Misato: Shiji? Shinji? Shinji? Shinji? Shinji?


To be continued
On the next episode

At last, Shinji gets off of EVA of his own free will. However, without any
concern for him, the invasion of the most powerful Angel causes another
Next: A Man's Fight


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