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Главная » Статьи » Evangelion » Переводы скриптов (на английский)

Episode 19 - Introjection
 Literal Translation Series,

"Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 19"
Translated Speech Script.

Original script by Akio SAGAWA (sp?)
& Hideaki ANNO

Audio transcribed by Kenji MATSUOKA

Translated by Naoya ARAKAWA
Edited by Matthew Opel

In Episode 18, the automatically controlled Unit One, which Shinji was inside,
destroyed Unit Three and almost killed the pilot, Touji (Shinji's classmate).

Evangelion Episode 19

Avant Title

Maya: The interlocking circuit has been cut.

Kouzou: How about the ejection signal?

Maya: It's locked from the plug side.
It's not being received.

Makoto: But, Shinji-kun, if we hadn't done that,
you'd have been finished!

Shinji: That's not my concern.

Makoto: But it's also a fact.

Shinji: Don't make me more angry by saying such things!
Unit one has 185 seconds left.
That's enough to destroy at least half of Headquarters.

Shigeru: He, in his current condition, would do it.

Maya: Shinji-kun, listen to us.
Without Commander Ikari's decision,
everyone could have been killed.

Shinji: I'm saying that's not my concern!
My father ... that man was going to kill Touji,
using my hands.

Episode: 19

A Man's Fight

Shinji: Father, you're there, aren't you?
Say something; answer me!

Gendou: Raise the LCL pressure to the limit.

Maya: Huh!?

Gendou: We don't have time to waste on an impossible child.

Shinji: I still have a direct connect....
ug, ghuahah, ahg,
damn, damn, d... damn...
Male voice 1: The dissolving process for the right breast has been completed.

Female voice: We'll start the cleansing of bodily fluids from
three-O, on schedule.

Male voice 2: Unit Six is going to be heat-processed.
Operators in the area, evacuate now.

Ritsuko: have you recovered already?

Misato: I'm able to work without any problems.
I can't just rest in this state of emergency.
What happened to Shinji-kun?

Ritsuko: I heard that they cut the emergency hatch open
with a laser cutter, and he has been removed by force.

Misato: This is bad. This time...

Asuka: may be all over for him.
That idiot won't recover from this, I guess.

Rei: How's Ikari-kun?

Asuka: He hasn't been injured, so he'll come around soon.
He'd be dreaming now.

Rei: Dreaming?

Asuka: Yeah, don't you dream?

Touji: Shinji,
why is Shinji lying on the bed by me?
I wonder where I am.
Is it my sister's hospital?

-- Touji's "dream" --

Touji: Oh, isn't that Shinji and Ayanami?

Rei: Ikari-kun, why did you do that?

Shinji: I couldn't forgive my father, who betrayed me.
Even though I finally had a nice talk with him,
my father doesn't understand my feelings at all.

Rei: Did you try to understand ... your father's feelings?

Shinji: I did.

Rei: Why don't you try?

Shinji: I said "I did"!

Rei: You're running away from disagreeable things.

Shinji: Isn't it all right?
What's wrong with running away from disagreeable things?

Touji: What are those two arguing about...?

-- back to reality --

Nurse: You have special permission to visit him, for
five minutes only.

Hikari: Yes ma'am, thank you very much.

Touji: Oh , the Class Rep., ain't it?

Hikari: Suzuhara, are you OK?

Touji: Looks like I'm alive.
Somehow, I felt that Shinji was here. I wonder if it was a dream.

Hikari: I heard that Ikari-kun left the hospital yesterday.
You were sleeping for three days, Suzuhara.

Touji: Was I? For as long as three days?
Class Rep, you ...

Hikari: ah! I came here on official duty as the Class Rep.
Nothing but that.

Touji: Ah, I know.

Hikari: (No, you don't.)

Touji: I apologize... that I couldn't eat your lunch.

Hikari: Don't worry about things like that.
But I'm sorry,
they say I can't let you have a lunch here.

Touji: Class Rep.

Hikari: What?

Touji: Can I ask you one favor?

Hikari: Uh huh.

Touji: Why don't you tell my sister that there's nothing serious
wrong with me?

Hikari: Uh huh.

NERV worker: Get out, Mr. Shinji Ikari.
The General Commander wants to see you.

Gendou: Disobeying orders. Personal occupation of an EVA.
Crude intimidation. These are all criminal acts.
Do you have anything you want to say?

Shinji: Yes. I don't want to pilot EVA any more.
I don't want to stay here either.

Gendou: Well then, leave.

Shinji: I will. I'll go back to my Teacher's place.

Gendou: Are you running again?
You disappoint me.
I assume we won't meet again.

Shinji: I intend that we won't.

Gendou: It's me.
The Third Child-REN is to be erased.
Set Rei as the primary pilot of Unit One and
the dummy plug as a backup.

Kensuke: Are you listening, Shinji?
Is it true that you're leaving?
It's true, isn't it?
But why?
Why are you running now?
I admired you.
I envied you. You are different from us.
Damn, while even Touji can pilot EVA, I...

Female voice: This line has been monitored.
For security reasons, we have terminated the call.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Shinji: I assume Asuka won't come. She won't have anything to say to me.

Misato: No, she didn't even say "take care" to you.

Shinji: That's just like her.
I'm relieved.

Misato: It's hard to keep saying those pleasant things.

Shinji: That's your way of life, Misato-san.
I can't follow you.

Misato: I think you know, but there will be a fair number of restrictions
on your behavior.

Shinji: I know. Um....

Misato: What?

Shinji: Tell me one thing;
Why was it Touji... the Fourth Child-REN...?

Misato: The fourth level candidates are all your classmates.
I just learned that recently, too.
It was all contrived.

Shinji: Everyone, everyone in the class...

Misato: As for Suzuhara-kun',
it's not a mistake to be mended by apologizing with words.
But Shinji-kun, to be honest, I was projecting my dreams,
hopes and purpose onto you.
I know it's been a burden for you.
But we, everyone at Nerv, had no choice but to trust our
future to you.
Just remember that, please.

Shinji: It's a selfish cause, isn't it?

Misato: I know that.
I'll leave your pass-code to headquarters and your room
as they are.

Shinji: There's no point.
Please get rid of them.
I won't pilot EVA any more.

Misato: (He's speaking positively [with his own voice].
It's the first time I've heard something like this from him.)
Announce: Right now, an emergency was announced around the Tokai region.
Residents should evacuate to the designated shelters as soon
as possible. To repeat. Right now, ....

Display: Government Exclusive Express R-13, Dept. 13:38, For Shin-Atsugi, 2

Shinji: An Angel...




Operator: All personal, level one battle alert.
Prepare for surface-to-air counter measures.

Kouzou: Target status?

Shigeru: Currently approaching.
The Komagatake defense line has been broken.

Operator: From First to Eighteenth Armor, damaged.

Makoto: It broke through 18 special armor plates at once!

Misato: We can't make it in time for ground level defense by EVA.

Misato: Position Unit Two in the Geofront,
on the edge of Headquarters facilities.
Asuka will snipe at the target at the instant it invades the
Unit Zero status?

Maya: It's been placed in the AT-field Neutralization Zone.

Ritsuko: The left arm hasn't been regenerated.

Misato: Then, it can't be used in combat...

Gendou: Send Rei out in Unit One.

Misato: Hmm?

Gendou: Prepare a dummy plug as backup.

Misato: Yes sir.
????: Start entry.

Maya: LCL injected.

Ritsuko: Begin A10 nerve connection.

Rei: Ug!
(It's not going to work any more.)

Operator: Pulses reversed.

Maya: Unit One is refusing the neural connection.

Ritsuko: I can't believe it.

Kouzou: Ikari...

Gendou: Yes, it's refusing me.

Gendou: Interrupt the start-up.
Let Rei make a sortie in Unit Zero.
Restart Unit One with the dummy plug.

Misato: But Unit Zero is....

Rei: I don't mind. I'll go.

Misato: Rei!?

Rei: Even if I die, there will be a replacement.
Shinji: (I have decided not to pilot any more...)

A Man: Hey you, what are you doing?
Evacuate to the shelter, hurry!
Shigeru: No use.
One more hit will break through all the armor.

Misato: I'm counting on you, Asuka.
Asuka: Here it comes.
Even though that Shinji is gone,
this'll be a cinch for just me.

Asuka: Damn you....!

Asuka: Shit... Next!

Asuka: The AT field should have been neutralized.
Why doesn't it collapse?

Asuka: I can't lose any more!

Asuka: Huh? No way!

Asuka: Kugh, huhg...
Damn SOB!

Misato: Asuka!
Cut all the neural connections. Hurry!

-- flashback --
Asuka: An evacuation exercise?
What are you, an idiot?
That has nothing to do with us pilots.

Shinji: Huhhgh!

Announce: Direct hit to the eighth sector.

Shinji: Huuhh.

Announce: Abandon the sixth shelter.
Survivors, hurry to the third shelter!

Shigeru: Unit Two wrecked. Not able to fight.

Misato: And Asuka?

Makoto: She's safe ... alive!

Asuka: Kwuh, hh,..hhg, .... shit...

Shigeru: The Angel has started moving.

Misato: Unit One status?

Female operator: Dummy plug loading complete.

Female operator: Probe insertion complete.

Ritsuko: Start the contact.

Maya: Roger.

Ritsuko: What is it?

Maya: Pulses are disappearing.
It refuses the dummy.
It's failed. EVA Unit One isn't starting.

Ritsuko: The dummy, Rei...

Kouzou: ... is refused.

Gendou: Fuyutsuki, I'll leave this to you for a while.

A Man: The injured to the sixth block.

A Man: The non-injured, hurry to the third center!

A Man: This way!
A Man: Quickly!
A Man: Hurry up!
A Man: Hurry!
A Man: Hey you! What are you doing? Do you want to die?

Shinji: Asuka...

Ryouji: Shinji-kun?
Shinji: Kaji-san.
What are you doing in a place like this?

Ryouji: That's my line. What are you doing, Shinji-kun?

Shinji: I, I won't pilot EVA any more. Since I decided that...

Ryouji: Uh-huh?
Since my part-time job has gone public,
I lost my position in the battle shift.
Since then, I've been watering here.

Shinji: At a time like this?

Ryouji: Because it's a time like this.
Though I'd rather be in Katusragi's breasts,
I'd like to be here when I die.

Shinji: Die?

Ryouji: Right.
They say that when an Angel comes into contact with Adam,
which is sleeping underground here, all humanity will be
annihilated. That will be Third Impact.
It can only be stopped by Evangelion, which has the same power
as an Angel.

Shinji: Ayanami! Without a rifle!

Rei: uhg!

Ritsuko: Does she want to blow herself up?

Gendou: Rei!

Rei: AT field, full power!

Shinji: Ugh, guhh.

Makoto: Huh, Unit Zero!

Misato: Rei!

Ritsuko: What has she done....?

Shinji: Hh, Huhh...

Ryouji: Shinji-kun, I can do nothing but water here.
But for you, I bet there is something which YOU can do and
only you can do.
Nobody is forcing you.
Think for yourself and decide by yourself ...
what you should do now.
Well, I hope you have you no regrets.

Male operator: Direct hit to the third foundation.

Makoto: Final armor plate fused.

Misato: It's no good. The main shaft is exposed.

Ritsuko: Isn't Unit One ready yet?

Male operator: Dummy plug refused.

Male operator: It failed. No response.

Gendou: Carry on. Once more, try it again from one-zero-eight.

Shinji: Let me pilot it!
Please, let me pilot Unit One!

Gendou: Why are you here?

Shinji: Ngh, I, I am the pilot of Evangelion Unit One, Ikari Shinji!
Shigeru: The target has entered the main shaft!
It's descending.

Misato: What is its destination?

Makoto: Advancing directly to Central Dogma.

Misato: It's coming here.
All personnel, evacuate. Quickly!

Makoto: All personnel evacuate.
Repeat; all personnel evacuate.

Misato: Damn....

Misato: EVA Unit One! Shinji-kun!

Shinji: Misato-san!

Misato: No. 5, launch immediately!

Shinji: The power ran out!?

Maya: It's Unit One's operating limit.
The backup doesn't work, either.

Misato: Shinji-kun.

Misato: Shinji-kun!

Shinji: Move, move, move. Move, please move.
There's no point if you don't move now!

Misato: That's ...?

Shinji: Move, move, move,
move, move, move, move, move, move, move,
move, move, please move!
If you don't move now, if I don't do it now,
everyone's going to die!
I couldn't stand that any more.
So, please move!

Maya: E, Eva restarted.

Misato: Incredible....

Maya: Impossible, I can't believe it.
The synchro-rate of Unit One is over 400 %.

Ritsuko: That means *she* has awakened.

Misato: It's eating the Angel...

Ritsuko: She's taking the S2 engine into herself?
Maya: Gag...

Ritsuko: The binding ...

Makoto: Binding?

Ritsuko: Yes, it's not armor.
It's a restraint so we can control EVA's intrinsic power.
She is now dissolving the spell with her own power.
It is impossible for us to stop EVA any more.

Ryouji: The awakening and liberation of Unit One.
Seele won't overlook it.
Is this also in your scenario, Commander Ikari?

Kouzou: It's begun, hasn't it?

Gendou: Yes, everything begins now.

---EVA Episode 19: END-----------------------------------------------------

Humanity was saved by the awakening of EVA.
But Shinji has been taken into Unit One,
and physically fused with it.
The attempt to recover him fails.
What the crying Misato saw was...
Next: "Mind's Form, Man's Form"

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