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Episode 21 - He was aware that he was still a child

Literal Translation Series,

"Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 21"
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Kentaro ONIZUKA
Edited by Matthew Opel

Avant Title.

Misato: Hello, I am away right now. Please leave your message
after the beep.

Ryouji: My last job...
It's red, just like blood.

NERV, The b

Episode 21: nerf the berth.

Misato: Kidnapped? Our vice commander?

Staff: It was 2 hours ago.
He has been missing since he entered the eighth district
in the west.

Misato: That's inside of this installation.
You guys in the Division of Intelligence did nothing
to stop it?

Staff: An insider was spying on us and lead the operation.
We were outwitted by that person.

Misato: Someone who can baffle the Second section of Intelligence
It can't be...

Staff: Kaji Ryouji, the person who is suspected to be the leader
of this plot.

Misato: That's why you came to see me.

Staff: You can help us a great deal, because you think quickly.
As your colleagues, we truly regret having to
suspect the chief of planning.
However, this is our job.

Misato: Considering our past, it's the only natural

Staff: Thank you for your cooperation.
Take her away.


Fuyutsuki: It's been a long time, Chairman Kihl.
This is a very crude way of welcoming me.

Kihl: There is no need for the Commander to be called here.
We need to have a long discussion with you, and this was
the best way.

Fuyutsuki: You never change. You don't take my situation into account.

Seele 07: The problem we are addressing now has emerged already.
The consequences are inevitable.

Seele 03: Please understand that.

Fuyutsuki: Not the committee, but Seele has finally appeared.

Seele 07: We have no intention of creating a new god.
We hope for your cooperation, Prof. Fuyutsuki.

Fuyutsuki: Prof. Fuyutsuki...


1999 AD. Kyoto

Students: Professor! Professor Fuyutsuki!

Fuyutsuki: Oh, it's you guys.

Students: How about having a beer by the Kamogawa river?

Fuyutsuki: again?

Students: Ryouko and the rest say they'll come if you'll come.

Students: The professor also says you should come more often.

Fuyutsuki: Alright. I see.


Professor: It's not bad to drink outside, given the opportunity.

Fuyutsuki: Well,

Professor: You're talented, though it's not good for you
to underestimate the importance of communication
between people.

Fuyutsuki: I am sorry.

Professor: By the way, there's a student who wrote an interesting report
on biotechnology.
A student named Ikari... do you know the name?

Fuyutsuki: Ikari? No.

Professor: I told Ikari about you. Ikari said
"I wish to see him."
You will be contacted.
Please see the student.

Fuyutsuki: The name is Ikari-kun, hmmm...


Fuyutsuki: I've read this.
I have two or three questions, although it is quite a
stimulating report.

Yui: Thank you so much.

Fuyutsuki: You are Ikari Yui-kun.

Yui: Yes.

Fuyutsuki: What are you going to do from here?
Are you going to join some commercial company, or join this

Yui: I hadn't considered that.
And, there may be a third choice.

Fuyutsuki: hmm?

Yui: I'm also thinking about joining a home,
I mean, if I meet a nice person.

2015 AD. Again.
02: Incorporating the S2 engine by itself, it obtained
the ultimate existence.

04: Evangelion Unit One.

03 The living God created by us.
It is blasphemy.

Kihl: The creation of a God is not allowed.

Some Seele: I will not allow him to have a God.
Ikari Gendou, can we trust you?

Fuyutsuki: Rokubungi Gendou?
Well, I have heard the name.

1999 AD. Again.

Fuyutsuki: Well, I've never met him, though he generates a lot of rumors.

Kyoto Prefectural Police Office.

Fuyutsuki: Eh? I was appointed as his advisor?

Fuyutsuki: Yes. I will visit him.
When is a good time?

Rokubungi: I've heard rumors about you from people.
I've been wanting to meet you.

Fuyutsuki: You were drunk and got into a fight. That's so pathetic.

Rokubungi: Before I said anything, they picked on me for no reason.
I am not used to be liked. I am used to being hated.

Fuyutsuki: That is not my concern.

Rokubungi: Dr. Fuyutsuki, I am sure you are exactly the kind of
person that I expected.

Fuyutsuki(mono): My first impression was that he was a real bastard.
In those days, this country still had seasons, it was Autumn.

Fuyutsuki: Is that true?

Yui Yes. I'm going with Rokubungi-san.

Fuyutsuki(mono): When I heard that, I couldn't hide my surprise.

Fuyutsuki: You walk with that guy?

Yui: Oh, Dr. Fuyutsuki, he is such a cute man,
it's just that no one knows it.

Fuyutsuki: Ignorance can be a source of happiness.

Yui: I introduced you to him. Were you disturbed by that?

Fuyutsuki: Well, I admit that he is an interesting guy, but
I don't like him.

Fuyutsuki(mono):However, it was commonly accepted by those who knew, that
the objective of his approach to her was her talent and
the support organization behind her.
That organization was called "Seele," according to the rumors
I heard afterwards.

2000 AD. Antarctica.

Fuyutsuki: Second Impact--in the last year of the twentieth century,
that tragedy took place.

2001 AD.

Fuyutsuki: In the first year of the twenty first century, there was
nothing but time. A year that had nothing else to say.

Fuyutsuki: Was this the land of ice?
It hardly looks it.

Gendou: Professor Fuyutsuki.

Fuyutsuki: Oh, it's you. You survived?

Fuyutsuki: I hear that you participated in the Katsuragi investigation

Gendou: Fortunately, I had returned to Japan the day before that
incident, and I escaped that tragedy.

Fuyutsuki: Is that so, Rokubungi-Kun

Gendou: Excuse me, I changed my surname.

Fuyutsuki: A post card? Not a business card?

We have married.
Ikari and Yui Gendou

It's been a long time. How are you?

Fuyutsuki: Ikari, Ikari Gendou.

Gendou: My wife asked me to give you this.
She is a fan of yours.

Fuyutsuki: I am honored.

Ikari Gendou

It's been a long time. How are you?

Fuyutsuki: How is Yui-kun? Isn't she participating in this expedition?

Gendou: She wanted to come, but she has a child now.

Fuyutsuki: Your organization, called Seele or something, is creating a lot
of bad rumors.
I don't like the way that it controls the committee by force.

Gendou: You are still too scrupulous.
In this age, no honest organization can survive.

Fuyutsuki: If this official investigation commission were
arranged only by Seele people, there would be a lot of
Were we assigned to avoid trouble?

Misato: I still hate the darkness.
It brings memories of nothing but horrible things.
Fuyutsuki: Who is she?

Staff: The only survivor of the investigation commission.

2002 AD.

South Pole observatory ship, Second bulkhead.

Staff: Her name is Katsuragi Misato.

Fuyutsuki: Katsuragi? Is she the daughter of Dr. Katsuragi?

Staff: Yes. She hasn't spoken for two years.

Fuyutsuki: How terrible.

Staff: She witnessed that hell.
Her physical injuries healed, but mental injuries are hard to

Fuyutsuki: That's right.


Fuyutsuki: It's difficult to figure out the results of this investigation.
This giant of light is a complete mystery.

Fuyutsuki: Afterwards, The United Nations officially
declared that Second impact was caused by
a massive meteoric collision.

Fuyutsuki: However, for me, that was obviously fabricated information.
Behind it, there was Seele and the man named Kihl.
I tried to find out the truth about that incident,

2003 AD. Hakone.

The Artificial Evolution Lab. Under the direct control of the United

Fuyutsuki: Even if the name "Ikari Yui" is involved...

Fuyutsuki: Why do you hide the existence of the giant?
You already knew that Second Impact was
going to happen that day, didn't you?

Chief Ikari Gendou

Fuyutsuki: You told me that you returned the day before the incident.
Was it also just good fortune that you returned with all of the
research results as well?

Gendou: I didn't expect that these sorts of things would have
escaped destruction.

Fuyutsuki: I investigated your estate in detail.
I understand you need much money to educate a child.
But the amount was too great to be possessed by one person.

Gendou: Oh, the great professor Fuyutsuki, How about moving
to the Economics faculty?

Fuyutsuki: I will publish the truth behind Second Impact, you, Seele and
Dead Sea Scrolls.
I cannot forgive the people who caused that.

Gendou: As you wish. But before that, I have one thing to show you.

Fuyutsuki: We're getting down very deep.

Gendou: Are you worried?

Fuyutsuki: Slightly.

Fuyutsuki: This is...

Gendou: It wasn't us. Someone left this cavity behind,
although 89% has been buried.

Fuyutsuki: Then, this was originally a spherical underground space.

Gendou: That is the installation which is consuming all that humanity


Akagi: Oh, Dr. Fuyutsuki.

Fuyutsuki: Akagi-kun, you're here, too...

Akagi: Yes. This is the best place to investigate the fundamental
of the bio-computer, which we are attempting to create.

Fuyutsuki: hmmm.

Akagi: I am going to name them Magi.

Fuyutsuki: Magi, the three wisemen from the East.
Is that what you wanted to show me?

Akagi: No. This way.
Ritsuko, I'll be back soon.


Fuyutsuki: This is...
Is this that giant?

Akagi: We of Gehirn call that object Adam.
This is different.

#Gehirn - the German word for "brain."

Fuyutsuki: Then,

Akagi: Yes, the Adam created by humans, Eva.

Fuyutsuki: Eva?

Gendou: Our project to revive Adam, referred to as Project E.
This is the model of the project, called Eva Unit Zero.

Fuyutsuki: The prototype of a God?

Gendou: Fuyutsuki, let us create a new era for humanity, together.




He was aware of that he was still a child.

2015 AD.

Maya: Hi, Senior.

Ritsuko: Oh, sorry. Let's hurry with Rei's re-test.

Maya: I haven't seen Katsuragi-san today.

Ritsuko: Well, neither have I.

Ritsuko: Katsuragi-san?

Misato: Yeah, Katsuragi Misato, Nice to meet you.
2005 AD.
Nagano Pref. Second New Tokyo City.

University of Second Tokyo Campus.
Ritsuko: Mom, the other day, I happened to meet
a girl named Katsuragi.
People always stare at me from a distance.
It forces me to remember the importance of your name.
She's different. She's really honest, even with me.
I hear that she is the only survivor from the Investigation
It seems that she was aphasic once. But now she
is quite talkative, just like she's trying to make up for
the aphasic days.

Akagi: Ritchan, I am always underground.
I am tired of having the box lunches provided.
On the surface, the construction of Third Tokyo City
has started, as a result of the second capital transfer plan.

Ritsuko: For a couple of days, Misato was absent from school.
I forced her to tell me why. She is such an idiot!
She had been in bed with her boyfriend at her apartment,
without getting tired, for a whole week.
I was impressed to hear about another side of her.
Today, she introduced me to the guy.
He's handsome, but I'm not used to his frivolity.

Akagi: You've been afraid of boys for a long time, Ritchan.
That's because you were brought up by a mother only.
Sorry, I've always let you do as you liked.
I'm terrible. I am your mother only when I wish to be.

Akagi: Mother...

2004 AD.
Hakone, Second Underground Experimental Installation

Fuyutsuki: Why is there a child here.

Akagi: This is Chief Ikari's son.

Fuyutsuki: Ikari. This is not a day school.
This is a very important day.

Yui: Sorry, Dr. Fuyutsuki. I brought him here.

Fuyutsuki: Yui-kun, it's your experiment today.

Yui: That's why. I want to show the promising future to my child.

Akagi: Those were the last words from Yui-san.
A freak accident erased her from this world...
Just as I had wished.
What a disgusting woman I am.
Ritchan, after that day, Chief Ikari completely changed.

Fuyutsuki: Where were you this week?
I know you're depressed.
But your body belongs not only to yourself.

Ikari: I know. Today, I'm starting a new project.
I've already made the proposal to Chairman Kihl.

Fuyutsuki: You're going to do That?

Ikari: Right.
The way to become a god, which no one has achieved.
The Human Instrumentality Project.

2008 AD.

Ritsuko: Mom, congratulations on completing the basic theory
of Magi.
I have good news, to congratulate you with.
It has been informally decided that I will officially join
Starting next month, I will be engaged in Project E.

Guard: Who are you?

Ritsuko: Akagi Ritsuko of Technology Development Division.
This is my ID.
I hear that the basic installation of the Command Center
has been completed, so I came here to see it.
Well, it's just like a maze in here.

Guard: The Chief and Dr. Akagi will see you in the Command Center.

Akagi: Are you alright?

Ikari: I don't have regrets about my job.

Akagi: You lie! You still remember Yui-san.
But, that is fine with me.

2010 AD.

Ikari: That is Gehirn Headquarters.

Akagi: Chief, good morning.
Did you bring your child?
Oh, but it was a son...

Ikari: This is not Shinji. I decided to take care of an acquaintance's
child. Her name is Ayanami Rei.

Ritsuko: Reichan, hello!

Akagi: This child [looks like] someone.

Akagi: All the files concerning Ayanami Rei have already been deleted.
White paper.
What does this mean?

Akagi: Magus Caspar, Magus Balthazar, Magus Melchior.
Magi are three of myself.
Me as a scientist, me as a mother, and me as a
woman. These three are in conflict with each other.

Ritsuko: Three of mom. The only thing you have to do is to switch the
power on.

Ritsuko: Today, I'm leaving first. Misato is coming back.

Akagi: Oh, yes, I heard she joined Gehirn.
In Germany, as I remember.

Ritsuko: Yes. The third branch office.

Akagi: A long distance relationship.

Ritsuko: I hear that they separated.

Akagi: Oh, they seemed to be such a good couple.

Ritsuko: Things between man and woman are difficult to
understand, because they are not logical.

Akagi: You are always cold about such things.
You might loose your happiness.

Ritsuko: The definition of happiness is even more difficult
to figure out.
Well, It's been a while since I went out to drink.

Akagi: Good work.

Ritsuko: I'm off.

Akagi: What?
What? Do you have something to ask me, Reichan?

Rei: I've lost my way.

Akagi: Oh, then, let's leave together.

Rei: No need.

Akagi: But, you cannot get back by yourself.

Rei: That is none of your business, you hag.

Akagi: What...

Rei: I can go out by myself. Leave me alone, you hag.

Akagi: You shouldn't call a person "hag."

Rei: You are a hag, aren't you.

Akagi: I am getting angry! I'll ask the Chief to scold you.

Rei: It's the Chief who calls you that.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.
It's the Chief who calls you that.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.
That hag is stubborn, that hag is now useless.

Akagi: You are useless, because there are substitutes even if you die.
Rei, you're the same as me.

Akagi: Oh no!

Fuyutsuki: The Human Instrumentality Committee, chaired by Kihl Lorentz,
immediately dissolved the Research Organization Gehirn.
In order to carry out the whole project, the special
institute NERV was established. And we all moved to NERV,
except for one person, who had rendered remarkable service to
the Magi System, Dr. Akagi.

2015 AD.

Fuyutsuki: It's you.

Ryouji: It's been a while.

Fuyutsuki: This action will result in your death.

Ryouji: All I wish is to get closer to the truth...
within me.

Staff: Thank you for your cooperation.

Misato: Oh, this soon?

Staff: Yes. the case was solved.

Misato: How is he?



Ryouji: Hi! You're late.


Misato: I'm back.

Message Playback

Ryouji: Katsuragi, it's me.
I'm sure you're listening to this message, after I
caused you so much trouble. Sorry.
Please tell Ritchan "I'm sorry."
And there's one more thing to trouble you with.
I've been growing flowers.
I'd appreciate it if you could water the flowers for me.
Shinji-kun knows where they are.
Katsuragi, the truth is with you.
Don't hesitate. Move ahead!

If I can see you again, I will say the words that I could not
say 8 years ago. Bye.

It's 2 minutes past two.

Misato: (Weeping)
Idiot.... you're such an idiot.

Shinji: That time, I did nothing but run away from Misato-san.
There was nothing else could I do. Nothing could I say, since I
a child. That is what I realized.



Surpassed by Shinji, Asuka falls into an emotional pit.
In addition to that, a mental attack from an Angel defeats her
mind. Shinji has no words to console her. Next Episode "At least, be


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