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Термины / Term vol-1
Двигатель Эс-два (S^2 Engine)

What is an S^2 Engine?

Двигатель основаный на теории сверхсоленоидов, которую разрабатывал Кацураги, отец Мисато. Такой двигатель позволяет Евангелиону иметь собственный бесконечный источник питания, как у Ангелов. Должен отметить что у Ангелов SS двигатель называется SS органом. Такой орган сожрала в очередной раз вышедшая из под контроля Ева-01 у 14го ангела.

Видимо, S2 двигатель это устройство прямого превращения материи в энергию, и наоборот. Именно он даёт феноменальные способности к регенерации, наблюдаемые у Ангелов и серийных Евангелионов, оснащённых его отлаженой моделью.
Есть мнение, что сверхсоленоидный двигатель (SS) это тоже символ. Вспомним, как много ссылок на Германию имеет сериал, в частности многие названия (SEELE, NERV, GEHIRN, ...)
SS назывались элитные немецкие войска во время Второй Мировой войны. Эмблемой SS была древняя руна, которая означает "божественная сила".

An energy source based on the supersolenoid theory. Essentially, it is the power source that all the angels use, and when installed in Evangelions, it can cause their energy time limit to become infinite. Eva-01 consumes the S^2 engine of the 14th angel, thereby obtaining this infinite power source. The first eva to have an S^2 Engine installed was Eva-04, which when it was activated, caused the dissappearence of the entire U.S. branch of NERV. However, all units from 5 and upwards, have all successfully had S^2 engines installed.

Евангелие Нового Поколения (Neon Genesis Evangelion mean)

What does Neon Genesis Evangelion mean?

According to Carl Gustav Horn, editor of Viz Comics' english translation of the Eva manga;

It's a transliteration into Roman letters (the kind Western European languages, including English are in) of Greek (which has a different, but related, alphabet than the Roman letters) for "New" ("Neon"), "Origin" ("Genesis"), and "Good News" ("Evangelion"). So "Neon Genesis Evangelion means something like "The Good News Of A New Beginning."

But there's another way to put it; as you may know, Evangelion has a number of references to the Bible, part of which was originally written in ancient Greek. The Greek title of the first book of the first part of the Bible, the Old Testament, is "Genesis," a word that has also become part of the English language. The first four books of the second part of the Bible, the New Testament, are called in English "Gospels," or the "Gospel." But the original Greek word for "Gospel" was "Euangelion" (we use the "v" sound where the Greeks would use "u"). So you could also say "Neon Genesis Evangelion" means "New Genesis Gospel." (Evangelion Manga, Viz Comics, Book 3, Vol.2)

"Shin Seiki Evangelion" is the name of the Japanese series we all know and love. On the title frame from the series, the small Japanese writing above the word "Evangelion" mean "Shinseiki" (with the 1st character being "shin", the 2nd "sei" and the 3rd "ki"), and are written in Kanji. The writing under "Evangelion" is katakana, and it says "Evangelion". If you're wondering how you get a "va" in Katakana, it's an "u" with tenten followed by a small "a". (Though this is only ever written. When speaking, people say "Eba" or "Ebangerion".)

The name used in the English speaking world is "Neon Gensis Evangelion" which was selected by Gainax. "Shinseiki" can be translated to "new century".

Каббала (Kabbalah)

What is the Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah (also Cabala, Kabala, Qabalah) is system of thought which was originally included in Jewish theosophy, philosophy, science, magic and mysticism. 'Kabbalah' is Hebrew for "that which is received" and refers to a secret oral tradition of teaching which extends from teacher to pupil.

Kabbalah, which is the spelling usually preferred by scholars, specifically refers to oral mystical teaching not normally revealed to the general population, but passed on from the adepts to the initiates. The term "Kabbalah" itself was first applied to secret mystical teachings in the eleventh century by Iba Gabriol, a Spanish philosopher, and has since become applied to all Jewish mystical practice.

Although the Kabbalah is founded on the Torah, the Jewish scriptures and other sacred writings, it is no intellectual discipline; and the mystic is not to practice it in solitude, but is to employ it to enlighten humanity. The Kabbalist seeks two things: an union with God while maintaining a social, family, and communal life within the framework of traditional Judaism. Those who have adopted the Kabbalistic teachings have modified these latter aims. In legend God taught the Kabbalah to some angels, who in turn after the Fall taught it to Adam. The Kabbalah was to help humankind to return to God. It then passed to Noah, to Abraham and Moses. Moses included the first four books of the Pentateuch, leaving out Deuteronomy, in the Kabbalah before he initiated seventy Elders into it. The Elders initiated others into it. It is thought that David and Solomon were Kabbalistic adapts. Eventually the oral tradition ended and the knowledge was written down.

Many of the basic ideas and principles found in the Kabbalah are also found in Gnosticism because both were in the Eastern Mediterranean near the time of Christ.

Both attach an importance to knowledge, called the 'gnosis' or the knowledge of God. This knowledge does not come from rational thinking but is inspired by God. As in Gnosticism, sin is not considered to be wrong doing but ignorance which separates humankind from God. The knowledge, specifically the 'gnosis', unites humankind to God--to know God is to be God. Those sharing this 'gnosis' are the elect; they are the enlightened ones who share the knowledge of God, although they may not lead perfect lives.

The Kabbalists share similar goals as did the Gnostics: each group set out to answer the religious paradoxical questions of life. Such as why does the world possess both good and evil characteristics when it was created by a God Who is all good? Why is the world finite when it was created by an infinite God? Similar questions which are asked concerning the world can also be asked of humankind. Of all of the questions concerning God's relationship with the world and humankind, there seems to be one ultimate question: God, by his very nature of being infinite, all good and knowing, seems unknowable; then, how is it possible for humankind to know him?

The Kabbalah seems to serve to answer this question in two ways: the first is in the explanation that every idea contains its own contradiction, and God Who is the sum of all ideas contains all contradictions. Therefore God is both good and evil, just and unjust, merciful and cruel, limitless and limited, unknowable and knowable. All things, which contain their contradictions or opposites, unite to form a greater whole which is God.

From this first answer comes the Kabbalah's second answer which indirectly relates God to the world. God is seen as a mirror from which shines a brilliant light. This brilliant light is then reflected onto a second mirror, then onto a third, then to a fourth, and so on. With each succeeding reflection the light loses some of its brilliancy until when it finally reaches the finite world it shines very dimly.

Within this concept of the reflection of light lies the Kabbalist's theory for the creation of the world. In the begin- ning there was just God, and from himself he sent an emanation, often described as light. From this first emanation evolved nine more, ten in all, called the "sephiroth."

The ancient Kabbalists taught that the brilliant lights of the sephiroth constitute the sacred name of God. Their reasoning was that the sephiroth was the world, or universe, and God is the world. Therefore, the sephiroth are the facets or parts of God, and they also are facets of the universe.

The origin of the Kabbalah centers around a short book titled "Sefer Yetzirah" (Book of Creation). The origin dating of the book is unknown but it is known to have been used in the tenth century, but may have been composed as early as the third century. The book tells that God created the world by the means of thirty-two secret paths of knowledge which are the ten "sephirots" and the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet. It is believed the ten sephirots were originally thought as referring to numbers but later representing emanations from which the cosmos was formed.

Each of the ten emanations within the sephiroth is called a "sephirot," and together they form what is called the Tree of Life. This Tree is the central image of Kabbalistic meditation; for again, each sephirot describes a certain aspect of God, and taken together as the sephiroth they form the sacred name of God. The Tree also describes the path by which the divine spirit descended into the material world, and the path by which humankind must take to ascend to God.

Another basic teaching shared by Gnosticism and the Kabbalah was that the divine spirit, or the soul, had descended from God and became trapped in the human body or matter. This was a prevalent theory shortly after time of Christ within the Mediterranean area. This and other religious teachings exemplify how such teachings can reflect the beliefs of the peoples of the time.

There were many modifications and interpretations made of the Kabbalah through the centuries. In the tenth century the practi- cal Kabbalah was introduced in Italy and then spread to Germany. In it was contained ecstatic practices, magic rituals and mainly techniques of prayer, contemplation and meditation. From it came such techniques as gematria, notarikon and temura.

The thirteenth century saw the birth of the classical Kabbalah in Provence, France. It moved into Spain where it was developed more extensively by the Spanish Hebrews. The primary work was the "Sefer ba-Zohar (Book of Splendor). The development progressed until the Jews seemed to lose their spirituality. Then after a year in a cave meditating upon this situation a rabbi heard a voice which told him to teach those ready to learn, and let the ordinary people go on their way. >From this revelation seemed to have developed the "Zohar," the teachings recorded by disciples.

Chiefly, the Zohar describes God as "Em-Sof" ("without end"). God is unknowable beyond representation. He created the world out of himself. The chief aim of humankind is to achieve complete union with the Divine. All things are reflected in a higher world, and nothing is independent of everything else. "Thus human beings, by elevating their souls to unite with God, also elevate all other entities in the cosmos."

It might be noted that the struggle between Netzach and Hod, one can see the distinct difference of attitude between the Kabbalist and the rest of the world. The same can be said of the Gnostic. Within both of these teachings, the Kabbalah and Gnosticism, reason and logic are distrusted. The reasons given for such distrust is similar: that they inhibit the abilities of natural man.

Viewing such an attitude from the present day viewpoint one might say that their idea of God is even different from that of the average person's. To Kabbalists and Gnostics God does not restrict man but lets him improve himself through knowledge. Whereas, to the average person God does the restricting, or is it the person who makes God do the restricting?

The Kabbalah has been accepted into Western occult ceremonies and practices, and vice versa. In the sixteenth century symbols of alchemy were embodied into the Christian Kabbalah. The Christian Kabbalah is said to have been used to prove the divinity of Christ.

Aleister Crowley adapted the ranks or grades in his magical organization, the A.A., or Astrum Argentium, the Silver Star, to correspond to the sephirots of the sephiroth. The Kabbalah has also been related to numerology, the Tarot and astrology although some criticize the relationship is not a perfect match.

The Kabbalistic idea that God contains all ideas and their contradictions definitely forms the bases for the magical laws of polarity and synthesis. Both laws are based on the theoretical assumption that all ideas or conceptions contain their opposites, examples of these are: white and black, up and down, right and left. The essence of each thing also contains the essence of its opposite. A typical clear, but not too magical, illustration is that a black ink pen does not show up too good on a black or dark colored background. It requires a white or light background to bring out the illustrious nature of the black ink. Here the opposites compliment each other to produce the writing or drawing. A.G.H.

Первый Удар (First Impact)

What is the First Impact?

Первым Ударом официально было столкновение метеорита с землёй 60 миллионов лет назад, которое вызвало катаклизм, в котором вымерли динозавры.

Однако согласно использующимся в сериале легендам, на самом деле произошло расщепление богоподобного существа - Белой и Чёрной Лун. Чёрная Луна попала в место, где ко времени сериала был построен Токио-3, а Белая Луна попала в Антарктику. Из Чёрной Луны произошли Лилит и Человечество (Лилим), из Белой Луны произошли Адам и Ангелы.

The First Impact happened approximately 60 million years ago, when the dinosaurs became extinct. People believed that a meteor collided with the Earth, but it was in fact the splitting of a God-like Being (that united again in EoE). The God-like being split into two entities: Adam and Lilith, and caused the Black and White Moon to seperate, embedding themselves beneath where Tokyo-3 (The Black Moon) is now, and Antarctica (the White Moon). From the White Moon came eventually Adam and the Angels, and from the Black Moon (The Egg of Lilith), came Mankind.


According to the textbook with which Shinji and his classmates study the history, the First Impact is the collision of a meteorite with the Earth which caused the moon to be separated from the Earth.

The first impact was a meteor collision with earth 4 billion years ago that dislodged the moon from the earth (so essentially created the moon). It is NOT the meteor that impacted with the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs (there were no dinosaurs 4 billion years ago), and it is NOT the biblical flood that centres around Noah. We know it is a meteor that created the moon because in episode 7 it is written in a document that is shown.

Поле Эй-Ти, Абсолютного Ужаса (AT Field, Absolute Terror Field, используется Ангелами и Евангелионами)

What is an AT Field?

Необычайно важный, на мой взгляд, термин, использующийся в сериале.

Absolute Terror (AT) Field - Поле Абсолютного Ужаса.

Визуально поле изображается в сериале как более или менее плоская полупрозрачная преграда в пределах нескольких метров от Ангела. Евангелины тоже генерируют это поле, но обычно оно невидимо. Первое, что мы узнаём из сериала, это то что защитное поле необычайно уменьшает эффект обычного оружия. NERV действует по принципу - "против лома нет приёма, окромя другого лома". Евангелионы умеют каким-то образом ослаблять, нейтрализовывать, разрушать поле АТ противника.
Впрочем у NERV припасено (и было использовано) артифактное оружие, способное пронзать защитное поле, и, по видимому, обладающее каким-то своим полем - Копьё Лонгиния .

Однако "поле Абсолютного Ужаса" не странное ли название для "обычного" силового поля, воспетого десятилетиями научной фантастики?
К концу сериала мы видим, что поле Абсолютного Ужаса как-то связано с самим пилотом Евангелиона. В End of Evangelion нам показывают действие анти-поля АТ, при котором высвобождаются души людей, а тела распадаются в первичное LCL .
Говорится о том, что люди тоже обладают полем АТ. Но в отличае от Ангелов, поле Абсолютного Ужаса у людей разъединяет их души и скрепляет их тела. Поле Абсолютного Ужаса это причина одиночества и страданий людей. Собственно маханика Третьего Удара в основном заключалась в том, что Лилит с душой Рей (или Рей, с душой Лилит, кому как нравится) распространила исключительно сильное анти-АТ поле надо всей землёй, ослабив и уничтожив личные поля АТ людей.

Один из источников, на который ориентировался Хидеаки Анно в данном случае, это видение мира Каббалы.
"Согласно Каббале, наш мир - это мир Келиппот, хаотической тьмы, где в несовершенных оболочках заточены искры Божественного Света, некогда разбившего не выдержавшие его сосуды-сефиры. Я понимаю это так, что Древо Келиппот есть Древо Сефирот после грехопадения. Каждая клипа - раковина, оболочка - есть человек с искрой божественного света внутри (душой)." (Драгомиров)

Не удивительно, что есть прямая ссылка на этот термин - в психологии. Именно отсюда он и взят:

"AT-Field, a term used in psychology, thought up of by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and later developped by William Reich.
An Absolute Terror Field, is a barrier that we create around ourselves to protect us from emotional pain and parental presence."
Поле Абсолютного Ужаса, термин использующийся в психологии, придуманный психоаналитиком Зигмундом Фрейдом и позже разработанный Вильгельмом Райхом (
Поле Абсолютного Ужаса - это барьер, который мы создаём вокруг себя, чтобы защититься от эмоциональной боли и родительского присутствия.

Считается, что найболее сильно оно у детей, у которых проблемы или отсутствие родителей. Возможно это просто совпадение, а может быть и одна из причин того, что в пилоты Евангелионов отобраны осиротевшие дети. В некоторых случаях - осиротевшие не без помощи NERV.

Abbreviated for of Absolute Terror Field. A defensive barrier used by both Evangelions and Angels, which drastically reduces the effectiveness of conventional weapons. Evangelions actually have the ability to neutralize an angel's AT Field, which is what qualifies them as the best weapon against angels. However, there is a larger implication of the AT Field. As it turns out, all human beings possess an AT Filed as well. The final angel referred to this as a "Barrier of the heart." It is this field that allows us to maintain our physical shape and form.

Предел Хенфлика (Henflick limit)

What is the Henflick limit?

Термин "Предел Хенфлика", вероятно, ссылается на биологический термин "Предел Хейфлика."

Одна из причин старения — закон делимости клеток, открытый американским биологом Леонардом Хейфликом (Leonard Hayflick) в 1961 году. Суть его в том, что клетки человеческого организма не могут делиться бесконечно. Максимально возможное количество делений в среднем составляет 50±10 (так называемый предел или лимит Хейфлика).

В сериале предел Хенфлика, по-видимому, означает максимальную степень повреждения Евангелиона, за которой его регенерация (лечение?) не возможно или дороже чем создание нового. Эта степень была достигнута в 19 эпизоде. Это добавляет особого значения "запасным частям" которые были взяты из Евангелионов 5 и 6.

It is the maximum damage beyond which it becomes prohibitively expensive to repair an EVA unit. That limit is reached in episode 19, where two EVA units are extensively damaged, and funding to repair the units is taken from EVA building, forcing the cancellation of two EVA units.

There is also a similarily named term, the Hayflick Limit, to which is may also refer to. The limit refers to the finite number of times cells of higher-order organisms may divide before the cell becomes too "old" to divide. The significance of this is that Evangelions are not "repaired", like a mechanical object, such as a vehicle, but instead healed or regenerated. There is a limit to the chemistry of the biomechanics of an Evangelion unit can be treated by NERV, which gives new significance to the use of the "spare parts" that were used from Evangelion Units 5 and 6.

Свитки Мёртвого Моря (Dead Sea Scrolls)

What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The main setup of the series is that these events have been foretold within the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls were written by an ancient sect of Jews known as the Essene. In the late 1930's, early 1940's, the scrolls were found in caves in the vicinity of Quamran, where an ancient Essene settlement was being excavated. While the Dead Sea Scrolls don't tell of anything like the events of Evangelion, one of the things Gainax has going for it is that not all of the scrolls were found. It's believed that local tribes found many of the scrolls and sold them on the antiquities market. This being the case, we're really not sure what all the scrolls said. Maybe that's how Seele obtained the scrolls and planned for an event the rest of the world was ignorant of.


1.6.2) What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a shepherd in a cave in Israel, about 1947. They appear to be the earliest records of Jewish scripture. They were kept secret by the Jordanian and Israeli governments until about twenty years ago, when photographs of the scrolls were leaked. Now all the scrolls have been studied and translated and published in an English edition.

Reasons why the scrolls were kept secret vary, but a likely explanation is that the scrolls' contents, written by a Jewish sect after the time of Jesus Christ, may have conflicted with sections of the New Testament.

The following text is contributed by Charles King:


The Dead Sea Scrolls were the product of a small Jewish sect living near the village of Qumran on the western shore of the Dead Sea around the time of Christ. The Scrolls were first discovered by a shepherd in 1947, but additional scrolls continued to be unearthed for the next ten years. As the area came under the control of Jordan after the Israeli war of independence, the scrolls came to be concentrated in the Jordanian Archaeological Museum, where the task of editing them was given to a group of scholars known as the International Team, led by de Vaux. Although publication of the scrolls began in the 1950s, its progress was extremely slow, largely because of the magnitude of the task and lack of funds. At the same time, some editors made unfounded speculations concerning the implications of the scrolls for Christianity, based on the inaccurate assumption that the Qumran sect was related to the early Christian church.

After the six-day war of 1967, the scrolls fell into the hands of the Israeli authorities, who maintianed the status quo with regard to control of the texts. By 1990, matters had reached a head, with many interantional scholars demanding full publications of the scrolls. After a couple of scholars released a partial reconstruction based on a concordance, the Huntingdon library of San Marino, California released a set of microfilms it had which had been deposited in the library back in the 1950s. Soon afterwards further photographs appeared from an anonymous source, and finally, in 1991, the Israeli government released a full set of high-quality photographs.

Although there may still be a few very minor fragments left untranslated, the vast bulk of the scrolls is available in English translation in various editions.


Text by Charles King

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are referred to for the first time in the series in episode 14, where the Instrumentality Committee is reviewing the performance of NERV to date. In response to the queries of Kiel and company, Ikari responds that everything is going along with the timeline that had been laid out in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Of course, there are not the Dead Sea Scrolls that the academic community kept under lock an key for so long, but rather they are the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls (term from the RCB) - the document that Seele seems to follow in the scenario that it plays out.

It has been argued as to whether the SDSS are original prophetic documents that originated in the past, or are simply something that Seele created themselves. Well, had GAINAX not changed the script along the lines somewhere, we may have been able to say both at once.

In episode 17, Ikari and Fuyutski are having a conversation while riding into base on a train. Here is the excerpt from their conversation (Literal Translation Script):

Kouzou: But the committee is in a panic.
Gendou: Of course, because it's an unscheduled accident.
Kouzou: Seele must be busy revising the schedule.

Looking at this, one can get the idea that things don't happen unless Seele wants them to, or unless it's not supposed to happen. What is important to note about this scene is that there is a change from the original script. In the original, Fuyutski refers to Seele as "Essene" (in his second line here).

Essene is the puritanical Jewish sect that wrote the real life Dead Sea Scrolls. This leads to something interesting. If the name wasn't merely just another allusory title, then it is possible that the originization that came to be known as Seele predates even the WWII era (see above entry). It would be rooted as far back as biblical/post-biblical times. Additionally, it could have existed as an underground society all the years since, gaining influence and power around the world. Should the idea hold, it makes the story far more vast in its expanse, and would explain for the seemingly endless reserves and power of the Seele group. It also explains how they came into possession of the SDSS in the first place (their forebearers wrote them).

Семиглазый логотип (seven eyed logo)

What is the seven eyed logo?

Видимо, это "семь глаз Бога"

В Откровениях, раздел 5, стих 6:
"И увидел я, стоя на пол дороги между троном, четырьмя живыми существами и старостами, Ягня, как будто оно принесено в жертву. Имело оно семь рогов и семь глаз, которые есть семь Духов Бога, распространённые над всей Землёй."
(мой кривой перевод, оригинал брали из Библии, Gideons edition, издано в 1976)

It is apparently the "seven eyes of God."

In Revelations, Chapter 5, Verse 6:

And I saw, standing midway between the throne and the four living beings and among the elders, a Lamb as if it had been sacrificed. It had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God dispatched over the whole earth.

(version from the Bible, Gideons edition, published 1976.)

Герб SEELE — перевёрнутая пирамида, на которую наложено с одной стороны три глаза, с другой — четыре. Пирамида часто встречается в фильме (штаб NERV, её строит маленький Синдзи в «End of Evangelion»). Два треугольника формируют третий, равносторонний. Симметрия сакральных троек, объединяющихся в девятку, противостоит асимметрии глаз. Иудейский бог Яхве, по некоторым источникам, имеет семь глаз - три обращены внутрь, четыре — наружу.

Когда Синдзи видит истинное лицо своей Евы (после битвы с Сакиилом), в её глазе 4 зрачка (1 большой и 3 маленьких). Общее количество глаз у трех Ев — 7. Три глаза у Евы-00 и Евы-01, которыми управляют интроверты, замкнувшиеся в себе. Четыре глаза у Евы-02, которой управляет экстраверт. Таким образом, три главных героя фильма формируют одну совершенную личность.

Сефирот, Дерево Сефирот, Древо Жизни (Sephiroth)

What is the Sephiroth?

One of the main images as the show opens is the "Tree of Life" Since antiquity, trees have been connected with connecting with the Gods, and the mystical forces of nature. In some cultures, this is especially significant, since trees take root in the earth we live on, yet they reach high into the heavens above. This particular rendering of the "Tree of Life," is based on the Sytema Sephiroticum, which is the supposed path to the Divine.

The Sephiroth is rooted in the Kaballah(Qabala) which has as its roots Judaism. Although the Sephiroth, and the Kaballah in general, have been adapted and used by many religions. The Sephiroth, which in its typical incarnation has ten circles that are connected by 22 different paths, is primarily used as a tool for meditation and divination.

Each of the circles represents one aspect of God, or divinity. Therefor, the Sephiroth acts as a sort of roadmap to God.

Really quickly, here's a brief description of the Sephiroth, from top to bottom. Names are Jewish first, then english translation;

Kether - Crown - represents God before creation. God becomes, or perhaps has always been aware of it's own existence, which produces the next Sephirah
Chokmah - Wisdom - considered the male aspect of creation, the seed of potential. When you have wisdom, you usually end up gaining the next Sephiroth
Binah - Understanding - the opposite and balance of Wisdom. The female principle the nourishing and nutritive aspect of creativity, the womb where everything develops after receiving the seed of Chokmah. Together, these first three form the Supernatural triad. God the Father-Mother-Infinite

Chesed - Mercy
Geburah - Severity
Tiphareth - Beauty - I think you can figure out what Mercy and Severity are, beauty ends up being the result and reconciliation of the two. Where mercy would show compassion in any instance, severity would call for harsh retribution and punishment. Beauty results when there is a balance found between the two. Hence the second triad.

Netzach - Victory - creativity, intuition, inspiration. Possible explanation for the name is the feeling of Victory in realizing a creative idea.
Hod - Splendor - analytical, linear, workmanlike skill. Possible explanation for the name is the feeling of Splendor at being able to actually fashion and shape the product of the creative thought.
Yesod - Foundation - Creation and Skill combine to build a Foundation. This then becomes the foundation for the final Sephiroth,

Malkuth - Kingdom - the material world.

The first nine sephirots form three triangles with the sephiroth with the tenth sephirot forming the foundation or base. When meditating upon the sephiroth the Kabbalist can concentrate upon any one of the three images which the triangles are said to represent. The images are analogous to God's relationship to humakind and the world. The first triangle represents in impregnation of the female by the male thus creating the world and child, the second triangle represents the development of the world and child, and the third triangle is the adult person or the finished product of the world.

The triangles also depict the human body: the first triangle is the head, the second is the trunk and arms, the third being the legs and reproductive organs which is based on the analogy of the relation between man and God.

With the help of the sephiroth humankind ascends to God by gaining the meaning of each sephirot one at a time. The accomplishment of ascending from one sephirot to the next is an attainment of knowledge. Making one's way through the sephiroth is exceedingly difficult. Because each sephirot is said to be divided into four sections that run the Four Worlds that compose the cosmos. They are Aziluth, the world of archetypes, from which come all manifestation of forms; Briah, the world of creation, here the archetypal ideas become patterns; Yetzirah, the world of form, here the patterns are expressed; and Assirah, the material world.

Also within the sephirot is the sacred, unknowable and unspeakable name of God: YHVH (Yahweh), or the Tetragrammaron. The Tetragrammaron is so sacred that other names pertaining to God such as Elohim, Adonai and Jehovah are substituted in scripture for it. The letters YHVH correspond to the Four Worlds.

The second description of the sephiroth pictures the world or universe made up of layers, or outer skins such as surrounding an onion. This was generally how the world was viewed from ancient times to the sixteenth century. God was thought to reside in the outer layer, and things closely related to God were within the next outer layers. The most inner layer of this configuration contained the material world. The spiritual soul of humankind descended from the outer layer, or God, to the inner layer, or the material world.

This onion-skin configuration of the world is definitely shared with Gnosticism whose chief teaching was that the divine spirit was entrapped in matter, especially the soul in humankind. It is only through the attainment of knowledge that the spirit can escape its material confinement.

The Kabbalah, which is based on the theory of the soul's descent from and ascent to God, is made up of ten sephirots instead of nine which is due to the influence of the Pythagorean theory. Earth has a separate sphere to itself. Above this the next seven sephirots correspond to the planets, with the top two corres- ponding to the stars and the Prime Mover or God.

Each sephirot is guarded by angels who determinedly try to turn climbers back on their ascent to God. On the bottom sephirots there are plenty sinister intelligences who can easily trapped a soul in ignorance. The Kabbalist hold that some persons can achieve an union with God even before death.

The nine sephirots configured the three triangles in the sephiroth with the tenth forming the base. The triangles may be aligned vertically or horizontally. Each has the male (a positive) and female (a negative) principle with a milder principle between them to create a balance between the two. The male principle is always on the right side or at the top of each triangle while the female principle is always on the left side or at the bottom of the triangle. For instance, the first triangle embodies Kether, Chokmah and Binah.

The three principles with each sephirot are aligned from right to left because Hebrew is written from right to left. Each principle functionally participates according to its characteristics or nature. In general the male principles, sometimes called forces, are characterized as being positive, active, dynamic or thrusting. The female principles are said to be a combination of good traits which are joined with evil or ominous ones which makes the female principle complex. The feminine principle can be both passive and active at times, it can be both passionate and cold, also tender and cruel. The principle residing between each male and female principle is thought to be bisexual, which serves to harmonize the opposites.

For example in the first triangle Chokmah, the male principle, is opposed by Binah, the female principle. These principles are thought of as the Father and Mother respectively. Chokmah, also called the active Wisdom of God, acts upon Binah, the passive Understanding of God. Kether is the harmonizing principle which keeps a balance between the two. But, modern Kabbalists say that it is the thrusting and compliance between these opposing principles which brings about creation.

In the second triangle where the father, mother and child are represented the sephirots are Chesed, Geburah and Tiphareth. Chesed (male) is the kind and merciful father who guides and protects the child. Geburah (female) is the strict, authoritarian mother who tears down what Chesed builds up. The balancing principle in this triangle is Tiphareth. Tiphareth, in the sphere of the sun, is often compared to the sun.

The functions of Tiphareth, that combines the characteristics of both Chesed and Geburah, are frequently compared to those of Nature. Tiphareth can be both the warming sun that gently shines on humankind, beasts and crops; and it can also be the fierce heat which suffocates humankind and kills animals and crops. Christian Kabbalists compare Christ to Tiphareth for Tiphareth is thought of as the son of Kether (God) as being directly descended from it on the Tree. Tiphareth is the life-force which brings forth physical life as Christ is said to give the promise of eternal life. There has been a symbolic association between Christ and the sun since the earliest days of Christianity.

The third triangle represents the child's emergence into adulthood. Its sephirots symbolize the struggle between the forces of animality and mentality. Netzach (male) is said to represent the Endurance and the Victory of God. These traits are thought to stand for the all-enduring drives of Nature which allow humankind to act naturally instead of by contrivance. The opposing sephirot is Hod (female) which contains the good qualities of imagination, inspiration, insight and intutition which the Kabbalists admire; but Hod also had the powers of reason and logic which are distrusted by the Kabbalist. Reasoning is thought to repress humankind's natural abilities.

Yesod is the child fully grown, and the harmonizing sephirot between Netzach and Hod. Sexually mature Yesod is able to produce both sexually and mentally. Also, it is in the sphere of the moon. So within the struggle between Netzach and Hod Yesod bring about the best results.

The results may not be produced by the best assets within a person, because as the moon is the ruler of the night and the light of the darkness, Yesod is the dark depths of personality which often lie hidden but suffice.

Yesod is the potential magic power within oneself bringing together the magician's highest mental abilities and the animal or sexual drive to succeed at what he wishes to accomplish.

Yesod is thought to be the link between Tiphareth (the sun or the life-force) and Malkuth (the earth or the body). Malkuth being the base of the sephiroth or Tree is the Earth. This is appropriate because within Earth are found all things of God. It is therefore the kingdom of God because every principle found with each of the sephirots is found within Earth. All ideas and their contradictions are found on Earth.

Суперкомпьютеры MAGI

Who are the MAGI? / Which Identities of Naoko Akagi are in the MAGI?

"Magi" - так назывались три мудреца с Востока, которые пришли поклониться рождению младенца Иисуса, ведомые звездой к его будущей колыбели (Матвей 2.1-12). Согласно преданиям, их звали Балтазар, Каспер и Мельхиор.

Ещё "Magi" обозначалась должность главного советника у императора Персии, во времена правления Кира и Камбиза.

В 13 эпизоде Рицуко описывает MAGI как три суперкомпьютера, наследующих три ипостаси её матери, доктора Наоко Акаги. Это означает, что логические цепочки каждого компьютера носят спецефический отпечаток, и руководствуются им при вынесении решений.

Согласно RCB :
1. Мельхиор - Учёный
2. Балтазар - Мать
3. Каспер - Женщина

The Magi are the so-called three wise men from the East, who came to worship the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, following a star that pointed to the place where they could find him. (Matthew 2.1-12) Folklore names the three wise men as Balthasar, Casper and Melchior.
In addition, the Magi also held a high advisory position to the Persian Emperor, during the reign of Cyrus and Cambyses.

In episode 13 Ritsuko refers to each of the three MAGI Supercomputers as having an identity of her mother and the creator of the MAGI, Dr. Naoko Akagi. This means that their logic circuits (for want of a better term) follow a prescribed or programmed behaviour, and make decisions according to that behaviour.

According to the RCB:

MAGI Computer - Identity Melchior (1) - Scientist Balthasar (2) - Mother Casper (3) - Woman

Третий Удар (Third Impact)

What is the Third Impact?

Кажется странным, что одни и те же люди (SEELE, NERV) то пытаются предотвратить Третий Удар, уничтожая Ангелов, то наоборот, провоцируют его. Дело тут в том, что с точки зрения Человечества есть два типа Третьего Удара - конструктивный и деструктивный. Название относится к тому, что получит Человечество в результате Удара - продолжение эволюции или вечный покой.

Если верить Каору, то Третий Удар это нечто вроде перезагрузки мира, в которой новый мир будет формироваться личностью, которая инициировала или была использована для инициализации Третьего Удара. Остальные претенденты исчезнут.

"Рецепт" создания Третьего Удара не очень сложен и строг, и допускает вариации. Основным "ингридиентом" является смешение Адама с кем-то из следующего поколения (Ангелы, Люди). В качестве "регулятора" реакции, видимо, используется артифакт "Копьё Лонгинуса" . В "людском" (конструктивном) рецепте используется слияние Адама, Лилит и Человека, где Адам, видимо, даёт энергию для преобразования, Лилит выполняет преобразование, а Человек задаёт желаемую форму для преобразования мира.
"Ангельский" (деструктивный) рецепт видимо проще - судя по всему для него достаточно слияния Ангела со своим предком - Адамом, после чего победившая Ангельская расса остаётся единственной, остальные исчезают.
Обязательным компонентом Третьего Удара было так же победа в борьбе с другой рассой (каждый Ангел является отдельной рассой), причём Человечеству, в лице NERV, эту борьбу пришлось проводить 15 раз.

Сперва Третий Удар понадобился Килу Лоренцу. По "официальной" версии SEELE Третий Удар нужен Человечеству потому, что оно зашло в тупик, и его эволюцию нужно подстегнуть. Впрочем, есть мнение, что Кил Лоренц является той самой легендарной фигурой, известной как Агасфер (Вечный Жид). Согласно легенде, Агасфер прогнал (и, по многим версиям, ударил) Христа, когда тот хотел отдохнуть возлде его дома. За что был проклят бессмертием и скитаниями до последних дней мира. Кил Лоренц разыскал "рецепт конца света" на Свитках Мёртвого Моря, и начал его воплощать, создав сперва для этого тайную организацию SEELE, потом исследовательский институт GEHIRN (занявшийся поиском и изучением компонентов рецепта) позже преобразованый в NERV (занявшийся воплощением плана). Когда стало очевидным, что Гендо Икари саботирует приказы SEELE и играет по какому-то своему плану, Кил Лоренц пытается инициировать удар сам; пусть не под своим контролем но хотя бы чтобы настал конец света, чтобы можно было наконец отдохнуть.

Во вторую очередь Третий Удар понадобился Гендо Икари. Честолюбивый Гендо хотел пробиться к власти, для чего постарался познакомиться с Юи Икари, дочерью важного сановника в SEELE. В конце концов они поженились, Гендо взял фамилию своей жены, а позже был допущен к работе в организации. Активный и талантливый он быстро пробился к главным целям SEELE. После инцидента на Южном Полюсе в его руки попадает управление институтом GEHIRN. <дописать Фуюцки, смерть Юи, план Гендо>

Результатом конструктивного Третьего Удара должно было стать слияние разрознённых душ Человечества в одну Общность, в которой не будет барьеров между личностями; не будет ни боли, ни непонимания, ни смерти. Любви, радости, интереса к познанию вероятно тоже не будет. Незнаю, что больше всего испугало в Слиянии Синдзи - то ли то, что те, кто, как он считал, ненавидит его, будет в результате ненавидеть его вечно, то ли то, что это Слияние здорово смахивает на погибель - но Синдзи прервал процесс, не доведя его до конца. Тут я вижу благотворное влияние Каджи, который открыл Синдзи интерес познания других людей, и Каору, который не видел для себя особой разницы - эволюционировать или умереть, и предоставил этот выбор Синдзи.

В End of Evangelion и в TV-сериях 25-26 утверждается, хотя и немного по разному, что человек - существо социальное. Каждый из нас является личностью благодаря "отражениям" в душах других людей. Не будет этих отражений, не будет и нас самих. И, хотя барьеры между душами людей причиняют иногда боль и страдания, они нужны.

pure energy, and that our souls would exist together in peace, and that we wouldn't feel the loneliness that is a part of being human.
Finally, what is the difference between the Third Impact Seele wants, and the Third Impact Gendou seems to be working towards? In this case, they both want the same thing, except that while Seele wants to just let the Third Impact occur and run its course, Gendou wants to join with Lillith, becoming a sort of god, and then he wants to run the process. This kind of desire, some attribute to the loss of his wife, and that he wants control of the Third Impact in order to ensure that his wife and he are together again.
The third impact relies heavily on the inclusion of Adam. In order to control this, Eva-01 was created. The Eva-05-13 then were used to complete the ten spheres needed to form the Tree Of Life, or the Sephiroth. The Sephiroth is supposed to represent the steps toward God, so by creating this formation, and then sacrificing themselves with copies of the Longinus Spear, the resulting energy caused the Third Impact, in which all humans on earth turned into blazing crosses. Their souls, in the form of red spheres, left their bodies, and their physical form turned into LCL.

In Evangelion, it seems the final goal of everyone involved is the Third Impact. It's confusing that at one point they seem to be trying to stop it, by destroying the angels, and on the other hand, it seems that's the whole reason they built the Evas to begin with.
As best as I can tell, there are two types of Third Impacts.
But why call it the Third Impact? The First Impact (or Giant Impact) is the collision that created the Moon, about 4 billion years ago.. The second impact was when humans first encountered the angel Adam. The story that was told to the world to explain the disaster was that a second meteor had struck the South Pole. Ofcourse this wasn't the truth, but since it was the story given out, the event was dubbed the second impact, the second time a meteor had caused significant damage to the earth. Therfore, the Third Imapact would be the third time the earth suffered damage. In this case it would be different. In this case the event would lead to the evolution of the species, at least, one type of third impact would.
As I said, there seem to be two types of impact. The first is the one the characters are trying to prevent. This impact would have resulted from the energies that would be released if an angel came in contact with Adam. It's never really stated, but I believe that we were meant to stop the angels and initiate our own version of the Third Impact. If we failed to stop the angels, it would prove we were unworthy of evolution, and we would be destroyed.
The second type of Third Impact, what Seele and Gendou refer to as the Human Complementation Project, or, the Instrumentality of Man. In this scenerio, we defeat the angels, and initiate our own Third Impact. By proving ourselves in battle, and in our ability to carry out the Third Impact, we would evolve to beings of pure energy, and that our souls would exist together in peace, and that we wouldn't feel the loneliness that is a part of being human.
Finally, what is the difference between the Third Impact Seele wants, and the Third Impact Gendou seems to be working towards? In this case, they both want the same thing, except that while Seele wants to just let the Third Impact occur and run its course, Gendou wants to join with Lillith, becoming a sort of god, and then he wants to run the process. This kind of desire, some attribute to the loss of his wife, and that he wants control of the Third Impact in order to ensure that his wife and he are together again.
The third impact relies heavily on the inclusion of Adam. In order to control this, Eva-01 was created. The Eva-05-13 then were used to complete the ten spheres needed to form the Tree Of Life, or the Sephiroth. The Sephiroth is supposed to represent the steps toward God, so by creating this formation, and then sacrificing themselves with copies of the Longinus Spear, the resulting energy caused the Third Impact, in which all humans on earth turned into blazing crosses. Their souls, in the form of red spheres, left their bodies, and their physical form turned into LCL.

Цветовой код Ангелов и Евангелионов (Pattern types)

What are the Pattern types?

Персонал NERV использует цветовые коды (спектр) для обозначения разных типов живых обьектов. Другое название - типы крови.

Синий (голубой) - Ангелы
Оранжевый - неизвестно, не обнаружено поле АТ (первый раз замечено при атаке 12го ангела)
Зелёный - отмечен в файлах Детей (пилотов)

NERV staff use different colour codes to differenciate between different types of threats. The codes are also known as blood types.)

Blue- Angel
Orange- Unknown, no AT field detected (first appeared during 12th Angel's attack)

There is a third type, Green, which apparently appears on the Children's files.
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