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Сценарий / Script
"Календарь" событий сериала



DRAWN UP BY: Col. Gregory Lam Version 2.3 4/3/00
CHANGES FROM 2.0: Fixed/updated pre-2015, 2016, Book of Angels, added info
from Red Cross Book.

The objective of this document is to review and examine the timeline of events
leading up to 2016 surrounding the special UN agency NERV, its associated
directives and the appearance of the Angels. This event outline is intended
to clarify facts and explain some of the mysteries for our investigation.

[OOC: In other words, it's a timeline for the anime _Neon Genesis Evangelion_.
It's a rather convoluted show, and I hope this timeline can help explain the
origins of Evas and Angels, as well as the pasts of the major characters.
Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.]

** SPOILER WARNING ***********************************************************
* If you haven't seen up to where the document is, you're in for spoilers. *
* The suspenseful nature of Eva means you are reading at your own risk. *

The First Mutual Compatibility Test. Examinee: Ayanami Rei

Mountain. Heavy are the mountains,
Something that changes through the ages.
Sky. Blue sky. Something visible, something invisible.
Sun. Something unique.
Water. Something agreeable. Commander Ikari.
Flowers. Many of them alike, many of them useless.
Sky. Red, red sky. Red colour. Red colour that I hate.
Water flow. Blood. The smell of blood. A woman that does not bleed.
Made from the red soil are humans.
Made by Man and Woman are humans.
Cities. Something that humans made.
Eva. Something that humans made.
Humans are what? Something that God made.
Humans are things which humans made.
The things I possess are my life and mind.
The vessel of a mind. Entry plug, the throne of a soul.

- The First Child, Episode 14, "Weaving A Story"

Welcome to Neon Genesis Evangelion, ladies and gentlemen.

Late Cretaceous Era, 60 million years ago
Off the coast of present-day Yucatan Peninsula: A large meteorite 100
kilometres in radius strikes Earth, extinguishing almost all life, most
notably the dinosaurs. Other organisms are formed and flourish in their
absence. This catastrophic event is known as First Impact.

Dead Sea, Israel: The fragments of hundreds of documents, encased in glass
bottles, are found in a cave on the shore by young shepherds. These so-called
Dead Sea Scrolls are later examined and translated by scholars worldwide.
Of interest is the War Scroll, a non-biblical Qumran manuscript which
foretells the final apocalyptic battle against good and evil, and may be
the text that the scenario of Seele is based on.

1957 April 9 - Fuyutsuki Kouzou born.
1967 Apr. 27 - Rokubungi Gendou born.
1974 - Kyoko Langley Zeppelin born.
1977 - Ikari Yui born.
1984 June 17 - Ryouji Kaji born.
1985 Nov. 21 - Akagi Ritsuko born.
1986 Dec. 8 - Katsuragi Misato born.

* Events that cannot be specifically placed on this timeline:
Misato's mother divorces Dr. Katsuragi.
The Seele Committee - the top-level executive council who control the United
Nations Committee - is formed, its intent being to supervise various
activities related to artificial evolution. The council is presided by
Chairman Keel Lorenz.

1999 between August and October
Kyoto University, Japan: Professor Fuyutsuki Kouzou, Faculty of Metaphysics,
meets Ikari Yui, a student in bioengineering rumoured to be funded by the
Seele organization.

In addition, he is appointed the advisor to Rokubungi Gendou, after Rokubungi
is released from jail for brawling.

Rokubungi Gendou and Ikari Yui marry in the next two years; Gendou takes Yui's

2000 A.D.
Antarctica: An investigative commission of Seele scientists perform studies
concerning the Human Complementation Project, possibly under Special Command
A17. The project head, Dr. Katsuragi, brings along his 14 year-old daughter,
Misato. Dr. Katsuragi is credited with developing the S2 (super solenoid)
theory, a schematic for an engine with immense power capacity. Ikari Gendou
is also a member of the team.

September 12
Ikari departs the Antarctica research lab. He takes all research
documentation with him.

September 13
Public historical files released in 2002 claim a meteorite struck East
Antarctica, melting the southern polar ice cap and causing a shift in the
planetary axis. The world's sea level rises 60 metres in the ensuing
tsunamis, submerging most coastal cities. Internal UN reports reveal that,
in reality, this was a side effect from reducing the first Angel (humanoid
configuration), Adam, to an embyronic form as dictated by the S2 theory.
This catastrophic event is known as Second Impact.

The only survivor from the NERV expedition is Katsuragi Misato. She suffers
from agnosia for at least two years afterwards.

Nagisa Kaworu is born on this day.

September 20
Tokyo, Japan: The remaining districts of the First Tokyo are destroyed by a
new weapon, the N2(non-nuclear) bomb.
[source: EVA 2nd Impressions, Red Cross Book]

The directives and foundation of the special UN organization Gehirn are
formed. Project EVA, the construction of Tokyo-3 under Hakone, Kanagawa
prefecture, the dummy corporation Marduk Institute, and the Instrumentality of
Man, Adam and Lancea Longini projects follow suit.

The World Health Organization (presumed) reports that half of the world's
population has died. Birth rates will continue to drop in subsequent years,
possibly spelling the extinction of the human race.

June 6 - Ikari Shinji born.
Dec. 4 - Souryuu Asuka Langley Zeppelin born.
Dec. 26 - Suzuhara Touji born.

Construction begins on Second Tokyo in Nagano prefecture.

Hakone, Artificial Evolution Research Laboratory: Prof. Fuyutsuki confronts
Chief Ikari Gendou of Gehirn on evidence that Second Impact was caused by
a mysterious "giant of light" and indirectly caused by Seele. However,
Ikari invites him on a tour of the underground Gehirn facilties, and
convinces him to join Gehirn instead.

Tokyo-2: Construction finalised to the point where capital prerequisites
are met. It will become the future site of UN military installations as
well as NERV underground facilities at Matsushiro, including MAGI-2.

Tokyo-3: The Third New Tokyo City, Magi, and Evangelion Unit Zero are under
construction. Tokyo-3 is build in a pre-existing, partially excavated
spherical cavity.

Hakone, Second Underground Experiment Installation (later the Terminal Dogma
Evangelion graveyard): Ikari Yui dies when an experiment backfires, and Ikari
Gendo is suspected of murder. Her son Shinji is present. It has been
conjectured that her body dissolved into an Eva unit. It may have even been
by her will. The charges are later dropped, and Commander Ikari leaves son
Shinji in the care of his tutors.

One week later
Ikari Gendou starts the Instrumentality of Man/Human Complementation Project.
First known instance of a relationship between Ikari and Dr. Akagi.

* Event that cannot be specifically placed on this timeline:
The Souryuu family moves to Germany.

University of 2nd Tokyo: Akagi Ritsuko meets Katsuragi Misato on campus.
Misato meets Ryouji Kaji, and they become romantically involved.

Tokyo-3: Construction of surface installations commence, as part of the
second capital transfer directive.

Dr. Akagi Naoko attempts a soul reclamation experiment, possibly to retrieve
Ikari Yui. The experiment fails. The events surrounding this experiment
are unknown at this time.

Souryuu Kyoko Langley Zeppelin, a researcher at Gehirn, becomes mentally
unstable after a "contact" experiment, in what is documented as "E Incident".
She later commits suicide by asphysiation, with Asuka bearing witness.
Asuka's father later remarries a doctor assigned to Souryuu's care. It is
conjectured that Langley's soul was absorbed, like Ikari Yui, into Unit 02.

Dozens of other Evangelion units are constructed in subsequent years.
Only a few prototypes survive.

The United Nations completes its five-year move of its main headquarters from
New York City, USA to Tokyo-2, Japan.

Tokyo-3: Dr. Akagi Ritsuko reports for duty as a member of 'Project E' at
Gehirn Technology Development.

Last time Kaji and Misato see each other until 0:4. They severe their

Gehirn Third Branch, Germany: Colonel Katsuragi Misato reports for duty.

Tokyo-3: Child Ayanami Rei is introduced.

Dr. Akagi Naoko completes the three Magi supercomputers - Caspar, Melchior and
Bathalzar. The Magi employ her personality imprints, and operate under pure
democratic fundamentals. Magi is the first system to utilize the personality
transfer OS, an advanced AI system for 7th generation organic computers.

The same night
Dr. Akagi Naoko strangles and kills Rei, and commits suicide.

Seele dissolves the research organization Gehirn, and forms the organization
NERV in its place to properly execute the Human Complementation Project. All
facilities and staff are transferred to NERV.

Dr. Akagi Ritsuko reports for duty as head of 'Project E' at NERV Technical.
She performs the system bootup of Magi. She later also establishes a
relationship with Cmdr. Ikari.

Last time Shinji sees his father Cmdr. Ikari until 0:1.

Tokyo-3, Japan: The artificial lifeform Evangelion Unit 00 Prototype (orange
cyclops /w white highlights) is completed. The First Child, Ayanami Rei, is
designated its exclusive pilot. Her personal records are erased upon serving
at NERV. She performs synchronization exercises with Unit 00 for the next
seven months.

Evangelion Unit 01 Experimental Test Type (purple /w green highlights)
is completed. The search for pilot candidates begins.

Souryuu Asuka graduates from university.

Sometime between June and August
One day previous 0:1
Unit 00 activation test in Experiment Station-02 at Matsushiro, Tokyo-2.
EVA-00 goes beserk, damaging the holding chamber. The entry plug
spontaneously ejects when attempts are made to restore control. The First
Child is hospitalized for psychological contamination and serious injuries,
while Commander Ikari is treated for severe burns on his hands, received when
he manually opened the entry plug hatch. Unit Zero is returned to cryostasis.

The findings of the inquiry into this incident were never published; however,
interim reports suggest the cause was due to mental unstability of the pilot.

Captain Katsuragi reports for duty as Operations Planning Manager at NERV
Strategic. The Marduk Institute identifies Ikari Shinji as the Third Child.

Genesis 0:1

The third Angel (humanoid configuration), designated Sachiel, appears,
moving underwater from Tokyo Bay. Weapons of UN ground and aerial forces
prove to be ineffective against the target, which employs an inpenetrable
Absolute Terror(AT) field. Effective rate of interception by the Tokyo-3
camouflaged fortress city is 7.5%.

At 2400 hours, the Third Child arrives in the NERV geofront facility. The
Third Child is able to synchronize with Unit 01, without training, at 41.3%.
Eva Unit 01 sorties for the first time.

An initial attack with the target fails, with Eva going silent, and all
circuits cut. However, Unit 01 reactivates and, generating an AT field of
its own, neutralizes the Angel's AT field. After engaging the target in
close combat, the Angel self-destructs.

Intercept installation experiences slight damage. Eva Unit One experiences
middle scale damage to its cranial component. Less than 2% of the Angel's
total body mass remains, found adhered to Unit 01. The Third Child is
hospitalized at 1st Cranial and released on the same day.

NERV Public Relations orders Scenario D-22 to restrict public knowledge
concerning Angels and NERV interception facilities. Casualties from this
battle are also not made public; however, it is known that the 6 year old
sister of Suzuhara Touji suffered critical injuries.

The Third Child transfers to Tokyo-3 Public 1st Junior High School,
Class A, Year 2, and resides with Captain Katsuragi. As discovered in 0:9,
the students of Class 2-A are all possible Eva pilot candidates, grouped
together for their protection.

Three weeks after 0:1
Genesis 0:2

The fourth Angel (nematode), Shamusiel, appears, also moving underwater
from Tokyo Bay. First use of automatic palette rifle and progressive knife in
combat by EVA-01. Even though the target severed the power cord of Eva, the
pilot disobeys orders to retreat and is able to annihilate Shamusiel with its
prog-knife before operation halt. More importantly, NERV is able to obtain
an intact Angel sample for study.

The performance ratio of the surface-to-air intercept system is recorded
as 48.2%. The operational ratio of the Tokyo-3 battle formation is recorded
as 96.8%. Current inventory of N2 ordnance is 999 warheads.

The classmates of the Third Child, Suzuhara Touji and Aida Kensuke, are
detained for leaving the shelter. They are released after three days.

Five days after Angel attack
The Third Child runs away.

Seven days after Angel attack
NERV intelligence agents locate the Third Child and take him into custody.
The Third Child requests to be discharged from NERV, but later recants.

** Note: In 0:3, they state the Unit 00 accident happened 22 days ago. In
0:1 Ikari states Rei will be able to move in 20 days. Misato states in 0:2
that Shamusiel appeared three weeks after Sachiel. There is obviously a
time error here. **

20 days after 0:1
Genesis 0:3

Analyses of the Angel are completed. Angels are found to be composed of
particles and waves, much like light. No working mechanisms are observed.
Angel wave patterns are found to be 99.89% similar to human DNA patterns.
The final report on this matter is never published.

1400 hours
Second Unit 00 activation test. EVA-00 activates successfully, however,
a feedback error remains.

The fifth Angel (diamond), Ramiel, appears. The Angel utilizes a particle
accelerator beam to attack Unit 01, melting its chest region to its third
armour layer. Unit 01 is retrieved, and the pilot resuscitated.

Meanwhile, the target invades NERV HQ directly with a drill shield. For
defence, Ramiel uses an AT field strong enough to be visible through its
phaseshift space.

1500 hours
Capt. Katsuragi's gambit, Operation Yashima, is approved. According to the
operation plan, Unit 01 is to penetrate the target's AT field with a focused
long distance, high-energy 180 GW beam from a prototype automatic positron
cannon on loan from the Strategic Self-Defence Force(SSDF). Power for the
rifle is to be siphoned from the entire national grid. Unit 00 is to defend
Unit 01 with a shield made from a Single Stage To Orbit(SSTO) rocket casing.
The optimum sniping position is determined to be the base of Mt. Futagoyama.

1700 hours
Repairs to the chest components of Unit One are completed. The Third Child
regains consciousness.

1805 hours
First simultaneous sortie of two Eva units. EVA-00 and EVA-01 proceed to the
emergency power installation at Mt. Futagoyama. Unit Zero is launched

2330 hours
The facility at Futagoyama is completed. The nation-wide blackout begins,
with all Japanese power rerouted to the positron converger.

2400 hours
Operation begins. Ramiel's shield penetrates all 22 armoured layers on the
geofront. After a second shot, the Angel is annihilated. Intercept
installation experiences wide-scale damage. Eva Unit Zero experiences
irreparable damage to its bio-chest armour.

Genesis 0:4

Cmdr. Ikari attends an UN conference. The council approves the draft
budget and the construction of Evangelion Unit 06.

One day later
Jet Alone, a humanoid fighting machine equipped with an onboard nuclear
reactor, is proposed as an alternative weapon against Angels by a corporate
interest group, the Nippon Heavy Industry Solidarity. The project and the
sole prototype is later scrapped, due to an incident in Tokyo-2 which
highlighted safety concerns over its power source. First use of F-type wing
equipment by EVA-01 to stop out-of-control JA prototype. There is
speculation that the incident was orchestrated by NERV.

NERV Third Branch, Germany: Evangelion Unit 02 Production Model (red
quadclops /w orange highlights) is completed. The Second Child, Souryuu
Asuka Langley, is designated its exclusive pilot.

Equipped with B-type equipment, Unit 02 is transported by sea from
Wilhelmshaven, Germany to Sasebo, Japan. Authority is turned over to the
Pacific Fleet at Sasebo, who escort the transport to its final destination of
Shin Yokosuka. Unit 02 is accompanied by the Second Child and Ryouji Kaji.

One day later
The sixth Angel (whale), Gaghiel, intercepts the convoy in the submerged
Old Ito region. The Second and Third Children activate Eva Unit Two, and
engage in underwater combat with the target. By detonating two destroyers
within the body cavity of the Angel, the target is annihilated. Damage was
light; only one third of the UN Pacific fleet was wiped out in this attack.

The Adam specimen, the first artificial human encased in durabakelite,
arrives at NERV. It is delivered by Mr. Ryouji.

One day later
The Second Child transfers to Tokyo-3 Public 1st Junior High School,
Class A, Year 2.

Genesis 0:5

Mr. Ryouji transfers to NERV Inspection.
26% of the Tokyo-3 battle formation is rebuilt from Ramiel's attack.

Cruiser patrols off Kii Peninsula detect the seventh Angel (humanoid),
Israfel, approaching Tokyo-3. EVA-02, equipped with a progressive lance,
makes its official combat debut alongside EVA-01. Unit Two initially
nullifies the target, however, Israfel is able to separate into two distinct
targets, and at 1058 hours the Eva units are defeated.

At 1105 hours, the operation is turned over to the UN Second Force, who
bombard the target with N2 bombs, destroying 28% of the now recombined Angel,
immobilizing it.

The Second Child is moved to the Katsuragi residence to undergo sychronization
training with the Third Child.

6 days later - August 11
Israfel restores itself to full health and resumes its approach on NERV.
The Eva units launch - without external power cords to increase mobility -
and destroy the Angel with a synchronized dual-point heavy assault. The
entire operation lasts 62 seconds.

The Asamayama Earthquake Research Institute notifies NERV concerning an
anomaly within the crater of Mt. Asamayama.

Six hours later
An Angel embryo is detected 1300 metres below the surface of Asamayama. NERV
orders Special Command A-17 in its efforts to retrieve the live Angel for

Eva Unit Two performs the pre-emptive strike with D-type equipment for added
heat, pressure and radiation protection. Visual contact is made with the
embryo at 1780 metres. The embryo is scavenged with an electromagnetic cage.

However, the eighth Angel (manta), Sandalphon, hatches. The objective was
changed to Angel annihilation. The Angel proves to be highly heat and
pressure resistant, however, EVA-02 eradicates the Angel via thermal
contraction by introducing liquid coolant into its body. Unit 02 experiences
heavy damage to the Type D equipment, but Unit 01 is able to rescue Unit 02
from the crater.

Genesis 0:6

Upgrades and repairs to EVA-00 are completed. Unit 00 (blue /w white
highlights) returns to active service.

1030 hours
Second experiment on extending the activation time of Unit 00 takes place.
Little progress is made.

All Tokyo-3 power feeds (main, sub, standby) are inexplicably shut down.
Examination reveals sabotage in the circuit breakers. All remaining power is
rerouted to Magi and Central Dogma.

At this time, Fuchu UN Headquarters detect the arrival of the ninth Angel
(spider), Matarael. The Eva units are manually prepared for launch and
activated under internal batteries.

Matarael attempts to invade NERV headquarters by discharging a highly
corrosive solvent into the geofront. However, in the first simultaneous
sortie of all three Eva units, the target is annihilated. The saboteur is
never found. (In retrospect, however, we can assume the prime suspect is Mr.
Ryouji.) The motive seems to be to hypothesize the structure of NERV HQ
from its recovery procedures.

Captain Katsuragi is promoted to the rank of Major.

Commander Ikari and Subcommander Fuyutsuki embark on an environmental
assessment survey of Antarctica. Major Katsuragi is given command of NERV HQ.

Routine Eva harmonics test. The Third Child makes an eight point
harmonics improvement.

The tenth Angel (bomber), Sahaquiel, is detected in the stratosphere
above the Indian Ocean. Sahaquiel uses EMF jamming to block sensors and
wireless communications. It is predicted the target will use itself and its
AT field in an orbital freefall to crush NERV Headquarters. Special Command
D17 is initiated to evacuate all noncombatants and Class D personnel from the

Major Katsuragi proposes to use all three Evas to catch the Angel with their
AT fields at maximum. Angel trajectory is to be estimated by visual
observation and Magi's calculations only. The operation is carried out
successfully. Unit 01 experiences slight damage.

Three days previous 0:7
Contruction parts are delivered to be incorporated into B Wing, Sigma Unit.

Genesis 0:7

Apotheosis operation of the Eva units.

The attack of the 11th Angel (nanites), Ireul, is currently not being
acknowledged by NERV. There is reason to believe that an Angel infiltrated
the NERV compound via Sigma Unit, A Floor, seized control over the Magi
supercomputers and Central Dogma and attempted to activate the self-destruct
command before being stopped by a viral subroutine written by Dr. Akagi.

First mutual compatibility tests begin. The First Child synchronizes
with Eva Unit One at an error of 0.03, due to shared personal patterns between
00 and 01. The dummy plug project commences. A second mutual compatibility
test between the Third Child and Eva Unit Zero results in EVA-00 going beserk.
The Third Child is examined for mental injuries and later released.

Genesis 0:8

Mr. Ryouji most likely covertly gives Dr. Akagi a datachip at a wedding

NERV uncovers Mr. Ryouji as an informant for the Japan Ministry of the
Interior. He is retained, but loses his position on the battle shift.

The upper body of the Adam being (first Angel) has regrown in Terminal Dogma,
LCL (Link Connect Liquid) Main Production Plant.

Routine Eva B-type harmonics test. The Third Child's synchronization
ratio exceeds that of the Second Child.

The twelfth Angel (Dirac's Sea), Leliel, suddenly appears above the city.
Three Evas sortie to intercept the target. First use of the smashhook (axe)
by Unit 02 and the semi-automatic revolver by Unit 01. EVA-01 engages the
target prematurely, and Eva is sunk into the Angel's shadow. EVA-00 and
EVA-02 withdraw as Leliel's sphere expands to 300m in radius. Unit 01's
umbilical cable is reeled in, but the head of the plug is missing. The UN
Force forms a siege formation against the Angel.

12 hours after Angel attack
NERV Technical finishes its analysis. The Angel is in fact a shadow
340m in radius and 3nm in thickness consisting of a Dirac's Sea enclosed in
an inverted AT field. The visible, aerial sphere portion is the Angel's true
shadow. Dr. Akagi proposes using 992 N2 devices along with the AT fields of
the two Evas to perform a forced salvage of Eva Unit One. The time of the
operation is set for in four hours.

16 hours after Angel attack - one day later
Theoretical limit of the Eva entry plug in life-support mode is reached.
Eva's energy level is zero.

Unit 01 spontaneously tears itself from the Angel's sphere, annihilating the
Angel in the process. Eva and the Third Child are scavenged.

Genesis 0:9

Seele holds a tribunal regarding the twelfth Angel. It is suspected
the Angel contacted the pilot and attempted to possess Eva, but there is no
physical evidence.

NERV Second Branch, Nevada USA: During the installation of the experimental
S2 engine onto Evangelion Unit 04 (white), the manufacturing facility
vanishes, along with EVA-04 and all personnel. The cause is unknown.

NERV First Branch, USA: Evangelion Unit 03 (dark brown /w extendable arms)
is completed, and is shipped via F-wing to NERV HQ in the next three days.
The Marduk Institute identifies Suzuhara Touji as the Fourth Child.

The seventh and final geofront section of Tokyo-3 is completed.
Routine Eva harmonics test. The Third Child synchro rate declines.

Four days after Marduk report
Unit 03 undergoes activation at Experiment Station-02 in Mt. Matsushiro.
A power surge occurs, and the installation is destroyed.

Unit 03 is recognized as being possessed by the thirteenth Angel (EVA-03),
Bardiel. The three Evas set up a counterattack position at Nobeyama. EVA-03
defeats Unit 02 and attempts to possess Unit 00. The Third Child refuses to
engage the Angel.

Debut of the dummy plug, programmed with the First Child's combat basics,
onboard EVA-01. The Angel is annihilated.

Unit 00 has its left arm amputated due to the Angel possession. Major
Katsuragi and Dr. Akagi survive the Matsushiro explosion with moderate
injuries. The Fourth Child is recovered from the entry plug wreckage with
serious injuries.

Genesis 0:10

Reacting to the attack, the Third Child threatens to destroy NERV HQ.
He is rendered unconscious, and is removed from EVA-01 by force.

One day after Angel attack
Unit 01 undergoes cleaning and sterilization to remove adhering EVA-03/
Angel biological components.

Three days after Angel attack
The Fourth Child recovers consciousness, and is expected to make a full
recovery, although his left leg is apparently amputated. The Third Child is
brought before Cmdr. Ikari on counts of disobeying orders, uttering a threat
and selfish possession of Eva. The Third Child requests to be discharged
from the Eva project, and departs the next day. The First Child is designated
the primary pilot of Unit 01, with the dummy plug serving as backup.

Four days after Angel attack
The fourteenth Angel (humanoid), Zeruel, appears. Using brute might,
the Angel is able to quickly penetrate all 22 armoured layers protecting
Tokyo-3. Unit 02 is launched to counterattack on the geofront level. EVA-02
is decapitated and silenced by the target. EVA-01 refuses to activate under
the First Child or the dummy plug. EVA-00 sorties, sans left arm, in a failed
attempt to destroy the target with a N2 explosive. The Angel continues its
descent to Central Dogma, Control Centre-01.

The Third Child returns to NERV HQ, and engages the target with Unit 01,
sans external power cord. The initial attack fails after EVA-01 depletes
its internal power reserves, however, Eva restarts and the Angel is

The Third Child achieves 400% synchronization with EVA-01; his body dissolves
into the LCL fluid. Eva Unit One ingests the S2 organ from the deceased
target and breaks its bindings.

Units 00 and 02 experiences excessive damages beyond the Henflict limit. Unit
Zero is missing the left arm, and Unit 02 is missing both arm and cranial
components. Central Dogma is exposed, and NERV installation structures are
partially demolished.

One day after Angel attack
Magi and staff are transferred to the auxiliary Control Centre-02.

The "awakened" artificial lifeform Unit 01 is bound in its cage and
placed into cryostasis until further orders from Seele. With the S2 unit
in place, Unit 01 no longer requires external power to function.

Two days after Angel attack
The First Child regains consciousness in hospital care.

31 days after Angel attack
The salvage operation, or soul reclamation experiment, of the pilot of
Unit 01 commences. The rescue operation fails. However, the entry plug of
Unit 01 inexplicably opens. The Third Child returns to a coporeal state and
is rescued.

35 days after Angel attack
Repairs on Unit 01 are completed. Mr. Ryouji covertly gives Major Katsuragi
a data chip.

Genesis 0:11

Subcmdr Fuyutsuki is kidnapped from Hachiban and interrogated by the Seele
committee. Mr. Ryouji is the prime suspect, and Major Katsuragi is detained.
Mr. Ryouji later releases Fuyutsuki, but is then shot and killed by an
unknown assailant.

Seele begins the mass production of the Eva series, constructing
Evangelion Units 05 through 13 in seven classified locations in the world.

The Second Child's synchro rate drops over twelve points. Contingency
plans are made to replace the pilot of Unit 02.

One day later
Unit 02 is fully repaired. Unit 00 is in satisfactory condition. The
fifteenth Angel (glowing wings), Arael, appears in high orbit. Out of range
of the Eva's AT fields, Arael employs a psychic attack consisting of an energy
wave along the visible wavelength against the Second Child. First use of
positronic rifle by EVA-02. Second use of positron converger by EVA-00.
EVA-02 shuts down, as life support begins to fail. Unit Zero is ordered to
remove Lancea Longini (The Spear of Longinus) from Adam in Terminal Dogma.
The Angel is annihilated by the thrown spear.

The lance becomes irretrievable in space, adrift in lunar orbit. The Second
Child is placed in quarantine.

Genesis 0:12

One day later
Seele holds a tribunal with Cmdr. Ikari concerning the loss of Longinus.

The sixteenth Angel (double-helical ring), Almisael, appears over Oowakudani
Valley. Unit Zero is launched to intercept, with Unit Two serving as a decoy.
The Angel is found to alternate between patterns Orange and Blue.

The Angel changes form into a single thread and penetrates EVA-00, attempting
to contact the First Child and possess Eva. The synchro rate of the Second
Child enters below 10% and is unable to assist; EVA-02 is retrieved.

The freeze on Eva Unit One is cancelled on orders of Commander Ikari. EVA-01
sorties to rescue EVA-00. However, the First Child executes self-destruct,
collapsing the power core of Eva Unit Zero. Both Eva and Angel are annihilated.

The resulting explosion destroys much of the surface city. Mass evacuations

One day after Angel attack
The third incarnation of Ayanami Rei appears at NERV First Cranial hospital
ward. The Seele committee holds another tribunal; Dr. Akagi is sent as the
deputy of the First Child.

Major Katsuragi retrieves the microchip given by Mr. Ryouji in 0:10. Katsuragi
rendezvous with Dr. Akagi and the Third Child at Terminal Dogma. Dr. Akagi
destroys the clones of Rei which serve as cores for the Eva dummy plug.

Dr. Akagi is imprisoned for destruction of the dummy plug system.

The synchro rate of the Second Child reaches zero point, resulting in
her discharge from active service. The Fifth Child, Nagisa Kaworu, is
designated the exclusive pilot of Evangelion Unit 02. The Second Child runs

One week later
NERV Intelligence relocates the Second Child and take her into custody.
The Fifth Child is delivered by Seele on this date. All his personal data
are erased upon serving at NERV.

Eva harmonics test. The Fifth Child synchronizes with Unit 02 still with
the personal configuration of the Second Child, and yet achieves the highest
synchro ratio of all three pilots. An investigation later reveals the Fifth
Child can attain any synchro ratio at will.

The Fifth Child befriends the Third Child.

One day after test
The seventeenth Angel (Fifth Child), Tabris, activates Unit Two remotely and
proceeds to Terminal Dogma via the linear carriage. Unit 01 is launched to
pursue. EVA-01 accepts battle with the possessed EVA-02 at the fourth level.

Two very strong AT fields are generated consecutively at Terminal Dogma /
Heaven's Door. The First Child is present beyond Heaven's Door. Tabris is
unable to contact the Adam being and initiate Third Impact; the creature is
in fact Lilith.

Unit 01 disables Unit 02 by prog knife. The Angel surrenders, and is crushed
by the hand of EVA-01.


* Event that cannot be specifically placed on this timeline:
Commander Ikari has the Adam embryo implanted in his left palm.

Apocalypse. The events of Genesis 0:13, _Death and Rebirth_, _End of
Evangelion_ (Air/My Pure Heart for You), _True_ and _Revival_.


Headquarters remains at First Stage Alert; access in and out of NERV
is locked down.

Seele decides to carry out the Instrumentality of Man Project. These
details are known: the project is intended to artificially evolve humankind
to a higher form, a singular non-corporeal being. The catalyst is decided
to be Evangelion Unit One, as opposed to Adam, in an event known as Third
Impact. However, the committee believes this must be accomplished by
obliterating all life on earth; Cmdr. Ikari and Subcmdr. Fuyutsuki disagree.

The objective of Tokyo-3 and E Project is to prevent the Angels
from obtaining Adam to perform Third Impact and receive its benefits for
themselves. A Third Impact caused by a non-human party would destroy
humanity, or at least disadvantage it.

The United Nations executive offices at Tokyo-2 initiate Order A-801,
dissolving all legal protection for the NERV agency and transferring
command of the organization to the Japanese government. The order becomes
in effect immediately.

This order comes as a result from Seele supplying misinformation
indicating NERV was intent on bringing about Third Impact and eradicating
all life. The committee's objectives are to seize the MAGI system and
Evangelion Unit One, intact.

MAGI at NERV Headquarters is attacked from five MAGI-type systems from
USA, Germany, China and elsewhere. Network access becomes locked down.
Dr. Akagi is taken from solitary confinement to assist Lt. Ibuki Maya on
MAGI's autonomous defence. She designs and deploys Protector 666, a series
of Model B-Danan firewalls able to withstand any further intrusions for
sixty-two hours.

In response, Seele withdraws all electronic attacks, and commences
with a physical, hostile takeover of headquarters with approximately a
full division of the Japanese Strategic Self-Defence Force (JSSDF).

Lilim, the eighteenth Angel (humans), begins its strike.
Gora Defence Line and Dogma Layer One fall almost immediately. Troops
are given orders to execute the Children, and slaughter any personnel
they encounter. It should be noted that NERV HQ was designed to defend
against Angels, not ground troops and batallions.

Medication of the Second Child is discontinued, and she is
transferred, still in a catatonic state, into Unit 02. EVA-02 is taken
to the geofront subterranean lake and sunk to a depth of 70 fathoms.

Major Katsuragi orders the top three layers to be flooded with
bakelite to slow down the invasion. Troops locate the Third Child;
however, Katsuragi is able to neutralize them. Elsewhere, troops have
secured EVA-01 in Cage Seven. The Third Child has sunken into a state
of depression, unwilling to board Eva.

Cmdr. Ikari places Fuyutsuki in command, and rendezvous with the
First Child at Terminal Dogma.

The JSSDF commences with airstrikes using N2 mines. Dogma Layer
Three becomes in their possession. Battalions locate Unit 02 and begin
bombarding the unit with N2 depth charges.

However, the Second Child regresses, and Evangelion Unit Two starts.
Unit 02 disposes of all aggressors within its vicinity, despite having its
power cable severed.

In response, Seele sorties Evangelion Units 05 through 13 by F-Wing
and position them within the geofront. The Eva series (white) are equipped
with wings, S2 engines and Longinus spear facsimilies and run via dummy plug,
programmed with the late Fifth Child's combat basics.

Major Katsuragi is able to transport the Third Child to Emergency
Route 20. She is fatally wounded by enemy gunfire. The Third Child is
able to reach Cage 7, but hesitates to board Unit 01.

Meanwhile, Dr. Akagi has intercepted Cmdr. Ikari and the First Child,
intent on activating MAGI's self-destruct sequence. However, Caspar rejects
the sequence, and Dr. Akagi is shot and killed by Cmdr. Ikari.

With roughly three minutes of operating time remaining, Unit 02 begins
annihilating the Eva series. First use of shoulder-mounted spike launcher
by EVA-02. The attack proceeds fairly successfully; however, the final
surviving Eva is able to shoot its Longinus spear into EVA-02's left eye.
It should be noted that, while the Lance facsimiles do not possess the
destiny-invoking power of the original, they are able to penetrate AT fields.

With Unit 02's internal power at zero, all nine Evas revive and proceed
to consume Eva. Before Unit Two is able to go berserk and restart,
Evangelion Unit 02 is impaled by nine Longinus weapons, and both Eva and
its pilot are terminated.

The Third Child boards EVA-01, and sorties.


Unit 01 summons the Spear of Longinus from the moon, returning it to
Earth. The Eva series seize Unit 01, ascending with the unit, carving
stigmata onto it. In an event called the Red Earth Purification Ceremony,
the spherical cavity housing NERV and the geofront becomes Lilith's egg,
the Black Moon, and ascends with the Evas.

At Heaven's Door, Terminal Dogma, Cmdr. Ikari, possessing the Adam
embryo, attempts to merge with the First Child, a product of Lilith and
the DNA of Ikari Yui. However, the First Child rejects him, and proceeds
to merge with Lilith on her own. Lilith fully forms, mimics the
appearance of the First Child, generates an AT field, and ascends to
intercept the Eva flight pattern.

Lilith assimilates with Unit 01, forming the World Tree. The Eva
formation plus Lilith's egg ascends to over 220,000 kilometres in

Assembling into the pattern of the Sephiroticum, Eva series
engage S2 engines to their critical limits, generating a massive anti-AT
field that dissolves all life on Earth into non-corporeal forms.
Together they form a sea of LCL fluid; its consistency is of primordial soup.
The souls of the world are placed in the Black Moon. This is known as "the
opening of the Room of Gaf". The Eva series annihilate themselves via their
Longinus weapons.

At this point, it is unclear what happens. It is conjecture on to
whether the preceding events were orchestrated by Seele, or by the choices
of the Third Child only. It is also unclear whether it was the scenario
dictated by Seele, or the one offered by NERV concerning the Third Impact,
was executed.

What is known of Third Impact is that the Third Child chose to retain
the human race as individual beings, and arrest the evolutionary process.
By this choice, the Third Child regains consciousness on Earth alongside
the Second Child. Lilith disintegrates. Unit 01 remains eternally adrift
in space.

Whether the rest of humanity was/will be restored along with these two
individuals or remain as LCL fluid remains in debate.


Classification: Possible, rejected evolutions of Man
Purpose: To merge with Adam, culminating in Third Impact

Encountered Metaspecies:
[unknown, Lilith? Eva?]
Sachiel, the Angel of Darkness
Shamusiel, the Angel of Water
Ramiel, the Angel of Thunder
Gaghiel, the Angel of Fishes
Israfel, the Angel of Music
Sandalphon, the Angel of Embryos
Matarael, the Angel of Rain
Sahaquiel, the Angel of Sky
Ireul, the Angel of Fear
Leliel, the Angel of Conception
Bardiel, the Angel of Hail
Zeruel, the Angel of Might
Arael, the Angel of Birds
Almisael, the Angel of the Womb
Tabris, the Angel of Free Will
Lilim, the species known as Humanity


This e-document is copyrighted by Gregory Lam, 2000. All rights are
reserved. You are allowed to transfer it either electronically or via hard
copy under the condition you do not charge for it, aside from online charges
or the cost of paper. Plagarism will be fought with the full extent of Sailor
Jupiter's Supreme Thunder Dragon (Hey, I spent a long time on this!).
NEON GENESIS EVANGELION(tm) and all other copyrights and names are the
registered trademarks of GAINAX / Project Eva, TXV, NAS / Hideaki Anno.


Cult of Serenity HQ -
Anime Literary Source -

Было, есть или будет ли продолжение сериала Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Is there, or will there be in the future, a sequel to Evangelion?

Продолжение Евангелиона

The Reprise of Evangelion

   В апреле 2001 года появился постер (плакат) продолжения Евангелиона - The Reprise of Evangelion. Это вызвало значительный ажиотаж в среде поклонников сериала. К сожалению, это оказалось первоапрельской шуткой, и автор постера сказал, что не думал, что его рисунок воспримут всерьёз. К тому моменту, как появилось покаяние самого автора постера, из первоапрельской шутки идея развилась до сценария фильма с довольно подробным описанием сюжета (разнящегося от форума к форуму). Все сходились на том, что с момента окончания сериала прошло 5 лет и Синдзи с Аской поженились.
P.S. Голову бы оторвать таким обломистам...

Продолжения не будет, но...

Конечно, нельзя категорично заявить, что продолжения Neon Genesis Evangelion не будет, но похоже это так.
Когда об этом спросили, продюсер ответил, что Конец Евангелиона (The End of Evangelion) это он самый и есть - конец. Автор/режиссёр Хидеаки Анно всё больше отдаляется от индустрии аниме, занимаясь "живыми" фильмами, такими как его фильмы Love & Pop (Любовь и Попса) и Shiki-Jitsu (Церемониальный День). Помошник режиссёра, который так же был редактором сценария Air (End of Evangelion), выразил своё облегчение тем что наконецто отснят фильм, и что он переключается с Евангелиона к другим вещам.

... возможно будет ремейк

В середине 2003 года компания Weta Workshop (известная по "оскарам" за эффекты во "Властелине Колец") на полном серьёзе обьявила о своей заинтересованости в пересъёмке End of Evangelion. По некоторым сведениям, Хидеаки Анно был заинтересован неординарностью подходов западных коллег и дал "добро" на эту попытку. Ниже вы можете познакомиться с некоторыми зарисовками-концепциями которые представила Weta Workshop общественности. Как вы можете догадаться, история будет перемалёвана на американский манер. На данный момент (осень 2004 года) компания от идеи не отказалась, и до сих пор занимается поиском режиссёра для фильма. Больше информации о проекте можно узнать на сайте (новое окно).

Если вам интересно, можете посмотреть другие эскизы Weta Workshop.
Есть так же презентационный ролик (RealVideo, 5:41, 14 Mb)
(красивая озвучка это похоже главная тема "Ghost in The Shell" трек Making of a Cyborg
p.s. "то-о-ками-эми-тами" - да благослови тебя бог)

Of course, it is impossible to state categorically that there will never be a new series for Neon Genesis Evangelion, but at the current time this is highly unlikely. When asked, the producer of Evangelion said that the film, The End of Evangelion, is just that - the end. Writer/Director Hideaki Anno appears to be distancing himself from the anime industry, focusing more on live-action filmmaking, such as his his movies Love & Pop and Shiki-Jitsu (Ceremonial Day). The Assistant Director, Anno's right hand man who also directed Anno's script for Air, expressed relief over finally finishing the series with the film - that he was glad to be moving on from Evangelion.

However, it is possible that remake will be done. Other company, Weta Workshop, known of special effects for Brotherhood of Ring, stated itself interrested in making high-budget live movie, based on first half of Evangelion.

The fresh information may be obtained here: (new window)

[Part of this text, or text in whole, taken without permission from]

Сколько есть вариантов "Евангелион:Смерть (Death)"? Из чего оно состоит?

How many versions of DEATH are there? / What is the structure of "Death"?

There are three separate edits of Death. The original is the one that was included in the theatrical release of Evangelion:DEATH & REBIRTH The second, DEATH(true), was the version included in the WoWoW Satellite TV Channel (Japan) showing of DEATH & REBIRTH. This edit removed most of the Director's Cut scenes that were to be used in the home video release. The third version is DEATH(true)^2. This is the edit what was included in the theater re-release of the Eva films, Revival of Evangelion. It is the same as DEATH(true) except for the addition of the image of the Adam embryo in Gendo's hand, as well as a few other smaller cuts.


the structure of "Death"?

DEATH the movie can be divided into five parts, with four interludes. The four interludes combine to form the "quartet" section.

1. The prelude (2nd Impact and Misato, Asuka's first appearance, Shinji's first appearance, Kaworu's death)
a. Opening title, first part of "quartet" - Shinji
2. Shinji's section
b. second part of "quartet" - Asuka
3. Asuka's section
c. third part of "quartet" - Rei
4. Rei's and Yui's section (ReiII, Yui, ReiI, ReiIII, Rei dummy system)
d. fourth part of "quartet" - Kaworu
5. Touji's Kaji's Asuka's Kaworu's section, Kaworu's death again, ending.

I will concentrate on the "quartet" section:

The quartet is purported to take place 18 months before Kaworu's death. As I said before, the time-scale is simply impossible to have Kaworu playing in the quartet. But since GAINAX really wanted to use Kaworu, so they did some tricks to the fourth part of the "quartet":

We can only see the shadow, hear the guy say "Ah-ha sorry sorry", then see his legs and that's it! We can only tell it is Kaworu by his voice. I think

GAINAX did not really need to do this. Why can't Touji play violin? I think

GAINAX still has its mind fixed by stereotypes, or they don't want to face fans which see things in stereotypes. Oh well, anyway...

a. 22:00 (22 minutes) before the start. Shinji is already there, with his cello. He is the 4th string. He plays Cello Suite #1 by J.S.Bach (BWV 1007)

b. 10:30 (10 minutes and 30 seconds) before the start. Asuka arrives. (yeah! ^_^) She brings her violin. She is the 2nd string. She plays third movement - Gavotte Rondo - of Violin Partita #3 by J.S.Bach (BWV 1006) Here is something very interesting. Here is the only part in the "quartet" section that has more than one line of conversation. So I translate them all, for the benefit of all Shinji x Asuka fans ^_^
Shinji: Good morning
Asuka: Good morning. What are we going to play today?
Shinji: Pachebel's Canon.
Asuka: Oh. That's easy for you. You only need to do the arpeggio harmonics.
Shinji: Yeah.

c. 5:43 (5 minutes and 43 seconds) before the start. Rei arrives. She brings her viola. She is the 3rd string. She plays nothing solo :) Note that they arrange Asuka as the second person to arrive at the scene.

d. 0:00 The appointed time. Kaworu finally arrives. We only see his shadow (actually for all the other three, we never get to see their faces either, but at least we could see their bodies). Asuka said "You are laaaate!" Kaworu jokingly said "Ah-ha sorry sorry". Somebody said "Let's begin" Another said "Un". And they start playing Pachebel's Canon.

(Text by Patrick Yip )

[Part of this text, or text in whole, taken without permission from]

Что такое "Genesis 0:0 - A Light in the Darkness" ("Генерация 0:0 - Свет во тьме")

What is "Genesis 0:0 - A Light in the Darkness"?

"Genesis 0:0 - A Light in the Darkness" is basically a "making of" video that gives a "behind the scenes" glimpse into the production of Evangelion. There is no new animation or plot development in this video, and it is not a prequel.


The canon of Evangelion is the 26 episodes of its TV series. There was also a videotape, Genesis 0:0, (which is a promotion of the series). A movie "Evangelion: Death and Rebirth" was released March 1997, and another one "The End of Evangelion" was released July 1997.

The director's cut of "Death (True)" and "Rebirth" was shown on Japanese satellite TV (JSB), 2 January, 1998, from 10:10pm to 12 midnight.

A new movie, "Revival", was released on March 7th, 1998, and includes a re-edited version of the "Death" sequence of the first movie "(True)" (second edit), and comprises of all three segments ("Death (True)", "Rebirth" and "End".)

In addition, the Red Cross Book (RCB) lists a glossary of terms as used in the series and films, and claims to be the final explanation of the secrets and mysteries of Evangelion.
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