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Евангелионы / Eva
Евангелионы: Все ли Евангелионы содержат душу?

Do all of the Eva series contain a soul?

Да. Вот почему:
- АТ-поле это "свет души", "стена сердца"
- Так, нет души/сердца - нет АТ-поля
- Dummy-система не имеет души
- Значит, сама dummy не может "генерировать" АТ-поле
- Эта система создана для управления Евами без пилотов
- Серийные Евы + dummy-управление генерируют АТ-поле в EoE
- Значит, комбинация Серийная Ева + Dummy имеет душу
- Т.к. dummy не содержит души, значит Ева сождержит

Yes. This is the reason;

+ The AT Field is "the light of the soul", the "barrier of the heart".
+ So, no soul/heart = no AT Field.
+ The dummy system has no soul - only brain patterns.
+ So, the dummy system alone is unable to manifest an AT Field.
+ The dummy plug system is designed to operate the Evas without the pilots. (What idiot would create an auto-pilot system that would not be able to use the Eva's greatest weapon/defense?)
+ The MP (= Mass Production, Eva05) Evas + dummy plugs generate AT Fields in EoE.
+ So, the [MP Eva + dummy plug] combination must have a soul.
+ If the dummy plugs have no soul, then the MP Evas must have souls.
+ So, the MP Evas, and by extension the NERV Evas, which also have (had) dummy plug systems, all have souls.

[Part of this text, or text in whole, taken without permission from]

Евангелионы: Зачем нужны пилотские костюмы / светящиеся головные накладки?

What is the plug suit for?

It increases the pilot's synchronization with an EVA. The only necessary thing for a pilot to wear in order to pilot an EVA is the hairclip-like thing on his/her hair. So we see the children pilot the EVAs in their street clothes or school uniforms in several episodes. In episode 13 we see them test-synchronizing nude.

Они увеличивают синхронизацию пилота с Евой. Единственная непременно необходимая пилоту евангелиона вещь - металлические головные накладки. Это подтверждается тем, что в нескольких сериях евы управлялись в обычной уличной одежде, а в 13 эпизоде вообще проводился эксперимент по измерению уровня синхронизации пилотов без одежды.

Евангелионы: Какого они пола?

What gender are the EVAs?

This is subject to debate. The gender of the EVAs are not made explicit during the series. Ritsuko said (trying to avoid spoilers) a line that contains the word "she" in ep.19, and a lot of people takes this to mean that EVA-01 is female. However the rest of the time she, and everybody else, refers to the EVAs as "EVA", so the line in question is most likely refering to somebody else (who that is is another spoiler). To further confuse matters, Kaoru also said a line with "her" in ep.24, probably refering to EVA-02.

In addition, Ritsuko and Misato refer to EVA-03 as a "him".

Евангелионы: Кто или что они? Почему они выглядят именно так?

What are the Evangelion robots? / Why do the Evangelions look the way they do?

All-Purpose Humanoid Weapon: Evangelion. The Evangelion units are a combination of mechanical robot, and organic creature. Each unit seems to be different in its consruction. Eva-01 for instance, is actually a clone of the mother of all human life, Lillith. In order to better harness the power of the clone, it was fitted with an entry plug and its armour plating is actually meant to help restrain its awesome power. Whether the other evas were copies of eva-01, or of Adam, or of Lillith, seems to be in some doubt. Where it is obvious that there is a creature beneath the armour of eva-01, we never really seem to see that with the other units. It would appear that their armour is their skin.
< I go into greater detail about the evas in the Eva Units section, but I think it is suffice it to say that the evas are at their essence, angels. They have been copied and manipulated to serve mankind's purpose.

EVANGELION: A.K.A. "Eva Units" or "Eva." The Eva, which is approx. 40 metres tall, is humanoid in shape and biomechanical in construction, an organic being covered with articulated armor that varies according to the individual unit. The pilot-normally, while wearing a special "plug suit," and cranial transmitters attached to his or her hair-boards the Eva first through sitting down in a control seat located inside the "entry plug," a long cylinder with rounded ends. The entry plug, with the pilot inside, is then inserted via mechanical servos into the upper back of the eva, slanting downwards at approximately a 45 degree angle. The plug is then filled with LCL (Link Connect Liquid), an oxygenated, semi-transparent fluid wich the pilots "breathe," and which provides a necessary transmission medium between the cranial transmitters and the Eva.

Although there are physical controls with the entry plug, these appear to be merely assistive somatic foci; it is necessary for the pilot to achieve a mental "synchronization" with the Eva in order to pilot. The higher the sync-rate, the more effective the piloting. The Eva has a full range of human articualtion and can punch or kick, as well as fight with a wide range of scaled hand or projectile weapons. Eva Unit-01 has also been observed to apparently pilot itself with a high degree of skill.

The Eva series have been constructed-at very high expense-in various NERV facilities throughout the world. Dr. Yui Ikari vanished in 2004 during the first, failed attempt to construct a working Eva Unit. The first functional Evangelion, the "prototype" Unit-00, was constructed 10 years later in 2014.
Taken from Eva Manga Book 6, part2.

There are a number of questions concerning the appearence of the evangelions. First of all, their colour. One of the questions many people have is, "Why did they change the colour of Eva 00 to blue?" Well, maybe this will help answer that. In the actual Dead Sea Scrolls, there is a scroll that tells of the final conflict between good and evil. This is called the War Scroll for short. It's full name is The War Between the Sons of the Light and the Sons of the Darkness. In this scroll it states that the Sons of the Light(the good guys obviously!) will go into battle with the colours Purple, Red, and Blue, woven into their tunics. This could explain the Evas' colour. Eva-01 is Purple, Eva-02 is Red, and when Eva-00 is fitted for more of a combat purpose, blue.

The EVAs resemble demons that were noted in the new testament. One had only one eye (EVA-00). One had massive teeth and an evil smile (EVA-01). One has four eyes and was red, the color of blood and war (EVA-02). And finally one was black and was the sign of death and remained silent (EVA-03).
Taken from NERV Headquarters - The Revolution

That the evas were based on Japanese demons known as Oni, is in no doubt. Both Hideaki Anno and Ikuto Yamashita have both said the mythical creatures served as inspiration. However, the above quote concerning the "Barons of Hell" is a very popular theory floating around the internet. I have included it here for that reason, but it should be noted that no one seems to be able to identify where these particular creatures are mentioned, especially under the title of Barons of Hell. There is no such reference in the Bible, and there appears to be none in the Apocrypha or the books of Enoch. As I said, I've included it for the sake of being thourough, but if anyone can substantiate this rumour, with a direct quote and source, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll continue to search it out myself.

Евангелионы: Размеры

How big are the Eva Units?

The Eva Units are about 60 to 65 metres high. This is extrapolated from measurements of the Over The Rainbow and the Kentucky and Illinois (aircraft carrier and battleships respectively), and of measurements of the flying wing and Gaghiel, bot of which use a Eva figure for scale. (Taken from the third Newtype film book.)

Евангелионы: Что это за красная сфера, находящаяся внутри Евангелионов, видна в некоторых сценах?

What is the red orb that can be seen in Eva-01 (episode 19-20, EoE) , Eva-00 (Special Edition episode 23) and the MP Evas (EoE)?

The glowing red orbs that are located under the Evangelion chest armor plates are the Evangelion's cores. Common misconception is that the Core is the equivalent to the S2 Organ/Engine. This is incorrect. The S2 is never seen in the series. In episode 19, Ritsuko states that Eva-01 is ingesting the S2 organ from the 14th Angel. Ritsuko certainly knows what's going on with the Evangelion models, and would have known that Eva-01 already had an S2 if that was the case. In episode 20, SEELE (who is very aware of the production of the Evangelion series) says "The Eva series can't produce S2 organs themselves!" and "But we never expected one would be able to bring one into itself like this." SEELE would have known if Eva-01 already had an S2. Furthermore, if Eva-01 did have an S2, that would mean NERV/SEELE had already succeeded in creating a working model, in which case the disaster that befell Eva-04 would not have occurred. Eva-00 is seen to have a red orb in its chest during the battle with the 16th Angel in the Special Edition of episode 23. We know what Eva-00 did not have an S2. All Evangelions have cores, but not all have an S2. The only Evangelion units with S2 Engines are Eva-01 and the Mass Production Eva Series. Further, the Evangelion:DEATH & REBIRTH theater program features seperate entries for the S2 Engine (Organ) and the Core.

[Part of this text, or text in whole, taken without permission from]
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