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Japan.Anime.Evangelion FAQ Vol 2
3.1.11 Was there an Angel designed but not shown in the series?
When Eva was aired in Japan, a contest took place where Japanese
viewers had to draw an original Angel and send it to Gainax. The
winner got his Angel drawn by one of the Gainax artists. Anyway
that picture was first published in the March 1996 issue of
Animage and it had the title "Eva Saishu Kessen" which translates
to "last battle of Eva". Now because of this title Animage had to
add a note that specified that the picture really had nothing to
do with the actual end of the TV series (which by that point
hadn't been screened yet).

The Angel was designed by Satou "Diemay" Daimei (Tokyo).

[Image: <>]
His notes on his sketch are as follows:
* Angel's height: 100 m
* The Core is on its forehead.
* He calls its strange head-horn thing its "Charm Point".
* The 1st and 2nd arms contain "Deutron Rifles" which are "more
powerful than the Positron Rifles of the Evas", according to
* The 3rd and 4th arms have some kind of claws.

That pictures was never in the series or the movies, or anything
else official, it was just a one off drawing by a Gainax artist
for a guy who won a competition.

"Diemay" once posted to JAE
<>. He just said (in Japanese)
"It's just gossip around here? And they're all foreigners... this
is under Japan.*, right? I don't feel like writing here. Bye."
and he left.

3.1.12 What did Gendou say to Ritsuko at the end of EoE?
Near the end of the End of Evangelion movie Gendou whispered
something to Ritsuko to which she replied "Liar!" Many people
believe that Gendou said "I love you", but this cannot be
confirmed. Gendou's line is not in the scripts, storyboards or
anywhere else. It seems we were never meant to know what he said.
We can only guess.

3.2. Storyline Related Questions

3.2.1 In episode 16, how does Eva 01 get into the Sphere/Shadow
after "falling" into the Sea of Dirac?
While a bit complicated to explain fully, it is easiest to think
that when Unit 01 was dragged into the Sea of Dirac, it was
actually entering another universe, that is kind of parallel with
our own. So if Eva 01 was to move about in the parallel universe,
then "come back" into our universe, it wouldn't be in the same
place that it entered that universe (in other words, spacial
coordinates are the same in both universes). So when Unit 01
arrived back in this universe, it arrived actually inside the
sphere. Like with a lot of things in NGE, this is up to

3.2.2 In episode 20, how does Shinji's plugsuit get into the Entry
After Shinji's 400% Synch ratio, he is dissolved/absorbed into
the Eva/Entry Plug. However, when he went into the Eva, he was
wearing street clothes, and we distinctly see the plug suit. This
confuses many of the more vigilant newbies, however Ritsuko
explains that Shinji's ego gives a kind of "pseudo substance to
his plug suit" (so just watch episode 20 again carefully).

3.2.3 How does Eva 01 move without power?
Three times during the series we see Eva 01 move without power
and sometimes without a conscious pilot. The Evas however are not
merely robots, they are living creatures as well, so maybe power
is only needed for the pilot / NERV to control the Evas. If power
wasn't present, perhaps the creature that the Eva is moves on
it's own accord. That is when we see the Eva move without power,
it is usually quite berserk. Like with a lot of things in NGE,
this is up to interpretation as no hard explanation is given.

3.2.4 I do not understand Eva! What happened?
_"Evangelion is like a puzzle, you know. Any person can see it
and give his/her own answer. In other words, we're offering
viewers to think by themselves, so that each person can imagine
his/her own world. We will never offer the answers, even in the
theatrical version. As for many Evangelion viewers, they may
expect us to provide the 'all-about Eva' manuals, but there is no
such thing. Don't expect to get answers by someone. Don't expect
to be catered to all the time. We all have to find our own
answers."_ - Anno Hideaki - PA #43, translated by Miyako Graham
from 1 1/96 Newtype

3.3. Minor Details and Interesting Facts

3.3.1 What do the organisation names mean?
The names of the various organisations NERV, SEELE and GEHIRN are
taken from the German.

Der Nerv = Nerve

Das Gehirn = Brain

Die Seele = Soul

3.3.2 Beer and coffee facts
The name of Misato's beer was changed to Yebichu when it was
aired on TV and then to Yebisu for the Video release. Boa Beer
and it's brand name "Kuroshio Bussan" are references to the Boa
Juice from "Sora Tobu Yurei Sen" a 1969 SF anime movie.

She drinks coffee, after Kaji's death. "UCG" is a reference to an
actual coffee brand called "UCC" (Anno's favourite coffee brand

Information supplied by Olivier Hague

3.3.3 The timeline of NGE
Scratchbuilt's FAQ has a good timeline of events

3.3.4 What do the characters' names mean?
The following information was taken from the Essay page
<> on Anno's
official web page <>. It was
translated by massangeana (Ken Masuyma).

Ikari Shinji: Ikari [anchor] is a component of a ship. It's also
the name of my friend when I was a college student. Shinji is
also named after my friend for many years [Higuchi Shinji]. Since
both his wife and daughter's names are used as Anime characters,
I wanted to make them an anime family. Sorry, Shin-chan.

Ayanami Rei: Ayanami is named after a ship of the former Japan
navy. Rei is just a pun of 'rei' [zero], but actually named after
Hino Rei of Sailor Moon. It was a beit to invite Iku-chan
(Ikuhara Kunihiko) as a staff, but he ran away. Too bad.

Souryuu Asuka Langley: Souryuu is named after a ship of the
former Japan navy [different kanji]. Langley from the US navy
ship. Asuka is named after Wada Shinji's manga heroine
["Chou-Shoujo Asuka"].

Katsuragi Misato: Katsuragi is named after a ship of the former
Japan navy. Misato is a heroine of Narita Minako's manga [Izumi
Misato of "Aitsu"].

Kaji Ryouji: Kaji [rudder] is a component of a ship. Ryouji is
also from a hero of Narita Minako's manga [Sawada Ryouji of

Ikari Gendou: Gendou is borrowed from another anime project that
was aborted. I didn't notice Gendou and Shinji is the same
combination with Ishikawa Ken's manga until one of my friends
pointed out. [I think he means Kuruma Shin'ichi and Kuruma Genzou
of "Majuu Sensen"] His former name Rokubungi [sextant] is also a
component of a ship. Just FYI, Asuka Rei of "Reideen" is also a

Fuyutsuki Kouzou: Fuyutsuki is named after a ship of the former
Japan navy. Kouzou is just I thought it sounds well.

Ikari Yui: Yui sounds like Rei, and also a pun [only one].

Kiel Lorentz: Kiel is a component of a ship [keel]. Lorentz is
named after a zoologist or something, but I can't remember well.
Am I becoming senile? Oh, well.

Akagi Naoko: Naoko is named after a friend of mine when I was an
elementary school child.

Souryuu Kyouko Zeppelin: Kyouko is also from Wada Shinji's manga.
Zeppelin is named after a ship of the German navy that was never

Pen-Pen: Super straightforward naming, but I thought the
reduplication sounds cute. His official name is the 2nd power of
Pen. I was reluctant at first, but it appeared the show because
we thought we need a mascot animal. The show is set in a
hot-spring resort Hakone, and one associates a monkey to a
hot-spring. But that is no fun, so we decided to make it a
penguin, most unsuited animal in a hot-spring. I remember
"Hot-spring penguin" is Sadamoto's idea.

Hyuuga Makoto: Hyuuga is named after a ship of the former Japan
navy, but what was Makoto? I don't remember. Maybe because I
liked Shinsen-gumi of Shiba Ryou[tarou]? Sorry, I'm not sure
about this one either.

Aoba Shigeru: Aoba is named after a ship of the former Japan
navy. Shigeru is a spoof of the movie title "Aoba Shigereru"
directed by Okamoto Kihachi.

Ibuki Maya: Both Ibuki and Maya are named after a ship of the
former Japan navy because they sounded good. Ibuki is also the
name of the captain in "Kaette kita Ultraman," my personal
favorite. I chose Maya because I love Takao-class heavy cruisers
best after Yamato-class battleships.

Suzuhara Touji: I borrowed his name from Murakami Ryuu's novel
["Ai to Gensou no Fascism"] I read on my friend's recommendation.

Aida Kensuke: Also from Murakami's novel. BTW I was just
interested in a character "Zero" in this novel, rather than the
story about revolution and dictatorship itself.

Horaki Hikari: Horaki also comes from Murakami's novel. Hikari,
and her sisters Nozomi and Kodama are Tokaido Shinkansen express
train names.

Nagisa Kaworu: This character was named by the screenplay writer
Satsukawa Akio. Nagisa [beach] is a name related to the sea. Also
the kanji 'nagisa' consists of katakana SHI and kanji SHA,
therefore he's SHISHA (angel). He said it also comes from the
movie director Oshima Nagisa. But what is Kaworu? Sorry, I will
ask him next time.

Tokita [Shirou], Manda and Yasugi of episode 7 also come from
Murakami's novel. Takahashi Nozoku of episode 11 comes from the
name of a production manager and my friend [Takahashi Nozomu of
Studio Ghibli. Actually Ghibli did animation work of this
episode]. It's a in-joke by staff. Characters in episode 15 etc.
names also follow a hidden convention. Guessing the rule might be
fun when you have time.

3.3.5 What do the Angels' names mean?
1st Angel: Adam
2nd Angel: Lilith
3rd Angel: Sachiel (water)
4th Angel: Shamshel (day)
5th Angel: Ramiel (thunder)
6th Angel: Gaghiel (fish)
7th Angel: Israfel (music)
8th Angel: Sandalphon (embryo)
9th Angel: Matarael (rain)
10th Angel: Sahaquiel (sky)
11th Angel: Ireul (fear)
12th Angel: Leliel (night)
13th Angel: Bardiel (hail)
14th Angel: Zeruel (strength)
15th Angel: Arael (bird)
16th Angel: Armisael (womb)
17th Angel: Tabris (free will)
18th Angel: Lilin (humans)

3.3.6 What are the characters' blood types?
Ikari Shinji : A (Ogata Megumi : B)
Katsuragi Misato : AO (Mitsuishi Kotono : AO)
Ayanami Rei : unknown (Hayashibara Megumi : O)
Soryuu Asuka Langley : O (Miyamura Yuko : O)
Akagi Ritsuko : B (Yamaguchi Yuriko : B)
Ikari Gendou : A (Tachiki Fumihiko : A)
Fuyutsuki Kozo : AB (Kiyokawa Motomu : AB)

3.3.7 Where can I find out more about Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac?
You can try searching Google
<> for

<>) "Dirac,
Paul Adrien Maurice Pronounced As: dirak , 1902-84, English
physicist. He was educated at the Univ. of Bristol and St. John's
College, Cambridge, and became professor of mathematics at
Cambridge in 1932. In 1928, Dirac published a version of quantum
mechanics that took into account the theory of relativity (see
quantum theory). One consequence of his theory was the prediction
of negative energy states for the electron, implying the
existence of an antiparticle to the electron; this antiparticle,
the positron, was discovered in 1932 by C. D. Anderson. Dirac's
equation for the motion of a particle is a relativistic
modification of the Schrodinger wave equation, the basic equation
of quantum mechanics. For their work Dirac and Erwin Schrodinger
shared the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics. Dirac also received the
Copley Medal of the Royal Society in 1952 for this and other
contributions to the quantum theory, including his formulation
(with Enrico Fermi) of the Fermi-Dirac statistics and his work on
the quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation. He wrote The
Principles of Quantum Mechanics (1930, 4th ed. 1958)."

3.3.8 Why do people sometimes refer to NGE as "Shin Seiki
"Shin Seiki Evangelion" is the name of the Japanese series we all
know and love. On the title frame from the series, the small
Japanese writing above the word "Evangelion" mean "Shinseiki"
(with the 1st character being "shin", the 2nd "sei" and the 3rd
"ki"), and are written in Kanji. The writing under "Evangelion"
is katakana, and it says "Evangelion". If you're wondering how
you get a "va" in Katakana, it's an "u" with tenten followed by a
small "a". (Though this is only ever written. When speaking,
people say "Eba" or "Ebangerion".)

The name used in the English speaking world is "Neon Gensis
Evangelion" which was selected by Gainax. "Shinseiki" can be
translated to "new century".

3.3.9 A brief note on The Lance of Longinus
The 'Lance of Longinus' as seen in NGE, is a huge spear shaped
like a double helix. It was used by Ayamani to destroy the 15th
angel, Arael. It is also necessary for Seele's version of the
Human Completion Project. This is definitely a reference to the
Biblical character Saint Longinus

(Taken from Catholic Online Saints

"St. Longinus is the centurion who pierced the side of Our Lord
while He was hanging on the Cross. St. Longinus, who was nearly
blind, was healed when some of the blood and water from Jesus
fell into his eyes. It was then he exclaimed "Indeed, this was
the Son of God!" [Mark 15:39]. St. Longinus then converted, Left
the army, took instruction from the apostles and became a monk in
Cappadocia. There he was arrested for his faith, his teeth forced
out and tongue cut off. However, St. Longinus miraculously
continued to speak clearly and managed to destroy several idols
in the presence of the governor. The governor, who was made blind
by the demons that came from the idols, had his sight restored
when St. Longinus was being beheaded, because his blood came in
contact with the governors' eyes. St. Longinus' relics are now in
the church of St Augustine, in Rome. His Lance is contained in
one of the four pillars over the altar in the Basilica of St
Peter's in Rome."

Text supplied by David Scarlett

3.3.10 Shinji's photo of Misato
The kiss mark on the photo of Misato that Shinji holds is by a
female staff of GAINAX studio. The handwriting on the same photo
is that of the Director himself.

3.3.11 Misato's Car
Misato's car is a Renault Alpine A-310 1600VE. She has 2 of these
cars, the one in episode 1 is a modified version, with a right
hand steering wheel and battery powered. Her second car appears
in episode 4 (non-modified) which is left side steering and
petrol powered. She is a car maniac and also has a number of
other classic (in that era) cars.

3.3.12 The Geofront
The GeoFront is 900m high, and 6km across. Access is by car train
and monorail.

3.3.13 The A^10 Nerve
The Evangelion are controlled mainly by linking with the cranial
nerves of the pilot. Of these, the most important is this A^10
nerve. The human brain stem has four rows of neural nuclei
running vertically along its center, and the two outside rows of
this arrangement are called the A nerves. Counting from the
bottom, the tenth nerve in these rows is the A^10 nerve. The A^10
nerve passes from the brain stem through the lower optic thalamus
and is distributed to the sincipital portion of the cerebral
cortex comprising most of the frontal, parietal and temporal
lobes. It is associated with higher order brain functions such as
memory, cognisance and the execution of movement, and with
emotions such as anxiety, fear, happiness and pleasure. In
addition, it is also said to play an important role in affection
between parent and child, and between lovers. _[From the Death &
Rebirth theatrical program, supplied by Michael Wignall]_

3.3.14 How big are the Evangelion units?
The official height of an Evangelion changes between 40 and 200
meters (130-650 feet). The Evas literally change in height from
situation to situation. The animators make them however big they
want them to be for dramatic effect, in some cases they climb up
buildings, in others they easily step over them.

3.3.15 What is the symbolism of the cross in Evangelion?
When assistant director Kazuya Tsurumaki was asked, at Otakon
2001, "Can you explain the symbolism of the cross in Evangelion?"
He replied:

"There are a lot of giant robot shows in Japan, and we did want
our story to have a religious theme to help distinguish us.
Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought
it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are
Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we
just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool. If we
had known the show would get distributed in the US and Europe we
might have rethought that choice."

[Supplied by Michael Wignall]

4. Specific Questions Regarding the Movies

4.1. Movie Releases and Related Information

4.1.1 How many NGE movies are there?
Three. "Evangelion: Death and Rebirth" (Which contains
"Evangelion: Death" and "Evangelion: Rebirth"), "The End of
Evangelion" (Which contains "Air", and "Magokoro o, Kimi ni"),
and Revival of Evangelion (Contains "Evangelion: Death (True)^2",
"Air" and "Magokoro o, Kimi ni")

"Evangelion: Death" is some kind of "recap" of episodes 1-24.
"Evangelion: Death (True)^2" is the third and last version (a
"director's cut"). (about 70 minute long?)

"Evangelion: Rebirth" is the beginning of episode 25'. (about 30
minute long?)

"Air" is episode 25'. (about 45 minute long)

"Magokoro o, Kimi ni" is episode 26'. (about 45 minute long)

4.1.2 When/how are they being released outside of Japan?
The movies are being released by Manga Entertainment

The release date for Death and Rebirth was July 30. The release
date of End of Evangelion is set for September 24. They're being
released in Dub and Sub VHS and DVD formats.

4.1.3 Are episodes 25 & 26 an alternate ending to the End of
Evangelion movie?
No. Episodes 25 & 26 (the ones released by ADV) are concurrent
with the End of Evangelion movie, albeit from a different
perspective. Episodes 25 & 26 is an ending for the characters
within NGE, while the End of Evangelion movie is the story ending
to NGE. They are concurrent as scenes in Episodes 25 & 26 show
scenes in EoE.

4.1.4 Was the song, "Komm, Susser Tod" written especially for the
Yes. Anno originally wrote a piece in Japanese (it is included in
the "The End of Evangelion" CD booklet) which set the mood for
the song. The song was meant to be subtitled in Japanese during
the movie.

4.2. The Movie Pamphlets

4.2.1 What is the EoE Pamphlet/Red Cross Book?
The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program is a booklet in a
landscape A4 setting which was first sold during The End of
Evangelion's initial theatrical run in Japan. It originally cost
800 yen and is black except for a Red Cross stamped across the
cover that says "The End of Evangelion"

The booklet is divided into several sections which include
notations from the Japanese Voice Actors, an interview with
Deputy Director Kazuya Tsurumaki and scene summaries. It also
includes a Production, a Commentary and a Glossary section which
were by far the most interesting because they talked about why
the films were made and what went on during their production.

The information within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program
is considered official and canon because the booklet was approved
as accurate by the Gainax staff of Evangelion. This is one of the
only instances where we have heard Gainax's direct words on the
different mysteries of Neon Genesis Evangelion and is considered
by fans to be the one true Gospel.

[Michael Wignall's preface to Bochan_Bird's translation

4.3. Questions With Movie Spoilers

4.3.1 Is Lilith's soul in Rei?
Yes. The most obvious indicator is when Rei returns to Lilith.

Rei: "Tadaimai" ("I'm back")
Lilith: "Okaerinasai" ("Welcome home")

There is also the Rei Ayanami passage in the EoE theatrical
program which states: "The First Children, and dedicated pilot of
Eva-00. A young girl who apparently lacks emotions. Her body was
created from the salvaged remains of Yui Ikari after Yui was
taken into the Eva, and numerous Rei clones were then prepared in
Terminal Dogma so that when one Rei dies she can be replaced by
another. The present Rei is the third. The first was killed by
Dr. Naoko Akagi, and the second died in battle against the 16th
Angel. Although the personalities of these three Reis differ from
one another, this is due to environmental factors. Their soul is
one and the same, and it appears to have been that of Lilith. At
the final stage of the Instrumentality Project, Rei betrayed
Gendou Ikari, returned to Lilith of her own judgment and
entrusted the future to Gendou's son - Shinji Ikari. Birth date:

So that states directly that Rei has Lilith's soul. (Taken from a
post by Michael Wignall)

4.3.2 What are the white and black moons?
The White moon is a cavity in the Arctic where Adam was found (by
the Katsuragi expedition). In the redone episode 21 we see a
subterranean scan of the Arctic which shows the White Moon. The
Black Moon is the Geofront (where the Pyramid and NERV reside).
The white moon is where Adam was found, and the Black Moon is
where Lilith was found (though never stated, it is a logical
assumption), the Black Moon has also been called "Lilith's Egg"
in the EoE movie.

4.3.3 Where was Lilith found?
It is assumed that Lilith was found inside the partially filled
Geofront ("Black Moon").

4.3.4 Are Rei and Shinji having sex in the "Sea of LCL" scene?
No. Since Rei is just sitting there at most they could be having
symbolic intercourse, which would be representing a union.

4.3.5 Who are the 3 women seen standing during the live action
You can see Asuka (Miyamura Yuko), Misato (Mitsuishi Kotono) and
Rei (Hayashibara Megumi).

"These scenes are excerpts of what the live action sequence of
episode 26' was supposed to be. Anno couldn't make it correctly
(for reasons I'm not aware of), so all we can see is a few live
shots of Tokyo and the one you noticed with "Rei", "Asuka" and
"Misato", with Shinji and Rei talking in background." (From a
post by Olivier Hague)

4.3.6 Are Shinji and Asuka left to repopulate the world?
Not really. As Rei said, "As long as your heart can imagine your
own shape, everyone can return to the human form." And then Yui
said, "Don't worry, every single life-form has the power to
return to their original form. Every life-form has the power to
live." This suggests that everyone is able to return to earth
when they want to. It has been suggested that Shinji and Asuka
are just the first to return.

4.3.7 Is the final scene dream or reality?
The final scene, of Shinji and Asuka on the beach, is reality.
Originally it was planned to be longer showing the graves of the
people who had died. This would have shown that a reasonable
amount of time had passed.

4.3.8 What was going on with Gendou's hand in the beginning of ep
Gendou had Adam embedded into his hand.

4.3.9 Why is Shinji strangling Asuka at the end?
We don't know how long either of them were there on the beach, we
don't know how long Shinji may have been alone in the world, and
we don't really know if Asuka just happened to materialize during
that scene, or if she had returned sometime earlier. At any rate,
if Shinji returned to an empty world, even if for a few days, the
feeling of being the only person left in the world can be a very
disturbing though. With Shinji, that thought would be even more
disturbing, especially if he began to blame himself for TI. We've
seen how fragile both Shinji's and Asuka's psyches can be. It may
not take much to push Shinji over the edge, into a state of mild
psychosis. Anno does give some clues that Shinji had been back on
Earth for some time, but there's no solid evidence to show how
long he'd been there. And we don't see Asuka return per se, so
she may have been with Shinji for some time.

(Posted by Vaughn L.Porter)

5. Fan-Art, Fan-Fiction and Hentai

5.1 Where can I get Evangelion fanfiction?
There is a lot of Evangelion fanfiction. The following sites are
considered by regulars to be some of the best on the net: -
Evangelion:R <> - Asuka's Notebook
<> - Disaster's
Fanfiction <>. Or you could try the Anime
Web Turnpike these are all to be found on the links pages.

A good archive of fan fics can be found at the r.a.a.c ftp site.

5.2 Where can I get NGE Fan Art?
There are many sites on the Internet. A quick search should turn
up a number of them. Disaster's website
<> has a large number of pictures of Rei.

5.3 Where can I get Evangelion images?
You could try searching the Anime Web Turnpike. Take note that
Gainax, the producers of Evangelion, have published a list of
images that they approve for website use, so if that's your aim
it might be useful to visit Gainax's site for more info.

5.4 Where can I get Anime Music Videos?
Many file sharing networks host anime music videos, including
Evangelion ones.

Some you can try are:
* Direct Connect <>
* Kazza Lite <>

Some web sites you can try:
* Anime Music Videos <>
* Doki Doki Productions <>
* Aluminum Studios <>

But there are many others, so try searching the web.

Tessai's FTP server also has some videos.

5.5 Fan Fiction lingo
There are number of words or acronyms which are used in relation
to fan created fiction (FanFics). Here are a few:

Lime - Sometimes called lemon scented. These fanfics make passing
references to sex or sexuality. Nothing too strong, but they may
suggest things...

Lemon - This usually means were will be sex scenes depicted. It
does not mean that this is a full porno, but it is for adult

ACC - Author Created Character(s). This means that the author has
created a character and used them in the story. This is usually
seen when the author is writing in a well known Anime universe
but has included a new character.

SI - Self Insertion. This means that the author has written
themself into their story. This is usually seen when the author
is writing in a well known Anime universe but has included
theirself, often as the hero.

5.6. Hentai, Ecchi, Etc

5.6.1 Where can I get NGE Hentai?
Like most successful anime, Evangelion does contain it's own
underground of Hentai (pornographic images/movies/manga). You
will find no Hentai in this site. There is a "well known" (or
infamous) Eva Hentai video, this is available to download from
Tessai's FTP site.

5.6.2 What's the difference between hentai/ecchi/doujinshi/etc?
When David Watson was asked on RAAM <news:rec.arts.anime.misc>
"What exactly is the difference between hentai and ecchi anime?"
his answer was: "If a Japanese woman calls you an ecchi, you
still have a chance with her. If a Japanese woman calls you a
hentai, forget about it."

"Hentai" means "pervert". "Ecchi" is the Japanese pronunciation
of the letter H (for "Hentai").

6. FAQ Related

6.1 Thanks to...
The first thanks should go to Olivier Hague who has supplied much
of the information in the FAQ.

Thanks should also go out to the many people who first worked on
this FAQ. Daniel Fawcett started the FAQ and later it was taken
over by Mercurius. More recently Scratchbuilt maintained and
hosted the FAQ.

Thanks to David Scarlett for suggesting additional questions for
this FAQ, Vaughn L.Porter, Rudolf Polzer and Michael Wignall for
providing material.

And thanks to all be members of JAE who helped to review and fill
out this FAQ.

6.2 Where can I get the latest version of this wonderful JAE FAQ?
The homepage <> for this FAQ would be the
best location to find the latest version.

Both a HTML and Text version are available.

6.3 There is something wrong or missing in this FAQ, what do I do?
For small typos or formatting errors please email me at "faq (at)". For major errors and additions please post a
message to JAE and include "FAQ" in the subject. If your
suggestion stands up to the regular members in the group then I
will make the changes.

6.4 FAQ Changes
Changes made to this FAQ:

Version 0.3.1 - Added full name of Misato's car, from James
Gammell (evamonkeyn2).

Version 0.3.0 - Added note about PASV mode to The FTP section.

Version 0.2.9 - Added link to Google's newsgroup archive.

Version 0.2.8 - Added section on cross symbolism, and replaced
section on the A^10 nerve with text from Death & Rebirth
theatrical program.

Version 0.2.7 - Added Michael Wignall's preface and link to
Bochan_Bird's EoE Pamphlet translation.

Version 0.2.6 - Added sections for the size of the Evas and what
Gendou said to Ritsuko at the end of EoE. Updated the Anime Music
Videos, EoE Pamphlet Issues and Occidental Websites sections.

Version 0.2.5 - Filled in anime music videos and movie release

Version 0.2.4 - Changed The FTP IP address to a DynamicDNS.

Version 0.2.3 - Guess who's FTP IP address has changed again.

Version 0.2.2 - Updated Tessai's FTP IP Address, again.

Version 0.2.1 - Made some updates based on some feedback from
Olivier Hague.

Version 0.2.0 - Updated to try to follow HTML 4.01 standard. Also
changed some formatting.

Version 0.1.9 - Added info to "What's with the overlays?"
question. Thanks to KBD.

Version 0.1.8 - Added more information from Disaster.

Version 0.1.7 - Updated Tessai's FTP IP Address.

Version 0.1.6 - Added track listings of Evangelion Music CDs.

Version 0.1.5 - Changed HTML colours, added more images and added
link to the redone episodes section.

Version 0.1.4 - Made update to Touji's lost arm section as per
David Scarlett's post. Added information in "Lilith's soul in
Rei" by Michael Wignall. Added more information on the "Barons of
Hell" section. Added section on Diemay's Angel.

Version 0.1.3 - Did some minor rewording and fix typos.

Version 0.1.2 - Made additions to Iron Maiden and added pictures.

Version 0.1.1 - Ran the spellchequer.

Version 0.1.0 - Added Iron Maiden, timeline and other sections.

Version 0.0.9 - Updated "Komm, Susser Tod" song section.

Version 0.0.8 - Added LCL/N^2 and "Komm, Susser Tod" song

Version 0.0.7 - Added "Why is Shinji strangling Asuka at the
end?" question.

Version 0.0.6 - Added Gendou spelling question.

Version 0.0.5 - Added new entries and filled in some more missing

Version 0.0.4 - Updated Usenet, Google, Netiquette and other

Version 0.0.3 - Updated entries with previous posted JAE

Version 0.0.2 - Added additional questions based on ones
suggested by David Scarlett.

Version 0.0.1 - Reformatted version taken from Scratchbuilt's
EvaFAQ <> site.

[ End of File - Japan.Anime.Evangelion FAQ - Version 0.3.1 ]

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